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shark-4G Chancellor counts on 4G chickens to ease Britain’s debt

UK could lose AAA rating if debt isn’t brought under control

Credit agencies are circling over Britain following yesterday’s [December 5th 2012] ‘mini budget’ revealing how reducing the nation’s 2012-13 deficit hinges largely on how much the government receives from its forthcoming 4G auction. UK Chancellor, George Osborne, told the House of Commons that he expects to receive £3.5 billion from the auction next month [January 2013] but Brian Potterill, director of PwC’s telecoms strategy team, is among those suggesting that it might generate as little as £2 billion. Continue reading

GlobalCharge uses MACH for direct operator billing In Germany

German mobile subscribers benefit from in-app payment capabilities across all major networks

Press release

December 5th 2012. MACH,  the world leader in direct operator billing, has announced that micro payments specialist, GlobalCharge, is now live with its direct operator billing service in Germany. MACH’s Direct Billing Gateway is connected to the four main German mobile operators, enabling in-app payments for more than 80 million subscribers across the country. This latest move has allowed GlobalCharge to rollout frictionless payment capabilities across its client’s mobile apps, broadening customer reach and creating new revenue streams by allowing charges to be made directly to an end-user’s mobile phone bill. Continue reading

MACH helps make it easier for German kids to purchase apps

Rating: GlobalCharge provides operator billing to its app developers

There’s blithe assumption that the ‘unbanked’ amongst smartphone users are all citizens of developing countries. Overlooking the fact that young kids have neither credit or debit cards with which to buy apps or make in-app purchases. That problem disappears with MACH’s direct operator billing service. This has just been made available to some 80 million German mobile subscribers across all the major German networks thanks to a tie up with micro payments specialist, GlobalCharge. By allowing charges to be made directly to an end-user’s mobile phone bill (contract or prepaid), GlobalCharge’s clients can broaden their customer reach and creating new revenue streams from their mobile apps or content. Continue reading

Vanessa_Parks Guest Post: 3 ways that you can use Twitter as a collaboration tool inside your organisation

by Vanessa Parks, freelance analyst and writer

It would be an understatement to say that Twitter is a large social network. It is in fact one of the largest and most actively used social networks of today. Everyone knows that Twitter offers a means for engaging in social interactions and is also a good place to find entertainment, news updates and much more information. Less known, however, is the fact that it is also equipped with tools for the development of businesses, groups and organizational. It offers tools built for engagement, the purpose of which is effective collaboration. Below I discuss three ways that Twitter can help you collaborate in effectively as in your organisation or group. Continue reading

remove personal data from your curve Boy seriously burned after BlackBerry Curve ‘spontaneously combusts’

RIM and safety officials probing what caused the phone to catch fire

Trading standards officials are investigating a fire at a house in Coventry, UK, thought to have been caused when a BlackBerry spontaneously combusted. An 11-year-old boy was awoken in the middle of the night with his bed engulfed in flames when the phone, on charge at the time and bought as a gift for his brother, is said to have malfunctioned. The family are now demanding the popular BlackBerry Curve 9320 mobile, bought from Vodafone on a £13 a month contract, is recalled from shops in time for Christmas. Continue reading

Nokia HQ in Espoo Nokia offloads Finnish HQ as economic noose tightens

Deal to be completed in just four weeks

Struggling Finnish phone maker, Nokia, is selling off its head office in Espoo for $222 million in a bid to shore up its ailing finances. The company has operated out of the 48,000 square metre building since 1997 but is now selling it off to software consultancy firm Exilion which will then lease it back to Nokia. The move underlines Nokia’s dire financial situation as it continues to lose out to rivals Samsung and Apple and as hedge fund managers bet heavily against the success of its make-or-break Windows Phone 8 (WP8) strategy. Continue reading

Guest Post: Improving mobile web access – Responsive Web Design

by Geoff Dennis – director with Insight Manufacturing & blogger on

In my previous article here I described how there is a growing need to provide a good mobile web experience, given that the number of people using portable devices as their primary device for internet access is overtaking the number using the desktop. With the multitude of portable device types in use, including tablets and mini-tablets as well as mobiles, there is a need too for a method for developing web sites that ensures content is delivered effectively to these devices as well as for fixed internet. Continue reading

Orange partners with Lookout to protect customers across Europe

Orange to install Lookout Mobile Security application as standard on Android devices starting in 2013 in France, Slovakia, Spain, and the UK, with more markets to come

