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Enterprise Marketing 2.0

[ October 12, 2011 to October 13, 2011. ] October 12-13 2011, Amsterdam >>
Enterprise Marketing 2.0
Online Marketing and Social Media Strategies for B2B and B2C. Creating a strong internal strategy to fully capitalize on online initiatives Content marketing The future of social media B2B social media and branding Lead generation, qualification and nurturing Mobile marketing and apps for B2B and B2C Email marketing that [...]

New Research Underlines Pivotal Importance of Mobile Payments, Personalisation

Great article below about the importance of mobile payments and personalisation from Mobile Groove
Author: Peggy Anne Salz
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mobile-cloud-new Mobile Cloud Summit finds fancy London venue

Rating: Must have plucked it out of thin air

London based The Mobile Cloud Summit has come up with an impressive venue for its first ever event. It’s going to be held in the City of London at a location known as The Trampery. The Trampery opened its doors back in May 2011, as part of the UK Government’s Tech City initiative. It’s located in the uber-fashionable Shoreditch/Hoxton districts of London. The news coincides with the organisers, Quadriga Consulting, announcing that they have partnered with our old buddies – NSPR, the prominent high technology PR firm. We can also reveal that GoMo News will be acting as an official media partner for the Summit – along with CloudPro and CIO Magazine. The event will take place on September 21st [2011]. Continue reading

anne_bouverot_gsma New GSMA head is French woman

Rating: Anne Bouverot takes over from Rob Conway. Remember him?

Given the spectacular gaff GoMo News made over the succession of power at the GSMA see here, we can make immediate amends by revealing that the new ‘director general’ of the GSMA is Ms Anne Bouverot. She most recently acted as an executive vp for mobile services with France Telecom Orange. She will assume leadership of the GSMA as from September 1st [2011]. Strange, however, that the official announcement makes absolutely no mention of the GSMA’s previous CEO (notice the different title), Rob Conway. His departure was officially announced on June 7th [2011]. Of course, Ms Bouverot, is ideally place for the GSMA as she’d appreciate that GSM actually stands for Groupe Spécial Mobile not Global System for Mobile communications. Continue reading

Weibo-Nokia-Android Nokia’s smartphone strategy confuses

Rating: Meego for NZ but not UK, and wot about Android?

So Nokia has confirmed in a statement to paidContent:UK what we already knew. (See our previous story here.) Namely that it won’t be releasing the Meego powered N9 handset in the UK. It had already confirmed that it wouldn’t be releasing the N9 in the USA either. The official statement read, “As an organisation Nokia takes a market by market approach to product rollout and each country decides which products to introduce from those available.” Now the majority of industry watchers interpret this to mean that Nokia will only release the N9 in developing markets. As we have pointed out before, what about New Zealand? You will be able to buy one there! Oh, and BTW the UK grey importer of N9s has disappeared. But GoMo News rediscovered reports of a Nokia Android. Continue reading

Palringo-logo Palringo’s IM service recovers from hack attack

Rating: This isn’t an alternative to BlackBerry Messenger

It seems that multi-platform instant messaging services are in the news at the moment. GoMo News was surprised to learn that the service operated by Newcastle based Palringo was the victim of a complex and malicious attack last weekend [6-7th August 2011]. This time the attack was on the external part of its network. Although the Palringo service remained online during this onslaught and no information was lost, some of the protective measures meant that incoming traffic from genuine users wasn’t always able to get through. Which is a shame because the attack happened to coincided with some updates to the Android and iOS clients. Certain users may have been unable or were unwilling to get the upgrades, so Palringo is suggesting Android/iOS users should try upgrading now. Continue reading

UK rioters may switch from BBM to another IM service

Rating: Revelations that police are monitoring BlackBerry Messenger

According to a report on the UK’s Channel 4 News TV programme, the British police are now actively monitoring the BlackBerry (Instant) Messenger (BBM) to get clues as to the intentions of potential rioters. These revelations could backfire on the authorities and make matters worse. Channel 4 News’ technology correspondent, Benjamin Cohen, has already claimed on TV here that rioters may be moving to an alternative service which is not based in the UK and not subject to UK law. If you look at the top app download charts it’s not difficult to guess which service this might be. As we previously reported here, WhatsApp Messenger is one of the top downloaded apps in the whole mobile arena. Given that this is a Silicon Valley startup, it would seem reasonable to surmise that the service is actually hosted in the USA. Continue reading

yahoo-mobile-modes Yahoo! looks at how users consume the mobile web

Rating: Comes up with recommendations for marketeers

In order to take full advantage of the growth enjoyed by the mobile web, Yahoo! has come to appreciate that advertisers must understand how consumers use the mobile web and how it affects media planning and messaging. To this end, the company has carried out a study entitled ‘Mobile Modes: How to Connect with Mobile Consumers’. The company has made a number of key discoveries. One of these being that time of day matters. The highest proportion of ad recall is during the hours of 6am to 12pm. Another is that mobile isn’t always on the go – many people are simply using their mobile phones in down times. One third of total time spent on the mobile device is spent while at home. Another important discovery is that the mobile acts as our ‘co-pilot’ and as an extension to online behaviours. Consequently, Yahoo! comes up with a few recommendations for advertisers. (See Table). Continue reading

