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apps_world Apps World Europe 2013

[ October 22, 2012 9:00 am to October 23, 2012 7:00 pm. ] Organisers: Sixdegrees
Venue: Earls Court 2
Location: London, England

Registration: Free for developers here
Paid for workshops hereGoMo News readers use                            discount code APPFRIEND20 for 20 per cent discount

Discover the future of multi-platform apps. The flagship Apps World show will be returning to London for two days of engagement and high level insight and discussion around one of the largest growing industries – mobile apps. Continue reading


[ November 27, 2011 9:00 am to November 29, 2012 7:00 pm. ] Organiser: WIMA
Venue: San Francisco Arirport Marriott Waterfront Hotel
Location: San Francisco, USA

For WIMA NFC USA 2012 WIMA is building on previous innovation and enabling greater business opportunities within the event by adding new and exciting elements to drive forward the NFC ecosystem. Continue reading

apple-logo1 Apple shakes up senior management

Rating: How long will consumers pay extra for the Apple brand

The recent management changes at Apple have obviously sparked something of a controversy. The big question is can Apple keep charging a premium for its products when they are now not blazing a massively innovative trail? The iPad Mini was playing catchup. The iPhone 5 only arrived after the company had launched the 4S to everybody’s surprise. It’s a tricky one and a challenge for new Apple boss, , Tim Cook. Personally, GoMobile News doesn’t envy anyone who has to both step into Steve Jobs shoes whilst simultaneously having to deal with the existing work ethic/culture that is Apple. The loss of Scott Forstall, who led the team behind iOS mobile OS. Continue reading

Ashtap_android-app Tree saving apps sponsored by Invasive Alien Species

Rating: Apple provides fast turnaround for iOS version

It seems that AshTag – the organisation which is backing Britain’s efforts to track and stop the spread of the Ash tree dieback disease in the UK, can move fast when it comes to smartphone apps. See our previous story ‘A smartphone app may help to save Britain’s Ash trees’ here. The organisation says it has only a short window of opportunity to help identify the spread of the disease before Winter sets in. After that identification of diseases becomes more difficult. Hence the organisation has been grateful for the help it received from Apple. It now has both iOS and Android versions of its smartphone app. Continue reading

MACH_logo_12 MACH Offers Real-Time revenue leakage detection for network operators

Unique in-memory computing technology enables real-time revenue checks

CashBack Revenue Assurance solution reduces exposure for operators, dramatically enhances customer experience

Press release

October 31st 2012. MACH, the leading provider of cloud-based managed communication services, today revealed that telecom operators worldwide are increasingly looking for revenue assurance solutions that offer real-time leakage detection to correct errors and reduce losses. The move to all-IP networks has led to real-time billing and rating driving a need for online revenue assurance solutions that also offer real-time protection, reduce exposure for operators and enhance customer experience. Continue reading

Kantar iPhone 5 leads Apple clawback of UK smartphone market

UK smartphone sales showed a distinct shift in favour of Apple in the six weeks to the end of September, latest data from research firm Kantar Worldpanel reveals.
Sales of Apple’s flagship iPhone 5 accounted for 28 per cent of the UK market compared to 21 per cent in the preceding six weeks, though the figures covered only nine days of iPhone trading. Continue reading

Lumia 920 heavily discounted Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 now shipping

Focused ramp-up of first Windows Phone 8 smartphones over coming weeks

Press release

October 29th 2012. Nokia has announced that the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Nokia Lumia 820 will reach the first operators and retail outlets in select countries this week. Both phones will appear in stores in France and the UK this week, then Russia, Germany and further select markets throughout the rest of November.1 In the USA, AT&T will introduce the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Nokia Lumia 820, Verizon Wireless will sell the newly announced Nokia Lumia 822, and T-Mobile will offer the Nokia Lumia 810. All three will have phones in stores in November. Continue reading

adfonic_new_logo Adfonic introduces DSP to provide greater transparency for ad agencies

Rating: Real-time bidding removes eCPM pricing obscurity

Adfonic reckons it has addressed some of the traditional challenges the mobile advertising industry has faced which have held back spend on mobile advertising. So it has introduced its mobile demand-side platform (DSP) called Madison which it claims gives large-spending advertising agencies and brands greater transparency, control and efficiency. Thanks all thanks to access to a broad range of real-time bidding (RTB) inventory. For example, it takes RTB to the per impression level, thus removing eCPM pricing obscurity and solves the problem of a lack of transparency. Continue reading

windows_phone_8 Microsoft fights back with Windows Phone 8

Rating: Kid’s Corner could be the dark horse here

Microsoft finally introduced the much-heralded Windows Phone 8 (WP8) yesterday [October 29th 2012] – waiting three days after the official launch of Windows 8 itself. We’re not quite sure why. After all, the new versions of Windows all boast a similar look and feel, the same technology core, plus the same built-in SkyDrive cloud service. Microsoft says Windows Phone 8 is built to work seamlessly with Windows 8 PCs, Microsoft Surface devices and the Xbox 360 console. It didn’t say which version of the Surface, though. At the Press conference in San Francisco (a place usually more associated with Apple), Microsoft showcased WP8 handsets from Nokia, Samsung and HTC. In terms of what WP8 offers, we’d say the latest version of this mobile OS seems to have three main new features: – Live Apps; Rooms; and Kid’s Corner. It also pumped up the Windows Phone Store. Continue reading