Providing mobile security protection for millions of customers in the first year alone

Press release

December 4th 2012. Every day €5.5 million worth of phones are located by Lookout. People in some European cities lose two phones per year on average, and 40 per cent of Android users will click on a malicious web link on their phone this year – highlighting the need for protection. Continue reading

header_logo_monitise Monitise bounces back as £100m fund raising strategy becomes clearer

Also buying out other half of Mobile Money Network

Mobile payments firm Monitise has embarked on a two-prong attack to beef up its operations, detailing how it hopes to raise £100 million through share placings while simultaneously seizing full control of the Mobile Money Network. Formed 2003 and yet to turn a profit, London-based Monitise provides mobile payments for Visa and UK high street banks. But last week, when it first unveiled its plans to raise money, its shares on Aim dived 7 per cent amid analysts fears that it was struggling. Continue reading

BuzzCity-logo Xmas 2012 will be biggest ever for m-commerce says BuzzCity

Rating: 50 per cent + will buy Xmas gifts via mobile

55 per cent of people across the globe are likely or certain to buy Xmas gifts via their mobile device according to a survey produced by BuzzCity, the global mobile media company. Entitled the BuzzCity Mobile Ad Network report, it suggests that 47 per cent of consumers are planning to purchase Xmas gifts via a mobile device for the first time in 2012. Out of those, 73 per cent will be mobile shopping for the first time. Significantly, 31 per cent claim that they are planning to spend over half of their overall festive budget on purchases via mobile and an amazing 60 per cent are even opting to use their mobile to shop on Xmas day itself. Continue reading

tradedoubler-logo BlackBerry owners more likely to buy stuff than Android ones

Rating: Naturally Tradedoubler report finds iPhones are prolific spenders

The landscape for mobile purchasing is complex according to a recent report from Tradedoubler entitled Mobile Devices & Behaviour. The company is urging brands to carefully target their offerings if they want to cover all the bases. An interesting finding, however, is that BlackBerry owners are more active purchasers than Android fans so they shouldn’t be left out of the equation. Significantly, Android users are more likely to surf for what they want rather than download an app. Hence the importance of having a mobile friendly version of your web site. Continue reading

Bharat_Suhaglya Guest Post: The importance of service range in choosing your mobile provider

by Stanley Parsons, a blogger who works closely with GSM Booster

Mobile phones have turned into one of the most valued possessions of people today. With instant communication and being in constant touch becoming an imperative feature of people’s lives, there are few ways in which one could imagine life prior to the advent of these mobile devices. Be it youngsters in college or busy executives or the elderly who are retired, mobile phones are necessary for them all and are, hence, heavily utilised. One of the most important criteria, however, is service range. Continue reading

Prey_screen iphone is the most snatched handset – official

Rating: Don’t emerge from Tube station using it

According to a report in the Sunday Times here, in London (England) the iPhone is the most common handset snatched by muggers. The Metropolitan Police say that although iPhones only account for around 28 per cent of total phone sales, they make up 28 per cent of handsets reported as stolen. This report contains a great deal of information on how to avoid a handset mugging and how to prevent personal data theft. Did you know for example, is that a typical modus operandi is for the mugger to be on a pedal cycle and swoop passed as you come out of a train station? Those planning to attend the MWC 2013 in Barcelona should take notice. Continue reading

SMS text feature First text message sent 20 years ago today

Festive greeting by UK engineer spawned a $726 billion industry

Upwards of seven trillion text messages are sent every year but few people know that today marks their anniversary – the first text message, “Merry Christmas”, being sent by a British engineer.
Neil Papworth, who was 22 at the time and working for the Sema Group team helping to develop SMS software for Vodafone, programmed his computer to send the message to the Orbitel 901 mobile phone of Richard Jarvis, a director of the mobile giant who was at his company’s Xmas party in Newbury. It was a relatively simple feat but one that paved the way for an industry that now transmits 200,000 messages every second globally. Continue reading

TV documentary spotlights scale of government lobbying by Huawei

The scale of UK government lobbying by controversial Chinese telecom supplier Huawei is to be laid bare in a television documentary on Monday night [3rd December 2012].
Both Huawei and fellow Chinese phone maker ZTE have already been branded security risks by intelligence services in the US, though they continue to deny any links to Beijing rulers. Continue reading