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F5 BYOD 2.0 solution empowers workers to merge productivity and lifestyle

F5’s Mobile App Manager enables IT to enforce access and data protection policies for corporate assets while giving users greater flexibility and control

Press release

February 19th 2013.  F5 Networks, the global leader in Application Delivery Networking, has announced F5 Mobile App Manager, a new hybrid cloud solution for mobile application management that enables organizations to safely and cost-effectively support enterprise BYOD initiatives. With F5 Mobile App Manager, enterprises can extend corporate applications and data to employees’ personal mobile devices while leaving all personal content under the control of the device owner. Continue reading

MACH_logo_12 MACH claims first ever cloud based revenue protection

Rating: Sits in cloud or on mobile operators premises

Claiming to have the first ever cloud based revenue protection solution for mobile operators, MACH has released CASHBACK v8 which analyses revenue leakage in near real-time to help operators use resources more efficiently. Recent research by Analysys Mason shows that efficient revenue assurance is an absolute must for operators given that between 5 per cent to 15 per cent of total operator revenues as lost to leakages. MACH maintains that a cloud-based managed service ensures rapid implementation as well as providing enhanced performance capabilities and decreasing time to market. In addition to revenues loss, the system also identifies sub-optimal revenue chain processes Continue reading

MACH first to launch revenue assurance over the cloud

Cloud-based CASHBACK v8 solution detects and analyses revenue leakage in near real-time; helps operators use resources more efficiently

Press release

February 19th 2012. MACH, the leading provider of cloud-based managed communication services, today revealed the telecom industry’s first revenue assurance solution available over the cloud. Processing close to one billion transactions in near real-time monthly, CASHBACK v8 provides end-to-end revenue assurance and has already been installed with a number of global telecoms operators. As a cloud-based solution, it speeds revenue leakage detection and allows operators to focus their resources more efficiently. Continue reading

New Samsung phones could usurp Nokia in BRIC countries

Will REX rule?
South Korean giant Samsung has unveiled scaled-down Java versions of its flagship Galaxy S3 handset, pitching the new REX range at emerging markets in a move that could undermine Nokia.
Last month Nokia reported a small profit for Q4 as phone sales increased from 2.9 million in the previous quarter to 4.4 million, suggesting [...]

Google to take fight to High Street in USA

Rating: Anything you can do, we can do …

Reports have merged that Google is in the process of going into the retail business in North America. So the company chiefly responsible for the decline amongst retail suppliers is in fact making the move into bricks & mortar. Reliable sources say that it has decided to go up directly against its opponents in the mobile OS wars – Apple, and to a lesser extent, Microsoft by establishing itself with a High Street presence. GoMobile News wonders whether the search engine giant is aware that with so many prominent High Street names in administration in the UK, the company realises it is the ideal time to make such a move in Britain. It could get some pretty prestigious site in London, for example.
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Originally reported in 2007 by Dialogic Warning: This isn’t fresh news about SMS at all

Rating: Rating mnatives sends out spam dressed as A2P stats

On the surface of it, information supplied to us by someone posing as mnatives about the market for Application to Person (A2P) electronic messaging looked fresh. Whilst other news sites have fallen for it, GoMobile News discovered that some of the stats date back as far as 2007! So, to put the record straight we are publishing the stats that were supplied in the spam message as a warning that they are much less than current. We’re not sure that ACL Mobile will be very happy with its name being taken in vein, either. Continue reading

theregister_logo A possible problem with WP7.x apps running on the Lumia 820

Rating: Or it could just be a problem with the Register’s news app

Now they say that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones (and more on this later) but … a GoMobile News reader contacted us yesterday to complain that he had loaded an app onto his spanking new Nokia Lumia 820 smartphone and it wouldn’t work. Initially we suspected that it could well be a problem that apps designed for earlier Windows Phone handsets – running Windows Mango W7 or even version 7.8, could encounter problem when run under Windows Phone 8. Now we are not so sure. It could be that the app in question – UK news site, The Register, has problems with all of its apps not just Windows Phone. Continue reading

