1000s of free Stella pints may be unclaimed

Rating: Stella Artois Greene King Christmas Blippar Promotion

Thousands of free pints of Stella Artois 4.8% in the Stella Artois Greene King Christmas Blippar Promotion may go unclaimed if GoMoBile News’ experience is anything to go by. We believe the whole promotional push is too complex for the troups on the ground – the bar staff. When we finally did manage to win a free pint, none of the staff on duty in the Greene King pub we visit knew the code necessary to redeem the actual pint. Naturally, we appreciate that the use of such a code provides the promoters will valuable marketing data – such as how many pints were claimed and where they were claimed. However, no-one seems to have thought how the whole thing would work in the first place.GoMobile News first covered the promotion in a previous story ‘UK brewer gets into AR promotions via blippar‘.

At the time, we mentioned that we tried to enter the competition using a Samsung GTS-5830 and loading the associated Blippar app.

It didn’t work and now we’ve looked at the promotion’s terms and conditions we find that your Android handset needs version 2.3.3 or above of the Android OS to work properly.

Shame it didn’t say that on the actual flier. For those Apple fanboys you need Apple iPhone models of 3GS and above;Apple iPad 2 models and above, or all iPod Touch models with camera capabilities.

In reality, we actually won a free pint of Stella twice but the app was so user unfriendly that we suspect we made a mistake in the spelling of our email address.

Anyway, the next step after winning is to wait 24 hours for the email to arrive with your voucher in it.

Our winning email went straight into the Hotmail Junk box but we managed to dig it out.

Then, when we went down the pub triumphantly with the coupon loaded onto our trusty Motorola RAZRi, none of the bar staff had the key to redeem the voucher.

Which was especially annoying since we had to log onto the pub’s free Wi-fi – kindly supplied via The Cloud, to get the voucher onscreen in the first place.

Readers will by now agree with us that this promotion is far too complex.

How many of the 25,000 pints of Stella Artois 4.8% will actually get redeemed, we wonder?

Anyway, you’ve got until 9pm on 24th December 2012 to try to grab yours.

Oh. And if you want to know which Greene King Pubs are taking part in this promotion, there’s a list on Facebook here.

Using augmented reality via blippar was a great idea, it’s just the implementation which went wrong.

Lastly, we suggest that before you go down the pub, make sure the blippar app is downloaded and working.

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