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A fine mess ... Ofcom closes door on 4G bidders as auction starts in earnest

Operators forced to pay £100k each as initial ‘entry fee’

The first round of the 4G bidding process by UK regulator Ofcom came to a close last night [11th December 2012], marking the start of a race that will begin in earnest next month. Ofcom will now begin sifting through the list of applicants, who each have had to pay a £100,000 entry fee, in an auction that will see up for grabs a total of 250 MHz of spectrum in the 800 MHz and 2.6 MHz frequency bands, compared to 333 MHz in use today. Continue reading

mcafeelogo App Lock from McAfee defends against handset loss

Rating: Muggers can’t go on spending spree with your smartphone

A new feature which mobile security specialist McAfee has just put into the latest release of its McAfee Mobile Security strikes GoMobile News as an excellent ruse. It will help prevent muggers can’t go on spending spree with your smartphone. We recently reported that many smartghones are snatched whilst the owner is still using the device. Meaning that all of the apps running on the phone are still live. Imagine what could happen if this includes your eBay account. Well, App Lock from McAfee should guard against this happening. Continue reading

McAfee helps keep consumers even safer on their mobile devices

McAfee helps keep consumers even safer on their mobile devices
Enhanced McAfee Mobile Security App Provides Ultimate Privacy Protection and Refreshed User Experience

December 10th 2012. McAfee has announced the release of an enhanced version of McAfee Mobile Security featuring App Lock, an innovative new app privacy technology, as well as a completely refreshed user interface. The enriched and all-inclusive security solution provides Android smartphone and tablet users with the power to ensure that the personal information living inside their mobile apps remains personal and protected. Continue reading

Stella_free 1000s of free Stella pints may be unclaimed

Rating: Stella Artois Greene King Christmas Blippar Promotion

Thousands of free pints of Stella Artois 4.8% in the Stella Artois Greene King Christmas Blippar Promotion may go unclaimed if GoMoBile News’ experience is anything to go by. We believe the who promotional push is too complex for the troups on the ground – the bar staff. When we finally did manage to win a free pint, none of the staff on duty in the Greene King pub we visit knew the code necessary to redeem the actual pint. Naturally, we appreciate that the use of such a code provides the promoters will valuable marketing data – such as how many pints were claimed and where they were claimed. However, no-one seems to have thought how the whole thing would work in the first place. Continue reading

David_akka Guest Post: Why enterprise mobility is a board level issue

by David Akka, UK md with Magic Software

The cultural and technological shifts that we are seeing within the workplace have pushed enterprise mobility to the top of many corporate agendas. Accordingly, one central issue that organisations now need to contend with is, not only how to centrally manage mobility on a strategic level, but also, how to keep pace by developing competencies, in-house, to cater for this growth. Continue reading

US professor slams ‘dangerous’ failures in Android malware vetting

Research by a US professor has revealed that an astonishing 85 per cent of malware fails to be discovered by Google’s new app verification service.
Though Google’s Bouncer service scans for viruses and malevolent programs in featured Play Store apps, users often opt to “sideload” applications so bypassing any protection. To overcome this Google recently introduced its application verification service in Android 4.2, letting users send information about any app back to the search giant to check if it is safe. Continue reading

stig iPad app from Top Gear pushes new ad boundaries

Rating: We’ve see the future and its in HD

Although Top Gear is theoretically merely a UK based car magazine, it’s actually an entertainment forum. And if you want to see the future of mobile publishing, you’d better grab a glimpse of Top Gear’s app for the Apple iPad. It’s plain to see this format is a mobile advertiser’s dream and GoMobile News was intrigued to discover that Jaguar and Porsche have already noticed this. We descended on Soho, in the heart of England’s capital city, London for the formal launch of this iPad app. But it went way beyond our expectations. Continue reading

Huawei scoops £120m contract from Three despite security fears

Mobile telecoms group Three has awarded a £120 million management contract to controversial Chinese equipment Huawei, despite an ongoing investigation by the UK government.
Huawei, started by ex-Red Army member Ren Zhengfei around 25 years ago, has already been blocked from taking part in Australia’s multi–billion pound national broadband project with similar moves afoot in the US. Though it has denied it still has any links with Beijing rulers, it hasn’t prevented former defence and foreign secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind from seeking a parliamentary review into the company’s activities. Continue reading