Lumia 920 heavily discounted W7 Mango owners told to wait for Windows Phone 7.8

Rating: Availability of Nokia Lumia 920 clear as mud

Well, yesterday [October 29th 2012] Microsoft finally introduced the long-awaited Windows Phone 8 (WP8) – a mere three days after the official launch of Windows 8 itself. However, it has left existing Windows Phone 7.5 (W7 Mango) owners hanging – having previously admitted that such smartphones won’t be upgradeable to WP8. Instead, we’re being told that, “WP7.8 will be announced soon. Hang in there,” by Nokia News on Google Plus of all mediums. Another source claimed to have got a similar reply from Microsoft itself. The availability of Nokia flagship WP8 phone – the Lumia 920 is also clear as mud. Continue reading

various Nokia WP8 phones Microsoft unveils Windows Phone 8

Latest smartphones from Nokia, Samsung and HTC go on sale in November

Press release (US Version)

Microsoft has debuted Windows Phone 8, the latest version of the company’s smartphone operating system. Windows Phone 8 offers a truly personal phone experience, connecting you to the people and things that matter most. As part of the announcement, Microsoft revealed new features, including Kid’s Corner and Rooms, along with details and pricing for a range of beautiful new smartphones from Nokia, Samsung and HTC, each with their own differentiated designs, colours and features. Windows Phone 8 devices will go on sale in November at in the USA as well as at carriers and retailers around the world. Continue reading

telefonica_new Telefonica jettisons chunk of German O2 offshoot to reduce own debts

IPO is Europe’s biggest this year

Spain’s Telefonica aims to raise around £1.2 billion when its spins off nearly a quarter of its German O2 operation later this morning [30th October 2012]. Shares in the the Frankfurt-listed company are expected to trade at €5.60 per share, though some analysts have criticised the price as too high compared to other phone operators. The IPO is Europe’s biggest initial public offering this year and is needed to help shrink Telefonia’s €58 billion debt pile.
O2 is Germany’s smallest mobile operator with roughly 16 per cent of subscribers, trailing Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Dutch group KPN’s E-Plus. Continue reading

Ad recognition increased by 130% says madvertise

Rating: It’s all about rich media & cross-media

As something of a first, madvertise has revealed the findings from a study into advertising effectiveness study for a rich media campaign. The study was undertaken in Germany in collaboration with Interrogare. Hence references here are to Telefónica’s O2 Germany not the UK. The study analyses the effects of advertising on mobile rich media campaigns. It covered rich media, interactive ads, video,and non-standard banner formats. One of the most amasing discoveries was that ad recognition increased by 130 per cent. This followed a campaign by O2 (Germany) which ran the campaign alongside the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III. The aim was to promote the launch of a new tariff. Madvertise claims O2 integrated the ‘mobile’ channel into its entire cross-media advertising strategy. Continue reading

EESpeed EE demos Nokia Lumia 920 4G on Oxford St

Rating: Sorry, sir, we’ll have to take those tariffs away

GoMobile News took advantage of a brilliant invitation from EE (formerly Everything Everywhere) to try out its 4G LTE network in person on London’s Oxford Street. We were able to play with any of the 4G LTE devices which EE will offer. Including the Nokia Lumia 920, of course. Only problem? The smartphone hasn’t yet gone commercial so a rather worried EE official had to swiftly remove the tariff information in case we published it. We have to admit that the demonstrations of 4G in action were impressive and we now ‘get’ why people would want to make the switch to 4G. It’s for the rich,busy execs and uber-geeks who are ‘time poor’. Continue reading

ashtag-logo A smartphone app may help to save Britain’s Ash trees

Rating: GoMobile speculates on what features it should have

Currently the UK’s population of Ash trees is under attack from a deadly fungus called Chalara fraxinea also known as Ash dieback. Concerned organisations are launching a new web site today [Monday 29th October 2012] to provide information to concerned citizens. However, GoMobile News suggests that the proposed ashtag smartphone app might prove a highly efficient tool to combat the spread of the disease. Especially if it works anything like the way a popular Apple iOS app – leafsnap, does. Continue reading