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Android_vs_tablets Tablet users more likely to purchase from a webstore than desktop users

51degrees mines its US Android tablet vs smartphone web traffic

With Android’s Tablet web traffic from the USA nearing the 12 per cent mark, optimising content for tablets is increasingly becoming a necessity, says Tablet users are now more likely to purchase from a webstore than desktop (PC/Mac) users, the company claims. This means that meaning tablet optimisation for e-commerce websites is critical. Continue reading

Samsung stuffs it to Apple on the CTR front says Adfonic

Korean tablets may even overtake iconic iPad in ads success rates

Well, if Nokia’s Stephen Elop thought he was in trouble, then Apple’s Tim Cook is rapidly catching him up. Apple has always dominated the smartphone ecosystem but the latest Global AdMetrics report from Adfonic shows that Samsung consistently outperforming Apple for clickthrough rates (CTRs) in the key UK and US markets in Q1 2013. This is a watershed moment for the two arch rivals. Apple devices had been the strongest performers for CTRs throughout most of 2012. But in this latest quarter (Q1 2013) Samsung not only fared better but Apple’s iPad is in danger of losing its crown in the tablets sector to Samsung as well. Continue reading

BPO - damaging the Virgin brand Virgin Mobile UK damaging its brand by using BPO

Perils of outsourcing & cross selling highlighted

GoMo News hears of a reader who is now being inundated by calls from a British company called BPO (BPO Collections Ltd) which claims to be representing Virgin Mobile UK. Bizarrely, the company insists on asking for personal details – which he naturally declines to give out. Yet the calls keep coming so he is now cancelling the other services he takes from Virgin Media (the parent company) as well. A swift search of the Net shows that there are probably hundreds of similarly disgruntled Virgin customers out there – all threatening to quit. Not exactly the best way to build a brand, is it? Continue reading

Digiworld_summit-13 DigiWorld Summit 2013 Europe

[ November 19, 2013 9:00 am to November 21, 2013 6:00 pm. ] Theme: The digital gold mines
Organisers: IDATE
Venue: Le Corum
Location: Montpellier, France

Register: here

The event in Europe that assess a transversal state of the ICTs’ sectors. Keep updated with the latest Telecom-Internet-Media innovations, and follow the international markets evolution. Discover first information about ‘The digital gold mines.’ Continue reading

Digiworld_2013 Game not over in MNOs vs OTTs says IDATE

A look at the stats for US MNOs performance proves it

We hear a lot about OTT killing the revenues for traditional mobile network operators but this is not the case according to Jean-Dominique Seval, deputy CEO with IDATE. Seval was chatting with GoMo News at the launch of the DigiWorld Yearbook 2013. The publication is a literal treasure trove of statistics on the ICT industries. The Yearbook predicts three main themes for 2013 which should come as no surprise for GoMo News readers. They are: – mobile everywhere; big data and services in the cloud. However, Didier Poillot – heads up the Yearbook project warns Telcos that they must “evolve or die”. Continue reading

Gomo_alphabet Antenna tackles mobile acronym soup

You may know BYOD & MDM but can you COPE?

Hot on the heels of GoMo News accusing an Ovum analyst of using FTMA (Far Too Many Abbreviations), Antenna Software has sent GoMo News a tin of alphabet soup. It’s intended to symbolise the fact that many organisations and their associated IT departments a drowning in a sea of acronyms. Regular GoMo News readers will almost certainly be familiar with a couple of the terms in question. Such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and MDM (Mobile Device Management) but Antenna is highlighting a growing problem. Continue reading

shazam_wp8 Shazam releases WP8 app with links to Nokia Music

Purchasing recognised tracks made easier on Lumias

The latest music recognition app, Shazam for Windows Phone 8 (WP8) is not only free to download, it also includes popular Shazam features such as unlimited tagging (unlike some versions where users have to pay). It means that Windows Phone users can tag all the music, TV shows and ads they like. Better still, anyone with a Nokia Lumia (WP8) smartphone can go directly to Nokia Music and purchase a track that they’ve just identified. Continue reading

access to big internet players - anderson Bango declines to name Indian MNO

GoMo suspects client seeks first mover advantage

It was widely reported (including by us here) that mobile payments specialist, Bango, has picked India to spearhead its push into emerging markets in Asia.  Bango CEO, Ray Anderson,  is quoted as saying, “In line with plans to enter emerging markets with major partners, Bango has started integration of its first Indian mobile operator.” This is good news because GoMo News has always argued that mobile payments are the way to empower the unbanked and Bango’s technology fits in well with this. But who is the Indian MNO (Mobile Network Operator) in question? Continue reading

iPhone 5 to finally have successor Google to take iPhone head on with own intelligent handset

