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Million more customers exit RIM

Buyers said to be holding back for new BlackBerry

Canadian manufacturer RIM lost a million customers and shipped 500,000 fewer smartphones in the last quarter, tightening the pressure on the company as it prepares for the make-or-break launch of its new BlackBerry 10 range at the end of next month [January 2013]. RIM says it now has 79 million subscribers compared to 80 million last quarter and has tried to put a gloss on the decline by arguing that purchasers are delaying buying until the new handsets are available. Even so, it meant Q3 2012 revenues halved year on year down to $2.7 billion (£1.66 billion), versus $5.1 billion in 2011, leading to an adjusted net loss of $114 million. Continue reading

standup2cancer Velti powered campaign for C4 sees 360,000 mobile interactions

Rating: has now worked with every UK terrestrial broadcaster

Velti is celebrating the fact that its recent partnership with Channel 4 marks means that it has now worked with every major UK terrestrial broadcaster. Velti partnered with Cancer Research UK and the Channel 4 TV station to raise money through mobile donations for the live ‘Stand Up To Cancer‘ telethon back in October [2012]. The event garnered over 360,000 mobile interactions and Velti claims it demonstrates just how successful the mobile channel is working in tandem with a national broadcast campaign. Continue reading

velti_logo Cancer Research UK and Channel 4 team up with Velti to fundraise through mobile donations during Stand Up to Cancer campaign

Campaign produces over 360,000 mobile interactions, demonstrating continued success with mobile and broadcast

Press release

December 19th 2012. Velti (NASDAQ: VELT), the leading global provider of mobile marketing and advertising technology, worked with Cancer Research UK and Channel 4 to raise money through mobile donations for the live ‘Stand Up To Cancer‘  telethon in October [2012]. Providing a convenient method to engage viewers, Velti’s technology platform enabled the public to make £5 and £10 donations directly from their mobile device, garnering over 360,000 mobile interactions and demonstrating how successful the mobile channel is in tandem with a national broadcast campaign. Continue reading

mindshare Tablet Tuesday set to break records says Mindshare as Xmas Day downloading fever set to grip the world

Press release

December 20th 2012. Xmas Day has been labelled ‘Tablet Tuesday’ by global media agency, Mindshare, as consumers redeem the vouchers bought for them by last-minute shoppers. In the United Kingdom, for instance, almost half the population (45 per cent) now download digital content on a monthly basis, according to Mindreader, Mindshare’s proprietary research tool. This, coupled with cold weather and last minute online voucher purchasing, all points toward Tablet Tuesday – a rush on Christmas Day to redeem digital vouchers to fill up new devices with games, music and video. Continue reading

Golden_tweets Twitter announces most retweeted winners for 2012

Rating: USA dominates but UK and Japan get mentions

When we spotted that Twitter had released the Golden Tweets for 2012 we were first intrigued, then disillusioned. The Golden Tweets are based on the number of times that an original tweet gets retweeted. What the results showed is that by far users in the USA dominate Twitter usage. However, Japan and good old Blighty (GB) get honourable mentions. The numbers are also intriguing. The Top Tweet garnered some 810,000 retweets. Yet those at the bottom scored only some 67,000 retweets and some 5,000 favourites. With a little bit of tweaking, therefore, mobile marketers could easily get themselves up the rankings in the Twittersphere. Continue reading

fisker's photo is in the post Guest Post: Unlocking your mobile phone – it’s not that difficult

by Gabriela Jugaru, a technology enthusiast & writer

Just a few years ago phone unlocking was perceived as a hacking and a bit of an illegal method of enjoying all the features of your phone. Nowadays it is seen as something as normal as sending an SMS. Personally, I think that this used to happen because most people didn’t actually know what unlocking a mobile phone consisted of. It was caused by a lack of information combined with some simple misconceptions, but that’s another story. With the rise in popularity of MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), interest in unlocking handsets has risen in tandem. Continue reading

imprego_screenshot justAd claims first rich media platform for creating mobile

Rating: Just stir for 5 mins and then publish

justAd is claiming that it has managed to introduce the first rich media platform for creating mobile landing pages and micro-sites. Known as Imprego, the company says that agencies and small business affiliates can create app and game-like mobile landing pages in a mere five minutes. They can then publish them across any 3G mobile phone, smartphone or tablet. Continue reading

imprego_logo justAd Introduces Imprego, a Rich Media platform for creating mobile landing pages and micro-sites