Movirtu introduces Bring Your Own Number – BYON

Rating: Provision a corporate number on an existing SIM card

GoMobile News readers will already be familiar with the concept of Bring your Own Device (BYOD) where employees can utilise their own personal smart mobile devices in the workplace. Well, Movirtu has just introduced a whole new spin on BYOD which it has termed Bring Your Own Number (BYON). Known as Movirtu WorkLife, It gets around some of the major drawbacks to introducing BYOD – such as billing and security issues. Best still, it is quite simple to implement because employees only have to install an iOS or Android app (BlackBerry might follow). They acquire an entirely separate ‘corporate’ number without even the need for a second SIM or SIM swap whilst retaining their existing personal number. Movirtu even claims that this solution is compatible with leading device management offerings such as AirWatch, MobileIron and mFormation. Continue reading

use bluetooth like the i'm watch, luke GoMo stumbles across genuine smartwatches

Rating: They’re Italian and it is all in the patented Bluetooth tech

We’re not quite sure how we missed this before but here at GoMobile Towers we were impressed to learn of the existence of an Italian made smartwatch called the i’m Watch from imsmart. Don’t be fooled by the name – these watches aren’t mere iOS/iPhone accessories. They work with Android phones as well. Indeed, the watches designers have created their own version of the Android OS specifically for their products which they cheekily have name i’m Droid. What makes these watches unique is that the designers have managed to patent three Bluetooth based capabilities which have made the whole concept of a smartwatch a reality. Continue reading

Skyfirelogo Opera’s operator sales bolstered by Skyfire acquisition

Rating: The move also has implications for ad-supported data

Two giants in the world of mobile data optimisation - Opera Software and Skyfire Labs are to combine. Opera intends to acquire Skyfire by mid-March [2013]. Significantly, the move will help to boost the range of solutions that both companies can offer to mobile network operators. The pair have agreed, however, that the development of Skyfire’s own popular mobile browser will continue. It will also enhance Opera’s presence in North America and bolster its mobile advertising solutions. Continue reading

Opera acquires​ Skyfire, broadens i​ts mobile operator s​ solutions beyond the ​browser​

Opera adds Skyfire’s video-optimization and smartphone monetization products to its operator business unit

Press release

February 15th 2013. Opera Software has announced that it has acquired Silicon Valley based Skyfire Labs, a leader in mobile video optimization and cloud solutions for mobility. Skyfire, headquartered in Mountain View, California, is known for its Rocket Optimizer software. This allows mobile operators to leverage cloud computing to optimize virtually any video and other multimedia on crowded cell towers, including 3G and 4G LTE networks. Continue reading

Jim_Balsillie BlackBerry’s former joint boss ditches entire shareholding

News unsettles confidence in firm as it struggles to regain position

BlackBerry‘s former co chief executive Jim Balsillie has quietly disposed of his entire stake in the Canadian manufacturer, it has emerged, putting a dent in the company’s share price as nervous investors followed suit. The company, until recently known as RIM, is struggling to regain ground lost to Apple and Samsung, having launched its make-or-break BB10 platform and new smartphones only a few weeks ago. Continue reading

fisker's photo is in the post Guest Post: Top 5 Android apps to check out

by Courtney Lee, a blogger who sometimes works with

Did you know that Google Play currently offers over 450,000 apps? Out of all these many are useful and top-rated, but there are also many that will only waste your time if you download them. Anyhow, if you want to improve the functionality of your device here are the Top 5 android apps that you must check out: – Continue reading

SMS text feature app developers use SMS to drive engagement and revenues

GET IT and Blue LION case studies demonstrate use of SMS to increase loyalty

Press release

February 14th 2013. Text messaging, long recognised as one of the most effective direct marketing channels, also has huge potential to help app developers market and distribute their products. This is the key takeaway of ‘Communicate, Connect & Curate: 3 ways you can encourage mobile app re-engagement with SMS’. This is a new, free whitepaper available here from mobile interaction specialist tyntec and Peggy Anne Salz, chief analyst at technology site Mobile Groove. Continue reading

Dror-Haliva Guest Post: Ready, set, go! with BB10

Retailers hold the key to getting Blackberry 10 users off the blocks

by Dror Haliva, head of marketing with Cellebrite

The recent launch of the Blackberry Z10 is set to spark excitement among consumers looking for the next smartphone upgrade. However, whilst getting a new mobile phone can be something to look forward to, for many customers it can also be a data nightmare. People can’t get started until data has been transferred from an old device to the new one – a laborious task which can take hours. Continue reading