Special sensors to detect phone’s surroundings and user intentions

Google is planning to shake up Apple’s iPhone dominance by launching its own “hero” smartphone, it’s been revealed. The new phone, otherwise dubbed the Moto X, will be launched via the search giant’s Motorola subsidiary and will include technology making it more aware of its surroundings and anticipate how it might be used next. The device will also be made in the USA at Fort Worth, Texas in a bid by Google to drive down costs, according to Dennis Woodside, appointed by the search giant to run its Motorola subsidiary after it was acquired in late 2011. Continue reading

Dove_facebook_ad Targeted ads hitting the wrong targets

Vodafone ads placed alonside Al-Qaeda YouTube videos

The perils of highly targeted ads have been coming to light after problems on highly popular web sites such as YouTube and Facebook. Such ads are designed to reflect the consumer’s interests – which they do pretty efficiently. The snag is where these ads have been appearing. According to reports in the Likes of the Daily Mail here adverts for major brands such as Vodafone have been appearing next to videos of Al Qaeda fanatics calling for Jihad. Continue reading

spot the difference - French or Israeli * France Telecom votes to change name & brand to Orange

Doesn’t own the Orange brand in Israel, though

It is a widely held view that it is a good idea for mobile network operators not to emphasise their country of origin. Hence Deutsche Telekom uses the T-Mobile brand – especially important for the US market. Now, it seems that France Telecom has decided to rebrand itself. Rather than going for a simple FT as British Telecom did, France Telecom has voted at an annual general meeting to officially change its name to Orange. Only problem. It doesn’t own the Orange brand on a global basis – especially in Israel. Continue reading

bango Bango shares rocket in line with user spending

Deals with likes of Blackberry, Google and Facebook pay off

Shares in UK mobile payments firm Bango surged by nearly 8 per cent in early London trading today (29th May 2013), after an activity update revealed a sharp uptake in end user spending. Bango, which holds its AGM this afternoon, said that last month daily user spending was double that in December and that, on current form, it will also be double in the first half of 2013 against the previous six months. Formed in 1999, Bango customers are able to use their mobile phones to purchase goods with a single click, dispensing with the need for credit cards or Premium SMS messaging. Continue reading

remember how things used to be for Nokia? Nokia no longer top dog even in Finland, new IDC figures show

Samsung shifts 15,000 more handsets in Finnish maker’s home territory, Q1 figures show

Nokia’s prolonged woes have been underlined by new figures from research firm IDC which show that, for the first time, it has been overtaken by Samsung in its home country. With its share price currently hovering around the $3.59 mark in New York, compared to $28 in 2008, its fall from grace has been further emphasised by IDC’s figures revealing that even in Finland – where it is headquartered – Nokia is no longer top dog. That accolade goes to arch rival Samsung which now boasts 36 per cent market share in the country, compared to Nokia’s 33 per cent. Continue reading

Think Big Blue Sony goes green with O2′s Think Blue-print

Yeah, but can O2 persuade Apple to join in?

O2, the UK MNO, is feeling very pleased with itself because it has persuaded another leading handset vendor, Sony,manufacturer to sign up to its ‘Charger out of the Box’ scheme with the forthcoming Xperia SP handset. This means that HTC, Nokia and Sony are now all working with O2 to remove chargers from shipping with their new phones. The idea is Ronan Dunne’s, CEO of O2, who has made it his personal mission. It forms part of O2′s overall Think Big Blueprint, O2’s 3 year sustainability strategy. Continue reading

Julie_Kunstler FTTx & PON are good for mobile backhaul says Ovum

We think this bad a case of FTMA, though

In the mobile/cellular world there’s no shortage of towers but GoMo News rather suspects some industry watchers have taken to living in ones which are made out of ivory. It seems that Julie Kunstler, a principal analyst with Ovum, is one of them. “FTTx PON has been supporting mobile traffic backhaul for many years but this application is rapidly garnering attention with the onslaught of 3G, 4G LTE and small cells,” Kunstler roundly declares. We think this is a bad case of FTMA (Far Too Many Abbreviations]. What she appears to be saying is that this traditional high speed networking technology is now being rapidly by MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) for mobile backhaul traffic, especially in or near urban areas. Governments should welcome this market application for PON, she explains as she believes it will accelerate network monetisation. Continue reading