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ARM security innovation for smartphones and e-commerce

UK chip maker ARM has jointly developed a new security standard for smartphones that by-passes the need for other devices like bank card readers and secure ID tags, while also also allowing content to be shared more easily between handsets.
Trustonic, a venture with partners Gemalto and Giesecke & Devrient, has been in gestation since April this year and is said to allow the new security standard to be incorporated into every level of a smartphone, from the chip and OS through to applications. Continue reading

Shop2mobi2 QR code stores big hit in 2013

Press release

More and more retailers are bringing their online shops to the offline world using QR Codes. In 2012, over 300 virtual stores were published worldwide in 2012 and over 2,000 have already being planned for 2013. With the rise of mobile devices, retailers are starting to offer ultimate shopping convenience. Retailer chains and supermarkets are addressing the time challenges and online mind-set of the modern world, by bringing their products to their customer on mobile devices in a virtual store. Continue reading

shop2mobi QR code stores come out of stealth mode

Rating: Dutch Shop2Mobi says they’ll be massive in 2013

Here’s an interesting take on the dilemma for traditional bricks & mortar style retailers trying to drive more traffic from the mobile internet. How do you get shoppers to visit you? Well, Shop2Mobi, thinks it has found the answer by enabling retailers set up a QR code store online. The company’s offering has effectively been operating in ‘stealth’ mode for two months with 300 virtual stores having been published worldwide in 2012 and over 2,000 have already being planned for 2013. Continue reading

Put that monster away, sir. You’ll frighten the horses..

Chinese manufacturer Huawei looks set to do a Crocodile Dundee on smartphone rivals by introducing a new model with a huge 8.5 inch display.
News and images of the new model have been leaked on Twitter and, if true, should allow Huawei to trump other manufacturers with the suitable riposte ‘Call that a phone…?’ before unsheathing their own monster. Continue reading

ZMS_screenshot Revolutionary messaging app, ZMS, confuses GoMo

Rating: it’s nothing to do with SMS

When the authors of the ZMS app for Android and iOS , inZair, described the product as, “Set to revolutionise smartphone messaging,” – they managed to confuse us here at GoMobile Towers. We thought the product (because of the name) was revolutionising the text/SMS market. The blurb talked about ZMS users specifying the time and/or the location that recipients receive their text, picture, video or voice messages. Initially, we thought that would enable us to trigger an SMS when we reached a particular venue, for example. Sadly, this ability only applies to those with the app loaded and the app creates a ‘ZMS’ rather than an SMS or MMS. Continue reading

inZair_ZMS New app (ZMS) set to revolutionise smartphone messaging

ZMS will allow users to choose when and where recipients receive messages for the first time

Press release

December 14th 2012. Tech start-up, inZair, has launched its messaging application which will transform how people communicate on their smartphones. ZMS, which is available on Android and iOS , is a free to download app which gives users unprecedented control over how they communicate, by specifying the time and/or the location that recipients receive their text, picture, video or voice messages. Continue reading

pearlie_davis Guest Post: Mobile tools that increase business productivity

by Pearlie Davis,  a staff writer for Andgeeksh

Today’s business owners need to be mobile in order to help their businesses grow and run more smoothly. That means working out of the office—and that means they need to connect back to the office when they’re on the road, travelling, and dealing with staff and clients half way around the globe using mobile tools. The days of business filing away paper documents and meeting one-on-one with clients and contractors to conduct business are long gone. The current business landscape demands that businesses be mobile –as far as browsing, shopping, buying, meeting and marketing goes. So here are four mobile tools that effectively increase business productivity – on the fly. Continue reading

KPN-HQ Dutch operator KPN’s shares plunge after reigning in dividends

All eyes now on Vodafone to see how cost of expansion impacts pay-outs

News that Dutch telecoms group KPN is scrapping its final dividend this year and reducing 2013 pay-outs sent its share price plummeting 13 per cent on early trading in Amsterdam today [17th December 2012] in what may prove an omen for rival UK operator Vodafone. KPN is diverting dividend payments into expanding its network, having only last week spent €1.35 billion on acquiring new spectrum in the Netherlands in a government auction. But today the operator, nearly a third of which is owned by Mexican telecoms tycoon Carlos Slim, was paying the price for its dividend cuts as investors headed for the hills, wiping millions off the company’s value. Continue reading

