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David_akka The evolution of the use of tablets in the enterprise

by David Akka, md for UK, Eire & Nordics with Magic Software UK

It’s now almost three years since Apple released the iPad – the first tablet style PC to achieve worldwide commercial success. Since this release, tablets have made the transition from a sought after consumer gadget, to a tool with a strategic role to play in business operations. The figures seem to bear this out with a recent report citing that 86 per cent of enterprises planned to deploy tablets by the end of this year. Continue reading

RAZR HD_2 Motorola promotes RAZR HD to the UK

Rating: We think its NFC capabilities will work at MWC 2013

Just days before the industry’s most crucial trade show – MWC Barcelona, Motorola Mobility decided to announce the availability of its latest RAZR handset – the HD, into the UK. There’s no actual mention of this handset being ‘ranged’ by any of the UK’s networks – only a list of mainly online suppliers. What is even more curious is that – despite hyping its 4G capability as one of the RAZR HD’s main features, there’s no mention of it being compatible with the UK’s only working 4G network – EE. Well, we reckon it is anyway. Plus we think if you got yourself one right now it would work with the MWC NFC app despite not being on the official list. Continue reading

motorola_mobility Introducing RAZR HD from Motorola Mobility to the UK

All day performance in a single charge, with a stunning 4.7-inch HD display that’s built for action

Press release

February 21st 2013. Motorola Mobility has announced the hotly anticipated UK launch of the Motorola RAZR HD – a 4G ready handset that brings together super speed, power, design and the best Android experiences around, on the world’s most compact 4.7-inch smartphone. Continue reading

Paypal Here PayPal pitches into UK mobile payments fray

Online US payments services firm Paypal is to launch its own chip and pin service in Britain this summer, allowing users to connect wirelessly to its free app for Android and Apple smartphones.
Trials of the new service called PayPal Here have already started in London and will be aimed at small businesses and mobile traders who can’t afford the chip and pin machines offered by high street banks. Continue reading

My_MWC GoMo finally gets My MWC app onto handset before MWC 13

Rating: Latest technology obviously too complicated for old hands

In order to help attendees get the most out of their visit to the Mobile World Congress 2013 Barcelona, the organisers (GSMA) have launched the My MWC portal. In the good old days there was an associated mobile app simply called My MWC. Oh no, not any more. That system was obviously far too easy. Effectively what you have to do if you registered way in advance is to sign back in again and ask to be connected to My MWC. Here at GoMobile Towers we have been tearing our hair out trying to sort this out so we thought we had better share our experiences. Continue reading

Jumio’s Netverify uses cameraphones to verify customer ID

Rating: Helping to combat predicted rise in mobile fraud
Here’s an interesting development from Jumio which should help speed up mobile transactions as well as combat fraud. Netverify Mobile enables businesses to authenticate their customers’ identities using IOS or Android cameraphone. The system can verify via passport, driver license or ID card in more than 60 countries. Jumio points to research from recent Gartner report estimates that fraud will account for 1.5 per cent of all mobile transactions in the next four to five years. Hence the pressing need to verify customers’ IDs. Continue reading

Jumio unveils Netverify Mobile to combat growing fraud on smartphones

First-of-its-kind Mobile ID scanning technology reduces fraud, time and costs

Associated with KYC and Identity Verification

Press release

February 21st 2013. Jumio, the online verification and mobile payments platform company, has announced the release of Netverify Mobile, the only technology available that allows businesses to authenticate their customers’ identities – via passport, driver license or ID card – using IOS and Android smartphone cameras. With smartphone users one-third more likely to experience fraud than the general public[1]. Continue reading

GE_Global Industrial internet will blow M2M out of water

Rating: Carries two orders of magnitude more data

It’s not that often that you encountered game changing technology but that’s exactly what GoMobile News found when chatting to Bill Ruh, a corporate officer with GE Global Software. From certain perspectives, what GE is calling the ‘industrial internet’ is a direct rival to traditional M2M (Machine to Machine) offerings. Except that the industrial internet is way more powerful and far more intelligent than standard M2M based solutions. Perhaps the industrial internet could best be described as M2M on steroids. Fortunately, cellular connexions still have a role to play in an industrial internet scenario. Continue reading

twitter_new_logo Twitters unveils new app to help advertisers target its 200m users

