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Dale_carr Guest Post: Mobile advertising in 2013 and beyond

by Dale Carr, CEO with LeadBolt

What will 2013 bring us? As happened in the early days of the Internet when publishers tried to use existing print, radio or even television models of advertising on the world wide web, we have seen the idea of ‘banner ads’ transferred from the browser to mobile devices. This may account for some of the dismal performance numbers that some experience. However, as more people begin to browse the web on mobile devices, there is going to be quite a bit of innovation when it comes to advertising. This is good for everyone in the equation – publishers, advertisers, and consumers. Continue reading

Ooredoo Famous no-shows at MWC 2013 – a Sailfish powered handset from Jolla

Rating: CEO talks a lot but no handset materialises

Perhaps one of the biggest disappointments for us here @ GoMobile Towers was the fact that whilst Mozilla’s Firefox benefitted from Samsung and Telefonica’s announcements @ MWC, no such luck for Sailfish fans. All the company behind Sailfish, Jolla, did was to announce the availability of the first Sailfish OS Software Development Kit (SDK). However, Jolla’s CEO, Marc Dillon, did a lot of prominent speaking. He should have given a keynote speech on the topic of Mobile as a Platform for Innovation today [February 28th 2013]. Continue reading

people go straight to mobile - kordestani Vodafone hires leading Google exec Omid Kordestani

Rating: Builds businesses as well as insider Google knowledge

We’re not sure whether Vodafone wants him for his expertise in building businesses or whether they want someone with a clear insight into the search sector. However, Vodafone has appointed Google’s 11th employee, Omid Kordestani, as a non-executive director. Kordestani has held positions in mobile orientated companies before but in ten years, he led Google’s business operations from its inception to a business generating over $20 billion in revenues with over 12,000 employees. No small feat. Continue reading

vodafone unhappy logo Loose talk blamed for torpedoing Vodafone’s German deal

Value of Kabel Deutschland soared once word got out

Plans by Vodafone to buy German cable operator, Kabel Deutschland, have been put on ice, following widespread leaks about the deal which are thought to have thrown a spanner in the works. At one point it had been suggested Vodafone had already appointed bankers to advise on the acquisition, though earlier this week CEO Vittorio Colao refused to be drawn further about the bid. Continue reading

header_logo_monitise Monitise clinches deal with ‘leading financial institution’

But it’s keeping identity secret for moment

Mobile payments firm Monitise says its partnered with another leading UK financial institution in a three year deal which will witness it developing a series of mobile money services. Though Monitise has not named the bank yet, it says the deal will further consolidate its position in the market where it already works with more than 300 banks and financial institutions. Continue reading

GoMo swings passed Swedish pavilion @ MWC 13

Rating: Some Astonishing discoveries

As we were attending MWC 2013, it seemed rude not to go to visit some of our old friends who were hanging out at the Swedish pavilion in this show. One of them was Charlotta Tonsgard who GoMo last met when she was with TAT (The Astonishing Tribe). Regular GoMo readers will recall that TAT was acquired by BlackBerry to work on the Playbook, etc. (See our previous story here). Charlotta is still in the UI business and is currently CEO with Lund based Zimpl. We also bumped into Joakim Nydemark and Rickard Martensson from Crunchfish. We also had an interesting little chat with Jonas Andersson from tactel. Continue reading

Net-m shows off complete white lable mobile OS

Rating: And it is aimed at European operators

It just goes to show when wandering around an exhibition as vast as MWC 2013 it is actually worth taking the fliers. Incidentally, MWC now reminds GoMobile News of CeBIT Hanover rather than a cosy GSM show that used to be held in Cannes. Anyway, on a small leaflet from Germany’s net-m (Net Mobile)  was the sentence, “net-m OS is a new white label operating system based on open standards and based on core web technologies.” Oh No, we thought. Not another mobile OS to compete against Android and iOS. However, net-m’s Dr Hermann Simon Lichte revealed that his company actually builds on top of the Mozilla Firefox OS in order to create a white label OS aimed at operators. And European operators not just those in developing markets. Continue reading

