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Skype_blackberry GoMo rant: RIM’s PlayBook let down by lack of Skype

Rating: Skype app doesn’t migrate over from Android

A loyal GoMobile News reader recently acquired a RIM PlayBook tablet from her local electronics retail outlet in the UK. She wanted a low cost tablet and the Playbook fits neatly inside her handbag [pocketbook]. Imagine her anger when she discovered that the PlayBook doesn’t possess an official Skype app. What’s the point of providing a front facing video camera with your tablet if it isn’t capable of supporting the world’s most popular video conferencing system, was her reasoning? And she’s got a good point. The PlayBook was conceived as a useful adjunct to a BlackBerry smartphone and it shows. Hopefully, in 2013 RIM will be offering a new tablet which is designed to go head to head with the market leaders – like the iPad. Continue reading

Vodafone_alt_logo Vodafone’s shares slip as 2012 fades

Funds earmarked for £1.5bn share buy-back nearly depleted

Shares in British mobile operator, Vodafone, continued their steady decline on the London Stock Exchange today [31st December 2012], despite the company’s aggressive buy back of stock which has seen it purchase 84 million at a cost of £1.33 billion this month alone.
With the market open for just half a day’s trading, Vodafone’s share price slipped to around 154 pence, about half a per cent down and less than the 155.6 pence it paid to buy back nine million of its shares just a trading day earlier. The shares closed also less than new North and Central European CEO Philipp Humm paid a week previously. Continue reading

don't take iPhone 6 tips from Brit comedians like Ali G GoMo’s surefire predictions for 2013

Rating: Ready? Apple will launch an iPhone 6 in 2013

Here’s our surefire prediction for 2013. Apple will launch a smartphone with a model name of the iPhone 6. We’re cheating here, of course. Firstly, we aren’t saying that it will be the next iPhone model because it might call that the iPhone 5S or 5G, or something. Secondly. we are basing this prediction on comments made by Sasha Barron Cohen, aka Ali G of Staines. (See video below). Another prediction is that Nokia will be taken over – probably by Microsoft, if it doesn’t finally start offering Android based handsets. Continue reading

SoMo_event SoMo Strategies Forum 2013 – Mumbai

[ February 7, 2013; ] Organiser: Kamikaze B2B Media
Venue: The Lalit, Sahar
Location: Mumbai, India

The SoMo Strategies Forum (Social / Mobile) will give attendees insights into how successful real world social media and mobile marketing campaigns are strategized, developed and implemented. Continue reading

Carlene Masker Dropbox saves my day by releasing a Beta Android app

by Carlene Masker, a technology blogger working with Buyverizon Telco Services

Dropbox came in the form of a ray of sunshine… an answer to everyone’s prayer. Especially if you’re the kind of person who, like me, tends to misplace her ‘important-files-containing’ USB stick quite often. Let me paint you a picture here. You’re called for an interview and being in the creative field you obviously have to display your ‘digital-portfolio’ on a USB (Duh!). So, on the said interview day, your alarm fails to ring and you wake up late only to have to rush through your morning routine. Run out that door. Search for a cab. Rattle off the address promising him a generous tip if he drives like a rally racer and gets you there ASAP. You reach the said destination. You’re ushered in to meet the Creative Head. And that’s when you remember that you left your USB at home. That’s exactly when you need Dropbox. Continue reading

We found Alison Moyet easily on Free music streaming for 7 days courtesy of

Rating: Rara is, of course, powered by Omnifone

Given that a large number of people will have received either a smartphone or a tablet (or both) as a Xmas present, it makes a great deal of sense for British music streaming service,, to offer a free seven day trail of its service over the Winter Break. You have until 23.59 pm 31st January 2013 to redeem this offer. [So you've got a month to sign up.]  As long as you’re not an existing subscriber, of course. Here at GoMobile News we would thoroughly recommend that our readers take up this offer. The company is so generous that it promises that ads won’t be displayed during the duration of this offer. Continue reading

