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shopping_trolley Online vs in-store shopping – the stats point both ways

Rating: It really depends how you look at it

Today [December 26th 2012] – with the traditional Boxing Day, some four million UK High Street shoppers are expected to spend around £2.9 billion. The Times reported * Richard Dodd, the head of media for the British Retail Consortium (BRC), as saying “Spending after Xmas is dramatically less than before. The duration of the post Xmas sales is also relatively short, but there’s a small window of opportunity.” He added that he expected Xmas sales to be “acceptable” rather than “exceptional.” Yet the newspapers continue to print headlines indicating that online sales are “up”. Continue reading

header_logo_monitise 2013: Monitise’s make or break year

British mobile payments firm Monitise has re-jigged its directors’ share incentive scheme putting them in line for millions in potential payouts as the company heads into 2013 – the year it has set itself to make a profit or at least break even.
In September last year [2012] the company’s preliminary year-end results showed a loss of £14.5 million, despite revenues of about the same amount, though it’s order book is growing fast and is now said to be worth £78 million over the next five years, six times its size in June 2010.
Meanwhile the next twelve months should prove pivotal as Monitise predicts revenues will rise to around £68 million, yielding a profit for the first time. Continue reading

mobile has the power to drive people to the high street - gabbay Why we think mobile isn’t killing traditional retailers

Rating: GoMo interviews Udozi’s Alan Gabbay

With the mobile internet rapidly displacing the fixed/static internet, it was extremely interesting to chat with some-one who is on the ‘Front Line’ of this sea-change – Alan Gabbay from Udozi. Alan’s company started out with just a traditional (HTML) web based presence but soon realised it had to embrace the mobile web. Udozi launched a beta version of its mobile app (iOS only) back in February 2012 and is still working closely with existing users on their feedback. Udozi’s business model is a classic case of a service which can enormously benefit from the mobile web’s USP – location. Udozi’s ‘stock comparison’ site enables users to search around the vicinity for the nearest stockist. Presently, the site is confined to London’s W1 (West One) shopping district but the company obviously has ambitions to expand outside this narrow base. Continue reading

2015 will finally be year of nfc The NFC experience at MWC Barcelona 2013

Rating: Show should sing praises of NFC’s capabilities

In 2013,  the Mobile World Congress Barcelona intends to offer a truly interactive experience for exhibitors, vendors, and attendees to participate in an environment where information and transactions are exchanged through mobile using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. NFC enabled mobile phones have a huge potential to make life easier by letting us, with a simple touch, enable secure access to new transaction and payment services across a range of sectors and industries. The GSMA (GSM Association) hopes its next major event (MWC 2013) will help showcase the benefits of NFC. Continue reading

social networking india Vodafone India: the heat is on as government calls for new spectrum auctions

Bandwidth hikes, corruption probe, tax demands – where will it all end?

Vodafone’s Indian subsidiary has hit out at plans by the federal government to auction telecom bandwidth when key licences expire in 2014 as “completely unjustified on economic, commercial and competitive grounds.” Under new government policy firms like Vodafone and top mobile operator Bharti Airtel won’t be reallocated their existing airwaves when their licenses come up for renewal but will have to acquire airwaves through government auctions instead. The changes will impact some of the most lucrative areas for mobile operators such as Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. Continue reading

Muhammad Azam Guest Post: Top ways to make the BlackBerry fun

by Muhammad Azam, a professional writer and gadget enthusiastic

A BlackBerry phone is all work and no fun. Or it was at least when the company launched its series of handsets quite some years back onto the market. Now that there so many apps and the games available on the market, isn’t it time that you converted your smartphone into something fun as well? Using the right BlackBerry apps and games will make it fun for you even when in the office. The device which was originally targeted as a workaholic tool is no longer the same. The Black Berry market has extended beyond just email terminals and RIM has targeted the BlackBerry towards teenagers and the people who have not started work yet. They can still make use of BlackBerry phones to connect to the world over Wi-Fi and a 3G network, of course. Continue reading

Paul-Childs Adfonic co-founder, Paul Childs, moves on to pastures new

Rating: Leaves the mobile ad firm whilst the going is good

Paul Childs who was a co-founder of Adfonic – the mobile advertising platform, has decided to move on to pastures new. Childs was instrumental in the creation of what has become a market leading mobile advertising platform. Childs commented, “After four years, I’ve made the hard decision co-founders often face – to move on. My time at Adfonic, from its inception to the present, has been the most exciting and rewarding experience of my life.” Continue reading

