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[ November 27, 2011 9:00 am to November 29, 2012 7:00 pm. ] Organiser: WIMA
Venue: San Francisco Arirport Marriott Waterfront Hotel
Location: San Francisco, USA

For WIMA NFC USA 2012 WIMA is building on previous innovation and enabling greater business opportunities within the event by adding new and exciting elements to drive forward the NFC ecosystem. Continue reading

fiksu ebook Record costs for iOS app downloads and marketing in December 2011

Fiksu, a mobile app marketing agency, just released it’s latest round of data on iOS app downloads and user acquisitions. This most recent survey covers December and the important Christmas period, when many received new smartphones. Continue reading

mobile-marketing Mobile Marketing Roundup: McDonalds geotargets, marketers don’t get mobile and more…

Here’s your Tuesday round-up of the hottest mobile marketing stories from across the globe.

In this edition we look at Forrester’s mobile marketing company rankings, McDonalds geotargeting, marketers not getting mobile and more… Continue reading

AdIQuity_logo AdIquity mobile ads reaches 14 billion requests per month

AdIQuity, a mobile ads platform based in Bangalore, India, has announced it is now serving 14 billion ad requests per month across 220+ countries. This signifies a growth of 600% in the last 9 months of its operations. Continue reading

sponsormob-exhibit Sponsormob and RingRevenue launch Mobile Click-to-Call in US

Sponsormob, a mobile advertising solutions provider, is now offering mobile Click-to-Call to advertisers in the United States through a strategic partnership with RingRevenue, a provider of call performance marketing in North America. Continue reading

Job of the day…Business Development Manager – Mobile Marketing

Job of the day……Business Development Manager – Mobile Marketing

This highly successful US Mobile Marketing company are expanding into Europe and are now hiring for a strong Business Development Manager  with solid account development skills. Working with operators, media companies and brands, you will be responsible for generating revenue in new and existing accounts.

Please click here, or contact Aspire Mobile, the global leading provider of Mobile Media professionals. Continue reading

iovation-logo Ghana pips Nigeria and Israel for biggest source of fraudsters

Rating: 400 per cent increase in fraud via mobile devices in 2011

Transactions originating from the country of Ghana are most likely to correlate to fraud, according to iovation. Next in the list of naughty boys comes Nigeria followed by the Philippines, China and Israel. Using its patented ReputationManager 360 solution, iovation stopped 50 million fraud attempts in 2011 alone. Now the company’s system tracks more than 800 million different devices and the majority of attempts are being made from PCs or Macs. However, iovation detected a 400 percent increase in fraud via mobile devices in 2011. The system recognises the major mobile hardware brands but the company says its figures indicate that recognising and stopping mobile fraud will only become more challenging in 2012. Continue reading

copilot nexus one android mobile navigation Android users pay for apps despite free pre-loaded equivalent

Rating: Data shows the most popular Tablets and OS version

Here’s a turn-up for the books. Android users are prepared to pay for apps with genuinely useful features, despite the existence of free and sometimes pre-loaded apps. Shock. And you won’t believe the category, either. Yes, it’s sat-nav app and CoPilot Live says it has just experienced a 40 per cent year on year rise in sales of its Android app. The company also enjoyed a record 1.2 billion app downloads over Xmas. CoPilot Live’s drilling down into its own data has also provided some insight into which Android based tablets are the most popular. Additionally, the data shows which version of Android is most popular with its customers. Continue reading

f5-logo F5 offers secure network access for Android 4.x Ice Cream Sandwich

Rating: Network nasties can’t keep you off the intranet now

Hong Kong’s F5 Networks is enabling owners of Android 4.x (Ice Cream Sandwich) devices to combat the worries of corporate network nasties by providing a full SSL VPN connection. That’s about as secure as you can get. As John Girard, an analyst with Gartner says, “‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) programmes are creating challenges for companies interested in enforcing common security policies.” The answer F5 Networks provides is two versions of it Android BIG-IP Edge Client: – a regular one and one for ‘rooted’ devices. The latter can be used by IT professionals (and ‘hackers’) to extend client support to previous Android OS versions. Furthermore, F5 is introducing enhanced support for its BIG-IP Edge Portal, which provides managed application access to enterprise web applications such as SharePoint and Intranet sites. Continue reading

mobile-marketing Mobile Marketing Roundup: Apple in Q4 2011, Social and Mobile revenue and more…

Here’s your Monday round-up of the hottest mobile marketing stories from across the globe.

In this edition we look at Social and mobile media revenue, Apple’s post Q4 position, top tips to market a mobile app and more… Continue reading

yougov Mobile Wallet tech offers lifeline to British retailers

According to research from YouGov, an online market research consultancy, British consumers’ reluctance to queue means retailers are not only losing almost 21 million potential customers to sell to every year, but some of those customers are potentially lost for good, as they turn elsewhere to purchase goods.

YouGov conducted a study based on a hypothetical scenario in which consumers were asked questions that involved queuing. Adults on YouGov’s UK online panel were asked questions to understand if queues restrict retailers from making sales. A further objective of the study was to determine how consumers expect retailers to reduce queue times. Continue reading

jays_logo Jays teams up with Samsung

Jays, a Swedish headphone manufacturer, has signed a joint promotional agreement with Samsung, commencing in February 2012.

The Swedish headphone manufacturer has long had a strong presence in Asia and the new partnership with Samsung will give Jays a further boost in South Korea. Continue reading

Global-mobile-healthcare mHealth apps are hot says research2guidance

Rating: Downloads & in-app advertising part of $ 1.3 billion market

Obviously one of the hot areas to be in for app developers in 2012 will be mHealth (mobile health) if market watcher, research2guidance, is to be believed.  It reckons that in 2012 the size of the smartphone application market for mobile healthcare will nearly double to $ 1.3 billion. That’s up from $ 718 million in 2011. Yet the company believes the mHealth market is still in an embryonic state – especially in comparison to the $ 6 trillion of the overall global healthcare market. Good point. Several factors will continue to drive mHealth market growth over the next couple of years – especially growth in smartphone penetration. These findings form part of research2guidance’s new Mobile Health Market Report 2011-2016 Continue reading

mobsmith AOL partners with Mobsmith to drive mobile display ads

Mobsmith, a turnkey mobile advertising platform for advertisers and publishers, has announced that AOL has tapped Mobsmith to drive mobile display ad sales in all AOL markets nationwide. Continue reading

Get-up-and-go-logo Weekend QR code usage round-up

Rating: Get up and go pushes QR codes to old foggies

Over the weekend, GoMo News likes to carry out is own mini survey of how QR codes are being used in the real world. The shining example we spotted this time was from a supplement entitled Get up and go distributed by the UK’s Sunday Telegraph and published in association with Lyonsdown. What’s so special about a printed publication using QR codes, you might ask? Especially since publishers have long cottoned onto the benefits of using 2D barcodes. The clue lies in the publications’ tag line which is ‘For the Older and Wiser’. This publication is evangelising the benefits of QR codes specifically to older generations. Runner up in the creative use of QR codes was the Co-operative supermarket chain which strategically placed a QR code on a bag of spuds (potatoes). Continue reading