George Eastman- Inventor of Kodak camera & no relation to Linda McCartney Unholy alliance to swoop in on Kodak’s IPR

Rating: Google & Apple join forces – shurley shome mishtake

An Unholy Alliance between Apple and Google appears to have sprung up over the IPR portfolio of Eastman Kodak – the bankrupt company best known for producing cameras. Kodak recently obtained $830 million of exit financing in November which was contingent on its sale of the digital-imaging patents for at least $500 million. The smartphone arch rivals appear to be interested in getting their hands on the circa 1,100 imaging inventions to strengthen hands in the series of vicious legal battles which has engulfed the mobile sector. Continue reading

bluekai Web ads bashing intensifies in newspapers

Rating: Mobile ad industry needs more champions to speak out

Never mind the Festive season, it seems that bashing the internet advertising industry has become an open season – especially amongst the printed Press. On Sunday [December 9th 2012] the UK’s Sunday Times ran a story saying entitled, ‘One click unleashes a spying free-for-all’.* The complaint was about ‘cookies’ which were triggered when a reporter visited popular e-commerce/retail sites such as Marks & Spencers, eBay, John Lewis and Currys. The newspaper’s reporter found that in the space of 15 minutes a total of 600 cookies were uploaded – only 250 of which belonged to the sites visited. GoMobile News is not suggesting the report was deliberately unbalanced. Just that the reporter could only find one person to defend the practice. Worse still no mention was made of the mobile web. Continue reading

ariel_fredrickson Guest Post: Six design tips for businesses going mobile

by Ariel Fredrickson, a vp with WompMobile

So, you’ve made the decision to go mobile – offering your customers a website that is viewable and accessible on a smartphone. The next step, however, is building a mobile website that captures users and is simple to operate on a small screen. Just like regular websites, Steve Krug’s sage advice still applies: – don’t make people think when visiting your site. The computer-human interaction should be simple and promote usability. Be direct, offer quality interaction and be succinct. Below are six helpful tips to create a mobile website that works for you. Continue reading

cabwifi_logo Wi-fi chat killer destined for London’s black cabbies

Don’t tell me about bleedin’ technology, mate …

London’s cabbies will have competition for their views from now on following the arrival of free Wi-fi in their vehicles thanks to one of the capital’s businessmen. Entrepreneur, Richard Corbett’s, Cabwifi will offer 15 minutes of free web access following a short ad video. Despite black cab drivers being renowned for their loquaciousness, some 500 have already expressed an interest in using the technology. Continue reading

bango Mobile payment firm Bango goes live with first Google Play link up

Australian deal could pave way for more partnerships with mobile networks

British mobile payments firm Bango has integrated its technology with Google Play, its first platform going live with Australian network operator Telstra. Formed in 1999 and listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2005, Bango’s one payment system is already used by well known brands such as Facebook, BlackBerry App World, Windows Phone Store and Amazon, with customers able to use their mobile phones to purchase goods with a single click, dispensing with the need for credit cards of SMS messaging. Continue reading

Brian_Lakeman Guest Post: How start-ups can benefit from content marketing

by Brian Lakeman an author with Activ8me, Australia

Over the last few years ‘permission marketing’ – more specifically content marketing, has swept through marketing offices. The days of interruption marketing; overt sales tactics; and advertising sales and special offers are going the way of landlines. The nature of the digital domain is altering the dynamic between companies and their customers and clientele. People are now demanding collateral product value from their favoured brands. For the moment, marketers are feverishly adopting content marketing as the most widely accepted and successful permission marketing tactic. Continue reading

Information_logo UK watchdog probes legality of multi-platform ad tracking software

Wants to be sure web users ID’s are kept anonymous

Britain’s Information Commissioner is examining whether a US company whose technology lets advertisers track users from one device to another should be allowed to operate in the country. Californian-based Drawbridge already claims to have a database of 200 million users whose profiles come from analysing ‘cookies’, following trails of clicks and indicating the likelihood of whether they emanate from a single person. Continue reading