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EU-bank_logo 4G bidders may get low cost loans from European bank

Cash boost could improve next week’s auction prospects

Britain’s mobile operators could be in line for cheap loans from the European Investment Bank (EIB) to fund 4G roll-out once successful applicants from the nation’s spectrum auction, starting next week, are selected. The bank has already agreed to lend the country’s biggest operator EE around £350 million to upgrade its mast network and, according to insiders, is similarly interested in backing successful bidders of 4G. Continue reading

free_my_apps Fiksu launches Android beta of FreeMyApps

Rating: Reckons Android community will ramp up fast

Following up on its very obvious success in the iOS world – where users drove 1,000 per cent growth in 2012, Fiksu has just released a beta version of its FreeMyApps app for Android users. Potential testers should go to the FreeMyApps site here to download the program and side load it onto their Android handset. The full version is expected out on Google Play later in December [2012]. What this app does – in addition to app discovery, is reward users for actually downloading and trying out an app. Hence Fiksu believes the Android FreeMyApps community will ramp up quickly as the hundreds of thousands of current FreeMyApps users on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches will be able to do cross-platform social sharing. Continue reading

drinksquare_logo Jumio’s payment technology used by mobile startups

Rating: Built into forthcoming Drinksquare app

Payment technology is becoming increasingly important as developers struggle to monetise their mobile apps. Which is probably the reason why specialist mobile payments and ID verification company, Jumio, has been able to announce that some 20 new European and US based companies have signed up with it in this quarter (Q4 2012). It’s not just mobile web sites that can utilise Jumio’s technology, mobile apps can do so too. Continue reading

jumio_logo Jumio makes online verification and payments fast, Easy and fraud free

For numerous new web and mobile start-ups and platforms across Europe

Company announces over 20 new Customers in USA and Europe – accelerating worldwide growth

Press release

December 7th 2012. Jumio, the online and mobile payments and ID verification company, has announced over 20 European and US-based companies, including EntroPay and Youwin, have signed on in the first half of Q4 to integrate Jumio’s Netswipe and Netverify products. These innovative companies have joined many well-established businesses such as Travelocity and Western Union in using Jumio’s computer vision technology solutions. Jumio’s new customers are domiciled in both Europe and the United States of America. Continue reading

keynote_research Keynote says most retail mobile sites slowed in November

Rating: France’s Darty site retains its massive lead

Overall, the performance of a key group of mobile web sites operated by retailers in seven countries worldwide dipped in November [2012] compared to the previous month. The average load time for monitored mobile sites was 17.95 seconds in November, compared to 16.44 seconds in October[2012]. These findings come from Keynote Competitive Research – the industry analysis group of Keynote Systems which produces its monthly Mobile Retail Index – World Edition. The figures point to the fact that retailers in general didn’t tweak their mobile sites in the run up to Xmas. Conversely, it also showed that France’s Darty is way ahead of the competition. Somebody better ask the company how it does it. Continue reading

Arnold_Rijpma Guest Post: The power of messaging

Why it so important in today’s hyper-connected world

by Arnold Rijpma, vp for business development with Acision

This Summer [2012], over 400,000 people descended upon London to witness sporting history being made before their very eyes. Currently, with the Premier League and the Rugby Union in full swing, we can see that during truly global events, fans at home and abroad use their mobile devices to send text and picture messages of the action as it happens. Or they browse the internet to get the latest news and follow results. Although Facebook and Twitter are great ways of sharing instant snaps and statements publicly, SMS and MMS are widely used (and in demand) to share private thoughts and pictures between family and friends around the world. Continue reading

t-mobile deutsche telekom feature Deutsche Telekom shares plunge as it cuts future dividends

Wants to pour money into better broadband instead

EE joint-owner Deutsche Telekom is to slash its dividend payouts in coming years in a bid redirect cash into new broadband investments. The German operator is to pay a dividend of € 0.50 per share for 2013 and 2014, down from € 0.70 last year as revenues are expected to fall to € 5 billion in 2013 from an estimated EUR 6 billion this year. Continue reading

Shazam_intel Intel hooks up with ITV & Shazam for interactive ad

Rating: Get ready to Shazamduring X Factor final

Here in Blighty (UK), it seems that Intel has been looking at some creative ways to promote its new range of Ultrabook Convertible tablets on the run up to Xmas. It just so happens that ITV has an exclusive partnership to distribute Shazam‘s functionality in UK broadcast advertising sector. So – thanks to OMD UK, a specially modified version of the Intel ad will be aired during the show which will be able to feature user-generated content (UGC) thanks to Shazam’s technology. Of course, this isn’t the first time the Shazam app has been deployed in British broadcasting. ITV aired a Shazam enabled ad back in May [2012] during a Britain’s Got Talent TV finale. (See our previous report here). Continue reading