Carphone Warehouse nearer to acquiring Best Buy’s half of joint European venture

Britain’s Carphone Warehouse may yet be in line for a windfall opportunity from the sale of America’s Best Buy retailer after its estranged founder, Richard Schulze, was given until next February to buy it back.
Schulze has been working since the summer to raise the funds to seize control again of Best Buy but, with the company’s share price dropping, it has been in his interest to delay matters in the hope of clinching a better deal.
With Best Buy’s owners now extending the decision deadline to February 2013, Schulze will also be able to assess the US retailer’s performance during the critical end-of-year shopping season. Continue reading

Vodafone snared in Indian corruption probe

Vodafone’s Indian offshoot has been caught up in a corruption web amid claims that the country’s spectrum was awarded illegally under a former, Hindu-led government.
Also caught up in the police probe is India’s top mobile phone firm Bharti Airtel, headed by billionaire Sunil Bharti Mittal, in accusations that go back to 2002. Continue reading

Monitise expands Canadian footprint with new banking alliance

Britain’s mobile payments specialist Monitise has built on its acquisition of Clairmail earlier this year by forging a new alliance with Canada’s Bank of Montreal.
One of the country’s big five banks and formed in 1817, the Bank of Montreal – or BMO as it is commonly known – will use Monitise’s technology to integrate smartphone apps, mobile web services and SMS offerings.
Last month [November 2012], BMO rival CIBC carried out Canada’s first NFC mobile credit card payment through an alliance with telco Rogers. Continue reading

Vodafone’s new boy spends nearly £359k in share buying humm-dinger

Almost exactly six months after jumping ship from T-Mobile’s US business to join Britain’s Vodafone, new north and central Europe CEO Philipp Humm has emphasised his faith in his new employers by buying up £358,832 worth of shares.
A statement released by Vodafone seemingly played down the purchase, pointing out that all executive committee members – but not directors – had to acquire and maintain their own minimum share levels as part of corporate policy, but it was not clear if Humm, 52, had exercised options or been assisted in the purchase. Continue reading

Stefan Zehle Guest Post: What to expect in the global telecoms industry for 2013

by Stefan Zehle, CEO with Coleago Consulting

In 2012, the main buzzword in the global telecoms industry has been 4G. Over the last few months, we have witnessed some interesting spectrum auctions taking place around the world. As this has developed, carriers, operators, service providers, businesses and consumers have been busy educating themselves about the benefits of what it is and what it will mean for them such as faster connectivity speeds and reliability. At this time of year it customary to predict what to expect in the mobile space in 2013. I expect to see an increased emphasis on the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS); the beginning of the end to roaming charges and even the end of geography being a factor for mobile users. Continue reading

Windows Phone will fail to rule the world by 2017 says Analysys Mason

Rating: Apparently this will happen sometime in 2017

According to new research from Analysys Mason, Microsoft will ship as many Windows Phone units by 2017 as Apple will ship in 2012. This is taken from a recently published report, ‘Smartphone markets: worldwide trends, forecasts and strategies 2012–2017′. The firm reckons that Windows Phone will become the fastest-growing mobile OS in terms of number of shipments within the next five years. GoMobile News has followed the fortunes of Microsoft for many years and this conclusion is indeed very hard to swallow. Continue reading

Mobiles can drive footfall into High Street stores

Rating: GoMobile News saves Udozi’s useful stats from imprisonment

GoMobile News has made its feelings about the new trend towards the use of infographics pretty plain in the past. (See our previous story here). However, there has much been written in the popular Press that the internet and particularly the use of the mobile web by consumers, has led to a general decline in consumers hitting bricks and mortar stores and the High Street especially. We don’t think this is true and Udozi – a specialist web based services that guides consumers towards the closest retailer, doesn’t think so either. For example, it claims that 31 per cent of Brits make five or more trips to the High Street to complete their Xmas shopping. That doesn’t sound like the death knell for traditional retailing, does it? Continue reading

W7 mango owners left to pine for WP7.8 over Xmas

Rating: Unless you’re a phone geek who can handle Navifirm +

As long ago as October [2012], we reported that Nokia was saying, “WP7.8 will be announced soon. Hang in there,” in a post by Nokia News on Google Plus. Well, it’s been a long wait and WP7.8 still isn’t with us in time for Xmas 2012. As regular GoMobile News readers will know, Nokia’s earlier Lumia models such as the Lumia 800 were running Windows Phone 7.5 (W7 Mango). Sadly, such handsets won’t be upgradeable to the very latest version of Windows Phone – WP8. Instead existing loyal Nokia users will have to wait for the final upgrade to WP7 known as WP7.8. Microsoft has officially said in won’t become available until “early 2013″. However, it’s already been spotted in the wild but it seems that the operators haven’t been able to work their magic and brand WP7.8 in time for Xmas. Continue reading