Aims to boost revenues as it prepares for 2014 flotation

Twitter has developed a new app allowing advertisers to automate and manage their campaigns across the social networking site for the first time. The development follows in the footsteps of Facebook which introduced a similar app in 2010, with Twitter testing the water by signing up five initial partners that oversee social media advertising purchases for large multinationals. Continue reading

HTC One Mixed reaction to the HTC One launch

Rating: Camera, Blink Feed, aluminium casing all mentioned

There has been a bit of a mixed reaction to the introduction yesterday [February 19th 2013] of HTC‘s Samsung S3 and Apple iPHone5 killer smartphone – the One. Vodafone seems to view it as just another smartphone in its 4G ready range. Ernest Doku, an expert with, likes its camera the best. Research analyst with Informa Telecoms & Media, Julian Jest, has gone heavy on the One’s UI which he reckons makes it WP8-like. Meanwhile, UK High Street retailer, Phones 4u, was most impressed by the “beautifully crafted, full aluminium metal body with zero gap construction that took 12 years to perfect.” It did like Blink Feed function too as well as the camera. It looks like things could go either way for the Taiwanese handset manufacturer, though. Continue reading

4G_Ofcom UK finally sells off its 4G/LTE spectrum

Rating: Sees BT re-entering mobile space ‘super-Wi-fi hotspot’

The UK comms regulator, Ofcom, has finally announced the results of its 4G spectrum auction. The four existing UK mobile operators have won new spectrum and we have seen a subsidiary of fixed-line incumbent, BT -Niche Spectrum Ventures win spectrum, too. This means that BT has re-entered the cellular market after – in our humble opinion, the disastrous decision to float off its mobile arm – O2. But BT many not be planning to become the UK’s fifth national mobile network operator, according to John Delaney a research director for consumer mobile with IDC. Anyway, EE and Vodafone have acquired spectrum in both 800MHz and 2.6GHz bands, while Hutchison (3UK) and Telefonica (O2) only got 800 MHz spectrum. Niche Spectrum Ventures (NSV) only has acquired spectrum in the 2.6 GHz band. Continue reading

VASCO_logo VASCO Data Security ​at Mobile World Cong​ress 2013​

Press release

February 15th 2013. VASCO Data Security International (Nasdaq: VDSI),  a leading software security company specializing in authentication products, has announced its presence at Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona. The VASCO booth can be visited in the Flanders Investment and Trade section in Hall 7, Booth F61. Continue reading

4G_Ofcom Ofcom has announced the winners of the 4G mobile spectrum auction

Five winning bidders to deliver future mobile competition in the UK

4G services from a range of operators expected within six months

Research measuring 4G speeds to be conducted at the end of 2013

Press release

February 20th 2013. After more than 50 rounds of bidding, Everything Everywhere Ltd, Hutchison 3G UK Ltd, Niche Spectrum Ventures Ltd (a subsidiary of BT Group plc), Telefónica UK Ltd and Vodafone Ltd have all won spectrum. This is suitable for rolling out new superfast mobile broadband services to consumers and to small and large businesses across the UK. Continue reading

vodafone unhappy logo Vodafone’s shares hit by triple whammy of doubt

Investors head to the hills as bad news keeps coming

Investors will be looking to see if Vodafone shares continue to slide today [February 20th 2013] after the company’s future performance was questioned on three different fronts. First came the news from rival carrier EE that its pre-tax losses had more than doubled to £249 million in 2012, underlining fears that the mobile phone market was waning. Continue reading

F5 Networks claims true BYOD 2.0 with Mobile App Manager

Rating: Networks Nasties only control corporate data

F5 Networks has introduced a new tool aimed at enterprise IT managers in the shape of its Mobile App Manager which it claims provides a true BYOD solution. It combines policy management and secure application delivery with the scalability of SaaS (Software as a Service). This new approach means managing data at the app level, rather than the device level. In effetc, it means that it personal data is isolated from corporate data. So employees feelsafe using their devices without worrying that a network nasty might wipe their personal usage. Continue reading