GoMo's patented dinghy phone Amazon apparently patents the handset airbag

Rating: We think a dinghy variant could prevent loo water damage

In another illustration of the way the US Patents system works, Jeff Bezos – a muti-millionaire as a result of founding Amazon, has supposedly filed a truly daft patent. It is an air bag that will trigger as you drop your handset to prevent it from damaging the device – particularly the screen. The patent is clearly aimed at iPhone users. At around £50 a pop to replace a cracked screen, it’s widely estimated that Apple fanboys have wasted millions keeping their smartphones alive. GoMobile News cannot see the point of this invention since – amongst other things, the air bag would be redundant if Apple simply had used Gorilla glass on its smartphones like Nokia does. Continue reading

Imagination puts $100m on table for MIPS in poker game with rival

UK chip maker Imagination Technologies has upped its takeover offer for MIPS, trumping yet again bidding rival Ceva.
Only last week Ceva looked set to win after putting $90 million on the table, but today [17th December 2012] it was revealed that Imagination might be back in the running by increasing its offer to $100 million.
But the revised offer, if accepted, is likely to drag down Imagination’s cash position though at stake is MIPS vast library of patents in the mobile field. Continue reading

RIM set for further losses ahead of critical product launches

BlackBerry maker RIM is expected to reveal yet another round of losses when it reveals its third quarter results on Thursday [20th December 2012], casting a shadow over next month’s crucial product launches.
Wall Street analysts are expecting a loss of $182 million (£112 million) compared with a loss of $235 million in Q2. Sales are expected to slide to $2.7 billion from $2.9 billion. Continue reading

Carve up of military airwaves planned to ease data capacity crunch

Britain’s top brass are today [17th December 2012] expected to unveil plans to sell off military airwaves in a move that could simultaneously boost exchequer coffers and bolster the amount of 4G spectrum available.
Experts believe that as much as £1 billion could be raised from auctioning Ministry of Defence airwaves, adding to the £3.5 billion that Chancellor George Osborne hopes to accrue from the current 4G auction. Continue reading

TPO_launch UK MVNO’s SIM cards arrive in the St Nick of time

Rating: The Peoples’ Operator sends SIMs out Before Xmas

Having been at the original launch of the UK MVNO, The People’s Operator (TPO),  GoMobile News finally received its SIM card in the Post (mail). Which is interesting because it’s almost a month after the actual Press event (November 19th 2012) and we signed up immediately. But, hey, it is just in time for Xmas. One thing which we can confirm, however, is that TPO is definitely hosted on the EE network. That’s good news because you shouldn’t need to unlock a an Orange or T-Mobile handset. Continue reading

QR-fanny Weekend QR code roundup: Even more sexist promotion from Eurolines

Rating: This time it is on a bar mat

There’s a common theme running through GoMobile News‘ coverage of QR code based campaigns and that is the best examples of such promotions almost always can be found in pubs. So step forward the Ship in New Cavendish Stree in London’s W1 district where we discovered the world’s most sexist bar mat. Once again it is part of bus company, Eurolines’, ‘See What You’re Missing in Europe’ campaign. Previously Eurolines was behind this story ‘GoMo uncovers world’s first sexist QR campaign‘. Continue reading

vodafone-logo Vodafone Netherlands splashes the cash on 4G spectrum

Meanwhile UK parent embarks on £1.5bn share buy-back programme

Vodafone’s Dutch offshoot has splashed out €1.4 billion on licensing new spectrum to underpin its 4G ambitions across the region. Valid for 17 years, Vodafone Netherlands has acquired six tranches of spectrum in the 800, 900 and 1800 MHz bands. Like the UK, the Netherlands has lagged behind in 4G roll-out, despite the fact that more than half of the country’s mobile users have smartphones. Up until now it has also had only three mobile operators with their own networks – KPN, T-Mobile and Vodafone – who in turn allow other operators to use their airwaves. But with the trio’s own licenses due to end in February 2013, the Dutch mobile market is expected to go into overdrive as 4G spectrum becomes widely available. Continue reading