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Once again GoMo has a story dating back to November 2008 – ‘Barclays Premier Life signs Airport Angel to provide Airport Lounge Pass Benefits‘ which is still creating havoc today with 23 responses. [The ones we could print.] The story was actually based on a Press release and covered the fact that Airport Angel had struck a deal with Barclays which provided the company’s Premier Life customers with airport passes through Airport Angel. For some reason, certain readers got the false impression that GoMo has some connexion with Airport Angel and can provide tech support for it. We don’t and we can’t.

Curiously though, GoMobile News‘ editor, Tony Dennis, actually took a call from a reader who claimed that the Airport Angel helpdesk had actually advised her to speak to us. We have no idea why.

Let’s clarify a few things about Airport Angel. The service is currently offered through CPP – an outfit best known for its [credit] card protection service.

Airport Angel was originally operated by The Leapfrog Group as we mentioned back in 2008.

But Leapfrog’s parent company, the Marketing services group MKM, sold the service to CPP in October 2009.

The story didn’t mention it but in 2008, there was only an iPhone [iOS] version of the Airport Angel app which you can get from the Apple iTunes App Store here but now there’s also an iPad version, too.

Additionally, there’s an Android version available from the Google Play Store here.

The app doesn’t have any major restrictions to it should run on most Android smartphones.

Incidentally, the apps appear to have been created for CPP by the mobile division of GoMo’s old friends, Velti.

We can’t understand why anyone should be having trouble downloading and installing one of these apps.

The second most common gripe is to moan about the lack of airports where the Airport Angel card can be used.

It seems pretty straight forward to us here at GoMobile Towers.

You pay a membership fee starting from £60 per annum (see here) which enables you to get into 550 airport lounges worldwide regardless of the class you are travelling.

Our advice is straightforward. First off, visit the Airport Angel site here.

The Home page features a user friendly search facility where you can readily find which particular airports are can offer facilities to members.

If the airport you intend to visit doesn’t have a Airport Angel associated lounge then don’t join the service. Simples.

As one reader quite rightly points out, for example, Terminal 5 at Heathrow is owned and operated by British Airways and it doesn’t let anybody apart from its own customers into its lounges.

The crazy thing is that part of the Airport Angel service – which is why GoMo ran the story in the first place, is a text based service which should help members travel smoothly through the airport by sending out important text alerts.

Don’t ask us any questions about this because we haven’t tried it. OK?

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