More figures show UK’s High Street isn’t dead

Rating: 1 in 4 UK adults visit stores post Xmas

Despite the dire predictions that the web is killing the UK’s bricks & mortar retail industry, the Figures put out by the Centre for Retail Research don’t show that at all. if anything, foot shoppers have turned out in bigger number this year [2012] in the Post Xmas (winter) sales. Over £5.4 billion was spent in first two days of [26- 27th December 2012] the Winter sales. That compromised of £2.1 billion on 26th [Boxing Day] and £2.8 billion 27th December, yet only £0.47 billion was spent online. There’s even signs that mobile apps are actually helping shoppers to spend more in-store. Continue reading

spam_titan_logo2 BYOD will continue into 2013 says SpamTitan

Rating: Social media is the most dangerous for phishing attacks

As we approach the New Year, Infosecurity Europe has been sending us the views from exhibitors on what they expect to see in 2013. We picked one of the most relevant to the mobile sector from Ronan Kavanagh, CEO of SpamTitan he predicts that social media risk and subsequent web and network security issues will continue to be a serious concern for businesses in 2013. Perhaps most controversially, Kavanagh expects the ) trend towards ‘Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) will continue into 2013.He also forecasts that Social media will be the platform of choice for phishing attacks in 2013. Continue reading

matthew_candelaria Guest Post: Teach employees to choose ultra secure passwords for their mobile phones

by Dr Matthew Candelaria, a professional technology writer who works with Webroot

It should go without saying that choosing a secure password is important to protecting personal and commercial data. Even mobile security software such as that offered by Webroot is worthless if a password is compromised. Unfortunately, most people don’t create secure passwords, and that can expose your organisation’s business’ network to attacks.The sad truth is that most people use weak and common passwords for most applications. Continue reading

Jolla_xmas Two new mobile OS – Tizen and Sailfish might showcase @MWC 2013

Rating: Tizen could even be found inside the Samsung Galaxy S4

Following up on our Samsung Tizen announcement story here here, we noticed a massive rumour about the next version of Samsung’s highly successful Galaxy S range. According to a report in the Daily Bhaskar here, Samsung its readying the Galaxy S4 for a February 2013 release. Now we all know what takes place in February each year – yes, the GSMA’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) show. And MWC is the favourite place for the shakers and movers in the cellular world (sorry CTIA Las Vegas) to launch new products. Continue reading

tizen logo Tizen mobile OS 101: Understanding Tizen’s origins

Rating: Yet another mobile OS – this one backed by Samsung and intel

Whilst Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS continue to dominate the mobile OS scene, there are still a number of alternatives vying for attention in the mobile sector. One of these is Tizen which – like Google’s Chrome and H-P’s webOS all use Webkit and a Linux kernel. By contrast, Mozilla’s Firefox (see here) has its own runtime environment in terms of Geko not Webkit. Where has Tizen sprung from? Well it’s really a joint effort by Intel and Samsung which spearhead the Technical Steering Group (TSG) which leads the Tizen Project. To give Tizen a bit of marketing clout there is also a Tizen Association which can be found here. UPDATED June 2014. Continue reading

mPowa_shopping Retail landscape will change permanently after this Xmas

Rating: mPowa’s prediction for retail in 2013

Although Boxing Day [2012] is expected to have been the UK’s biggest day in terms of online sales, major retailers – such as Amazon, John Lewis and Tesco, have started their online sales earlier than previous years. “This year [2012] has been more competitive than any previous year. Conditions on the High street have been the fiercest and most challenging yet,” argued Dan Wager, CEO of mPowa. He claimed the current UK retail environment has led to aggressive discounting right across the board- for both online and offline retail. Continue reading

jayanta Singha Guest Post: Enjoy live TV streaming with mobile apps

by Jayanta Singha, blogger and SEO analyst

It’s television live on your mobile device! With action, entertainment and information, the fun is unlimited. Television and mobile phones are converging giving rise to a new entertainment area – the mobile television. You can now take a break in between your day’s work to watch your favourite TV show or movie right on your mobile phone. So, if you are on wheels or taking rest in a café – you are free to have the pleasure of watching television. Continue reading

better than expected results Samsung to ship ‘half billion plus’ phones in 2013

That’s twenty times more than it sold in 2010

Korean electronics giant, Samsung, says it expects to sell around 510 million phones globally in 2013, cementing its position as the world’s No.1 handset manufacturer. Despite attempts by arch rival Apple to impede its progress with a barrage of patent-related lawsuits, Samsung’s star shows no sign of waning. It says three out of four devices it is on course to sell in the next twelve months will be smartphones and predicts an overall 20 per cent jump in phone sales on 2012. Continue reading

MegaFon boss splashes nearly £100m on buying own shares

Russian mobile giant MegaFon’s CEO has emphasised his faith in the company by buying nearly £100 million in shares using his own money.
MegaFon, Russia’s second largest mobile phone company by customers and owned by Russia’s richest man Alisher Usmanov, was floated on the London Stock Exchange only last month [November 2012] but the IPO failed to raise as much as hoped, with a $20 per global depository receipt – pricing the shares at the bottom end of the $20-$25 rung. Continue reading