New self-service platform lets agencies and companies create mobile landing pages in minutes

Press release

December 17th 2012 . More than four billion mobile phones are in use today, and according to Google, by 2014, more people will use mobile devices vs. PCs to access the Web. Now brands can’t afford to hold up mobile plans because of device fragmentation, Flash incompatibility, or creative complexities. As a result, justAd, a global ad technology company, has launched Imprego, the first rich media platform for creating mobile landing pages and micro-sites. Continue reading

successfully compete with OTT brands - windle Guest Post: Time for comms to get real in 2013

by Mark Windle, head of marketing with OpenCloud

The arrival of LTE around the globe and in the UK was one of the defining features of 2012. Operators are under increasing pressure from Over-The-Top (OTT) services and are looking to use LTE spectrum to develop innovative IP-based services to catch up with other offerings on the market and defend their market share in the voice, messaging and video calling marketplace. During 2013, I expect to see some interesting innovations from operators as they look to claw back market share from OTT players, protect their revenues, and reconnect with the consumer. However, they won’t be the only ones looking for something new. Continue reading

roaming_angel_orange Orange/EE targets Xmas holiday escapees with Roaming Angel app

Rating: Still expensive to data roam in Sharm El Sheikh, though

Whilst others may be concentrating on flopping you stuff to purchase as Xmas presents, it seems that EE – in the shape of Orange UK, has noticed that you just might be the sort of person who decides to get away from it all at Xmas. Hence – as a consumer, GoMobile News received an interesting push text from our mobile operator (Orange) urging us to download a little app called ‘Roaming Angel for Orange’ from Google Play (formerly Android Marketplace). Orange seemed to have detected that the handset we were using was an Android device but there are versions of this app for BlackBerry as well as iOS (naturally). This incident does seem to prove GoMobile News‘ assertion that operators are beginning to wake up to the revenue possibilities offered by data roaming. Continue reading

Orange logo Phone users get the pip with Orange

Latest figures reveal it was the most moaned about

UK mobile operator Orange witnessed ther highest level of complaints of all the operators in the last quarter, figures from regulator Ofcom reveal. Orange, part of EE, saw complaints double following a decision to cut off free broadband service for mobile customers unless they also took out a line rental. Since the outcry Orange has made some concessions but it is still the first time it has leapfrogged rival TalkTalk which for the past two years has had ther dubious honour of topping Ofcom’s complaints list. Continue reading

Can you sell ads on GoMo News?

Rating: Dollargate needs new member for its sales team

GoMo News is expanding under new management from Dollargate Publishing. So we need a new member to join our team.

You’d be a freelance ad sales rep with good knowledge of selling online ads.

The position would best suit someone who wants temporary work to supplement existing income. Continue reading

avast-logo GoMo’s protect your smartphone advice for Xmas

Rating: Inspired by Stonesoft’s Top ten tips

.We all know that significant numbers of handsets – especially smartphones, will be given as Xmas presents this year. However, consumers don’t naturally associate mobile phones with threats from hackers, viruses and malware. As Ash Patel, regional director with Stonesoft, says, “To a consumer, cybercrime may seem a distant threat that is mostly related to espionage between nation-states or hacking against big enterprises.” However, mobile devices are very easy to steal as we’ve reported before but they can contain seriously damaging personal data – such as credit card information and even login details for social networks. So Stonesoft has put together its own Top Ten tips on mobile security for Xmas time. Sound advice but not always entirely  practical. Continue reading

Stonesoft_logo2 Ten tips for cyber secure use of mobile devices

Press release

December 18th 2012. Mobile devices have become increasingly common and markets are flooded with new applications for business and pleasure. Smartphones and tablets are also popular Christmas presents. People are using mobile devices to play games, shop, pay bills and share their thoughts via social media. Network security company Stonesoft shares ten tips to ensure cyber secure use of mobile devices. Continue reading

Sanjay Kumar Negi Guest Post: Will BlackBerry ever regain its lost global mobile market?

by Sanjay Kumar Negi, an analyst with India’s 91mobiles

The guys at Research in Motion (RIM) may have been putting all their efforts into restoring the BlackBerry brand once again into good stead in the international mobile market. Surely, they need to do this, and in fact they are beating a path to implementing fine tuned synchronisation with competitors like Apple, Samsung, Google and Microsoft. After reviewing the recent financial results of the company, some analysts now believe RIM may again dominate the mobile world – at least if they are not going to implode! Continue reading