nec_logo NEC’s virtual smartphone can aid BYOD rollouts

Rating: Secure means of sharing Android apps & data under iOS

On the NEC stand at MWC 2013, GoMobile News spotted what might initially have seemed to be a rather innocuous demonstration – of a virtual smartphone. Essentially NEC proved it was possible to run Android apps on an Apple iPad running under iOS. That might sound somewhat underwhelming until you appreciate the implications for organisations operating a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) scheme. The beauty of this solution is that the emulator is running in the cloud. So no data actually resides on the iPad itself. So employees have no chance of waltzing off with vital corporate data, for example. Continue reading

apple-logo Apple AGM could see company opt for stock split

Needs to bring more liquidity to its share price

Investors will be looking ahead to the AGM of Californian giant Apple later today [27th February 2013] to see if there is any announcement on a stock split, as wildly rumoured on social networking sites. Though Apple’s share price is well below its record high of more than $700 achieved in September, its current price of around $449 is still a tad too high for many investors who are loathe to tie up so much cash in a single stock. Continue reading

visa-logo Visa and Samsung in mobile money pact

Two biggest names in their fields come together

Visa and Samsung have joined forces in a bid to accelerate user adoption of mobile money along with the take-up of NFC ‘tap-and-pay’ technology. The Visa Samsung global alliance signals the first of its kind between a leading NFC handset manufacturer and payment organisation. Under the deal, Samsung will preload Visa’s pay Wave app on to its NFC smartphones, making it easier for consumers and financial institutions to link their new handsets to their bank accounts. Continue reading

MWC hacks are suckers for gadgets – official

Rating: Journalists go crazy over olloclip 3-in-1 lens

Here at GoMobile News,  at MWC 2013 we’ve noticed that some hacks [journalists] place undue editorial emphasis on gadgets which they themselves personally find absolutely brilliant. We trotted along to the pre-show media gathering known as ShowStoppers run by  Steve J Leon and saw some pretty impressive products. But one of them stood head and shoulders above the rest and that was the olloclip 3-in-One lens for Apple iPhones. Continue reading

mark_haviland Guest Post: Trends in m-commerce from MWC 2013

by Mark Haviland, md with Rakuten LinkShare UK

Mobile World Congress Barcelona has morphed from a telecoms sector-specific trade show in years past to an industry event that has implications for everything digital. From retail, music and entertainment to gaming and social networking, smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous and many are waiting to hear how the latest apps, handsets and periphery technology will improve their everyday lives. The retail sector in particular has benefited from advancements in the mobile technology, and here are my three trends in the mobile shopping space which should cause a stir in 2013. Continue reading

GoMo’s own NFC experience experience @ MWC

Rating: It doesn’t look too good, captain

The GSMA (which organises the Mobile World Congress (MWC) show here in Barcelona) has gone to great lengths to help the spread of NFC technology here in Barcelona. The whole objective is to make life a whole lot simpler thanks to the use of ‘contactless’ technology in the shape of NFC (Near Field Communication). We’re not contactless refuseniks here at GoMobile Towers – because we happily use an Oyster RF card to get around London’s transportation system. However, we couldn’t see much benefit from our use of NFC in Barcelona. Continue reading

Ensygnia demos onescan visual NFC to GoMo @ MWC

Rating: Great automated automated online purchasing app

By happy co-incidence, whilst networking at the MWC 2013 here in Barcelona, GoMobile News came across Richard Harris (not that one) who is CEO with a mob called Ensygnia. He got us extremely interested in the company’s technology which is called ‘onescan’. Harris described this offering as a kind of ‘visual NFC’. Given GoMobile News’ own poor experiences with NFC at MWC, we can see this technology going great guns. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if the company isn’t snapped up by one of the Big Banks. Continue reading

realvnc_logo In-car app market to explode says RealVNC

Rating: It’s on your phone so it is in the car

Hoping to open up a whole new sector for mobile app developers – and therefore advertisers, too, is Brit firm RealVNC. It has come up with a software solution – effectively a small server running on the handset, that can hook straight into existing automotive display systems. Effectively, the vehicle’s display screen (head) becomes the smartphone’s touchscreen – except it is on the dashboard. This means that any app that runs on the smartphone can be run from the dashboard. The value of ReakVNC technology has already been recognised by the UK DTI and by Panasonic which announced a deal at the current MWC 2013 show [February 2013]. Continue reading