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I_Retailing_logo Internet Retailing Expo (IRX) 2013

[ March 20, 2012 9:00 am to March 21, 2012 6:00 pm. ] Organiser: Internet Retailing
Venue: NEC (National Exhibition Centre)
Location: Birmingham, UK

IRX claims to be the only opportunity in the UK to blend marketing with technology, logistics with customer-facing design, mobile with In-store experience – the full range of skills and capabilities to sell in the multichannel era. Continue reading


[ November 27, 2011 9:00 am to November 29, 2012 7:00 pm. ] Organiser: WIMA
Venue: San Francisco Arirport Marriott Waterfront Hotel
Location: San Francisco, USA

For WIMA NFC USA 2012 WIMA is building on previous innovation and enabling greater business opportunities within the event by adding new and exciting elements to drive forward the NFC ecosystem. Continue reading

Chameleon_Case thumbsUp! develops Chameleon Case for iPhone4

Rating: Claims it will make iPhone theft a thing of the past

An ingenious gift and gadget developer, thumbsUp!, claims to have developed the ultimate theft deterrent for iPhone thieves. The company says that its Chameleon Case for iPhone 4 is an intelligent cover that will blend almost seamlessly into its environment. The technology behind the Chameleon Case, developed by thumbsUp!’s in-house product development team, works using a similar premise to an ambi-light. That’s where the light cells on the back of the case change colour according to the surroundings. In effect, each circular cell transforms as it picks up nearby hues, thus creating a camouflaged effect. The CCL*-based developer is offering the case on its web site here at a special price for today only [April 1st 2012] for £24.99. Continue reading

drinkaware Now mobile drunks can visit from their smartphones

Rating: Alcohol education charity, Drinkaware, introduces mobile site

It appears that drunkards aren’t so intoxicated that they are unable to access the moble web. UK alcohol education charity, Drinkaware, has noticed a 200 per cent increase in mobile phone traffic. Hence the charity has launched a new mobile-friendly version of its website. Visit new mobile site’s features are customised to switch between day and night content. The new mobile site enables users to access tips and tools on the move to help change their behaviour and think about the long term health impact of drinking. Whether users are thinking of buying alcohol in a shop; bar, pub or club; or are feeling sorry for themselves the morning after, the mobile site will be able to offer advice. Continue reading

Clear-post-info Consumer appetite for NFC for Out-of-Home ads won’t be met

Rating: Clear Channel and Posterscope’s research  exposes this finding
Can you spot the mistake? *
Aiming to establish if consumers would react positively to NFC enabled poster interactions, Clear Channel and Posterscope have accidentally exposed the fact that demand won’t be met. As market watcher Deloitte has pointed out, there will be a mere 200 million NFC [...]

acision Reports of SMS’ death greatly exaggerated says Acision

Rating: OTT services still not much of a threat

Apparently, the industry has recently been hit with a number of reports that SMS/text is on the demise. That would be stories like ours – ‘Smartphones’ unified mailbox are helping to kill SMS says Strand‘, then. Well, Acision says its recent (2012) research on consumer messaging habits, shows that 93 per cent of smartphone owners communicate via SMS, despite having access to Instant Messaging (IM) and over-the-top (OTT) services. The company actually says that, “The over-the-top (OTT) messaging services market is highly fragmented, and so far we have not seen one service establish itself as a main challenger to SMS.” Hence,”Predictions of the ‘death of SMS’ have been unduly presumptuous, as SMS continues to be a large part of operator’s revenues worldwide,” Acision says. Continue reading

RIM-logo-2 BlackBerry maker forced to deny consumer sector exit

Rating: RIM’s lack of PR expertise strikes again

Oh dear. The Canadian smartphone manufacturer has done it again and managed to generate headlines which were almost diametrically opposite to its real intentions. Lack of Press training strikes again. The gaff centres around remarks apparently made by newly appointed CEO, Thorsten Heins, during his announcement of RIM’s quarterly report. Shipment and earnings figures fell below analysts’ expectations. What he was actually talking about was a ‘re-doubling’ of the company’s efforts in the enterprise space which were actually interpreted as headlines such as ‘BlackBerry maker gives up on consumer market’ and ‘Rim is pulling out of the consumer market’. These headlines have generated a mixed reaction from the industry itself with some believing RIM should put itself up for sale. Others argue that RIM should concentrate on low-end devices where Apple doesn’t compete. Continue reading

nielsen-ogo Half of US subscribers now own a smartphone says Nielsen

Rating: W7 Mango & RIM slip in last 3 months

Only slightly more US cellular subscribers (50.3 per cent) own a featurephone as opposed to a smartphone according to the latest figures (for February 2012) just released by market watcher, Nielsen. If you do the maths another way this means there’s been a pretty hefty leap in US smartphone ownership. The number of smartphone owners has effectively increased by 38 per cent over the last twelve months. By comparison, back in February 2011 only 36 per cent of mobile subscribers owned smartphones and now it’s 49.7 per cent. In essence this is all great news if you happen to be a mobile app developer. Android continues to do well as does Apple’s iOS – so it is RIM’s BlackBerry OS and Microsoft’s W7 Mango OS which are faring badly. Continue reading