ZTE-logo ZTE has top Android phone in China

Rating: Grabbed Fifth slot in Top 10 handset makers

On the back of some impressive figures for sales of its Blade Android handset, China’s ZTE has firmly established itself at the Number Five slot in the league of Top Ten handset manufacturers. This claim is based on figures compiled by IDC, the market watcher in its ‘World Mobile Phone Tracker’ report for July 2011. Significantly ZTE claims that the Blade’s daily sales in China -averaging 16,000 units per day -are the nation’s highest for an Android smartphone. To date, ZTE has now sold some 2.5 million Blade handsets worldwide and expects to break the five million mark this year [2011]. Only Apple is expanding its handset sales as fast as ZTE. Nokia’s still not dead, though. But ZTE is planning a WP7 phone, too. Continue reading

British MP calls for BlackBerry Messenger to shut

Rating: His message spreads via twitter

This is an absolute classic. A British Member of Parliament (MP) for Tottenham, David Lammy, has called on RIM to suspend the BlackBerry messaging (BBM) service in attempt to stop rioters from communicating. His message – first aired on the Sky News service – has almost exclusively been spread by others re-tweeting the story on Twitter. The irony of the situation will obviously be lost on a man claiming that social messaging is to be blamed for the current situation. Continue reading

Don’t shoot the (BlackBerry) Messenger

Rating: IM isn’t to blame for London rioting

Amid calls for the BlackBerry (Instant) Messaging BBM service to be shut down because it is being utilised by London’s youth to co-ordinate anti-social behaviour,’s Alex Buttle says you shouldn’t shoot the messenger. Quite appropriate really. It would be foolish to blame ocial media and private messaging services such as Twitter and BlackBerry Messenger for the ills in the UK’s capital city. There’s no escaping the fact that mobile phones have redefined the way people communicate and, as the spread of rioting has now demonstrated, they are proving to be a powerful mobilisation tool. Continue reading

Scanbuy delivers MTV and Taco Bell with QR Codes – but, shock, we like it

Taco Bell and MTV have teamed to promote this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. They have partnered with the help of mobile company Scanbuy. The ScanLife QR Code has been placed on boxes and packages or Taco Bell food and branded “Big Box Remixed”. Once scanned the codes will deliver all forms of VMA content to the user. These include videos, interviews and performance footage.
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denim_code_mobile-tag Sex & Tags & QR codes

Rating: Our roundup of ‘recent’ QR campaigns

When GoMo News spotted an article headed ’8 recent examples of using QR Codes for marketing and/or brand awareness’ on here, naturally, it grabbed our attention. However, on closer inspection it soon became obvious that plenty of these examples aren’t recent at all. In particular the one from the French clothing supplier, Denim Code. There are two things wrong with using Denim Code as an example: – firstly it isn’t recent, it was done back in 2007. And secondly, the 2D barcodes in question are not even QR codes, they are Metatags (See our mobile barcode 101.) So, we thought it time to give our own round-up of how 2D barcodes are being used. And to point out that the Denim Code example is always used because sex sells. Continue reading

UK Riots – where is the mobile community?

Valiant but dismal efforts have been made by police to stop the riots in London and across the UK over the past three days. I watch and read the news with disgust. Especially, when I see my local town, Ealing Broadway struck by flames.

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synchronica Synchronica tries to clarify Android app availability

Rating: It’s not available from us, honest

Like many other Android handset owners, the news (see here) that Synchronica has built an Android app which will work with all the major Instant Messaging (IM) services, attracted our attention. A really good IM client would be available for free. That’s not quite how the company sees things, though. When Synchronica included this sentence in its release, it hadn’t quite thought through the consequences. It said, “The IM client app for Android can be downloaded from Synchronica Mobile Gateway or pre-installed by the device manufacturer.” That’s a could, possibly rather than a definite ability.Eventually, a Synchronica spokesman told GoMo News, “Synchronica does not offer b-2-c [business-to-consumer] software or services and the IM client will therefore not be downloadable from Synchronica [itself].”

What the company actually meant is that the client app, “Will be made available for download from the carrier brands (e.g. Claro).” Which in this case means América Móvil’s web site.

Our source at Synchronica told us, “Unfortunately, I have no information from the carrier regarding the specific URL at the present time.”

Yet, GoMo News suspects that as soon as such a URL emerges, the Android client will escape into the wild.

Synchronica may just as well bite the bullet and put the client on the Android Market now. It would be simpler for everybody involved. Continue reading