Nothing happens on the RAZR i Intel puts Ultrabook Xmas TV special ad in hands of consumers

Intel, ITV Commercial and Shazam unveil new interactive Xmas TV ad

TV viewers given the chance to star in a specially adapted version of Intel’s ‘London Train’ ad by submitting festive messages to be live-edited during The X Factor final

The initiative marks an accelerated live edit and approval process for a TV advertising campaign

Press release

December London, 5th 2012 – Intel and ITV Commercial has announced a Xmas promotion to support the new range of Ultrabook Convertibles. The TV spot, to run on ITV1 on 8th December 2012, will culminate in a commercial featuring real-time user-generated content (UGC) submitted by viewers of ITV’s live The X Factor final. It will feature an accelerated edit and approval process for a TV advertising campaign to be seen in the UK and give viewers of The X Factor the chance to star in the specially adapted ad. Continue reading

Ogone_pic Ogone adds missing jigsaw piece to ekmPowershop’s m-commerce solutions

Rating: Ogone hooks up ekmPowershop’s merchants to 200 + banks

Claiming to be a leading specialist in mobile and online payment services, Ogone, has now partnered with ekmPowershop. The move will enable ekmPowershop to offer its merchants a one-stop m-commerce solution with a pre-integrated payment system. With one in every five online shops In the UK using ekmPowershop services, the company claims to be the UK’s largest e-commerce provider. The combination of a ‘ready to go’ e-commerce solution along with no need to worry about the payment side of the website, will make this especially attractive to bricks & mortar retailers. Continue reading

Nokia’s Chinese win helps wipe $35bn off Apple

Finnish manufacturer triumphs in major tie-up with China Mobile

All eyes will return to Nasdaq today [6th December 2012] to see what happens to Apple after its shares fell 6.4 per cent last night, wiping $35 billion off its value. The fall came as analysts raised fears that it was losing ground to Nokia in China where the latter has just clinched a deal with the world’s biggest mobile operator, China Mobile. Though China Mobile has more than 700 million subscribers, it has no contract to sell iPhones – leaving the field open to the Finnish maker to supply a version of its flagship Lumia 920 smartphone. Continue reading

ogone_logo Ogone Payment Services helps ekmPowershop and its merchants expand throughout Europe

Press release

December 6th 2012. Ogone , leading specialist in online and mobile payment services, has entered a strategic partnership with ekmPowershop , the UK’s largest ecommerce provider. The collaboration offers ekmPowershop and its merchants an easy, one-stop ecommerce solution with a pre-integrated payment system to connect to more than 200 banks and 80 local, international and alternative payment methods. Continue reading

jay_acker Guest Post: Don’t Panic – new smartphone apps for natural disaster survival

by Jay Acker, who works with US-based Safety Services Company

There’s an app for almost everything these days, including staying alive in an emergency. Within the last year, the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the American Red Cross have developed free full-featured smartphone apps to help users prepare for and survive a natural disaster, taking full advantage of the portability, interactivity and connectivity of a smartphone. Continue reading

SMS text feature tyntec predicts markets for A2P SMS is set to explode

Rating: Developers using text to promote their apps

Mobile interaction service provider, tyntec, is predicting that the market for Application to Person (A2P) messaging is on the verge of exploding. In particular it says that the internet industry – and Silicon Valley internet giants in particular, extending email and social networking services with SMS especially into emerging markets. tyntec says that app developers and marketers are driving demand for A2P messaging, as they are increasingly looking at push messaging and SMS to drive downloads, engagement and to reactivate customers. Continue reading

tyntec-logo tyntec expands global mobile network coverage

Mobile interaction service provider increases global coverage portfolio by 16% with full coverage in USA, Brazil and others

Press release

December 6th 2012. Mobile interaction service provider tyntec has announced that it has increased its global network coverage by 16 per cent to 750 mobile networks globally. The new coverage in Asia, North and South America and Europe, with full coverage in USA, Canada, Brazil and others, will enable tyntec’s clients to send SMS to more territories, more reliably and with a greater range of cost options. Available immediately, the new network coverage means that tyntec now offers one of the largest international coverage portfolios of any global SMS provider. Continue reading