europeans4roaming Europeans for Fair Roaming comments on deal

Mobile roaming: Citizens’ Initiative welcomes EU deal for lower roaming costs

Press Release

March 28th 2012. The EU lawmakers European Parliament and the Council of Ministers managed to broker a deal that will allow mobile phone, smartphone and tablet users to enjoy much lower costs when using their devices abroad. The deal came after some hard discussions between the two institutions. The citizens’ initiative ‘Europeans for Fair Roaming’ that has been working on this issue warmly welcomes the agreement, even though it hoped for a fast reduction in prices. Continue reading

Strand Consult logo Smartphones’ unified mailbox are helping to kill SMS says Strand

Rating:  Or is subscriber inertia preserving SMS revenues?

Highly respected mobile telecoms consultancy, Strand Consult, is warning mobile network operators that the present generation of smartphones are helping to kill off text/SMS. In the report here, the specialist consultancy lays the blame firmly at the feet of the unified mailbox. It claims its prediction is corroborated by the decrease in sent texts that mobile operators in Denmark and Norway have already seen. Significantly, the company insists that the conclusions it reached in an original report written back in 2009 into the iPhone’s impact on the market still hold true. Continue reading

GSMA logo m-Education device sales could be worth $32 billion by 2020

Rating: GSMA commissions sector report from McKinsey

Based on a report commissioned from McKinsey entitled ‘Transforming learning through m-Education’,  the GSMA will be announcing that the m-Education market could generate a market worth $70 billion globally by 2020. Full findings from the report will be released on April 2nd [2012]. However, demand for m-Education devices – such as smartphones and tablets, is predicted to be worth a further $32 billion by 2020. Continue reading

Parrot_Asteroid Best Android based in-car system gets better

Rating: Parrot Asteroid hooks up to the Net via your phone

Probably the industry’s best known Android based in-car system is the Asteroid produced by France’s Parrot. GoMobile News was intrigued to discover that the product has just got better thanks to a new release of its operating software (version 1.5). The major new feature is USB tethering for Android, Rim/BlackBerry and Windows Phone (W7 Mango). What Parrot means by this is that it will enable the car’s owner to hook the Asteroid up to the Internet via a regular Android handset’s 3G/4G connexion. For those with an Apple iOS device or a Nokia Symbian smartphone you can achieve the same thing via Bluetooth ‘tethering’. The company also claims compatibility with 3G+ and 4G mobile broadband dongles. More details of the update are here. Continue reading

UKfast_logo UKFast claims users can’t be sure where a QR code is taking them

Rating: Don’t blame the QR code – a lack of security is the issue

A Press release put out by a web hosting specialist, UKFast is definitely scaremongering over the dangers potentially involved with scanning in a QR code/barcode from dubious origins. The implication is that if you don’t know what you are doing you can end up with malware on your smartphone. The company claims that a recent attack exposed the security risk after infecting victims’ mobile devices with malware. Those malicious apps then handed over access to all SMS messages, emails and call logs on the device to the crooks, UKFast says. Continue reading

sponsormob-exhibit Sponsormob picks Austin to drive mobile ad growth in USA

Rating: Heavily influenced by Austin playing host to SXSW

Germany’s Sponsormob has decided to drive its expansion outside of Europe by opening an office in Austin, Texas. The new office will serve the company’s current North American clients as well as focusing on expanding the company’s client base. Obviously, Austin is home to the major mobile focussed event – South by Southwest (SXSW). Sponsormob claims that Austin is an ideal location for the German-based company. Talya Shoup Burnett, PR Manager with Sponsormob, commented, “Austin is the obvious choice for us as a base in the USA. That Apple appears to be expanding its operations in Austin is proof that we have chosen a city with immense potential, so we are excited to have our base for US operations in the Texas capitol.” Continue reading

everything-everywhere 4G LTE situation in UK gets even more complex

Rating: Rivals could acquire 1800 MHz spectrum from Everything Everywhere

GoMobile News has been chatting with a delightful spokeswoman from Everything Everywhere (formerly T-Mobile & Orange) over a previous story we wrote – Everything Everywhere upsets the whole UK 4G applecart. She was politely pointing out a technical mistake we’d made in that item. Specifically this sentence – “And apparently the operator has already proved this point by undertaking a trial in Cornwall.” Actually the trial undertaken in rural Cornwall did actually use 800MHz  spectrum. It seems that a trial of 4G/LTE technology over 1800 MHz spectrum won’t actually take place until next month [April 2012]. You can read the full Everything Everywhere announcement here. What tickles GoMobile News is that technically the 800 MHz spectrum was used for 1G networks but not in Britain – in North America. Continue reading