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BoothChat image GoMo bemoans the lack of an FM player

Nokia misses out on promoting the FM enabled 100

Even with no fewer than three smartphones, GoMo News was stunned to find none of them had a built-in FM radio. We desperately needed one because – despite the frequent ads for the official F1 timing app at Silverstone, we couldn’t get an Internet connexion. Continue reading

fiksu_logo_biz Mobile app downloads up, acquisition costs down

Fiksu says marketers too Advantage of Cost- Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

Fiksu has published its Fiksu Indexes for May [2013] which indicate an increase in volume of mobile app downloads, month-over-month, and year-over-year. Conversely, the Indexes also show that the cost to acquire loyal users dropped. Both developments coincided with a surge in inventory made available via Facebook’s mobile app install ads. Continue reading

BlackBerry shares shorted as investors anticipate disappointing results

All eyes will be on Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry later today (28th June 2013) as the company returns its quarterly results, though investors are already betting against it.
Research by financial services specialist, Markit, has revealed how investors are expecting the results to be disappointing, increasingly taking up short positions as they expect the shares to drop.
It says that last month shorting of BlackBerry shares listed in New York and Toronto equated to a third of total stock, providing a weather vane on sentiment.
Last quarter the Ontario company’s share of the global smartphone market shrank to 2.9 per cent from 6.4 per cent a year earlier, according to IDC. Today’s results will be even more telling, including as they do the first full quarter in which BlackBerry’s new touch-screen Z10 has been on sale. Continue reading

shark-4G UK government waters down pledge on 4G roll-out

New promise is 95 per cent coverage by 2017

Britain’s coalition government has put back plans to roll-out 4G broadband to 90 per cent of the population by 2015, with the launch of superfast services now likely to be delayed for a further two years at least. The government had previously positioned itself as a champion of 4G, publishing a report – Investing in Britain’s Future – that promised an additional £100 billion of infrastructure spending during the next parliament. This included a pledge that £300 million would be sliced from the BBC’s licence fee and used for broadband after 2015. But now Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, has admitted this promise will be put on hold as the coalition looks to make further savings in its struggle with public debt. Continue reading

Watchdog casts spotlight on dodgy mobile insurance firms

A “significant fine” is to be slapped on at least one UK mobile insurance firm after a three month investigation by the nation’s financial watchdog revealed how thousands of policy holders were routinely let down.
The probe, by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), discovered widespread abuses in the way policies were designed, sold and the way complaints were handled. Some insurers refused to pay out if there was a different SIM in the handset at the time it was lost. Others were not telling customers they could opt out of buying cover. One firm, it was found, was even rejecting 41 per cent of all claims received for theft.
Though the FCA has not named any of the culprit insurers, its withering report highlights the scale of mis-selling in the mobile industry. Continue reading

Yann_Chevalier Operators’ silver bullet against OTT players

by Yann Chevalier, CEO with Intersec

A new trend is beginning to emerge where mobile operators, instead of being staunch adversaries fighting for market share, are presenting a united front against the increasing popularity of Over The Top (OTT) players. As a result there has been a fundamental shift by operators to turn to each other to combat the considerable might of OTTs, as well as to fend off competition from broadcasters and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who are all gunning for the mobile user. OTT players such as Google are continuously expanding their ecosystem, bringing together different verticals such as financial institutions, content providers, and advertisers, and seizing on the Communications Service Providers’ (CSPs) opportunity of providing contextual services to millions of mobile customers. Continue reading

Some-one is obviously seriously fed up with O2

Posts rant about O2′s support for SMS marketing on GoMo News

Somebody describing his or herself as ‘xx’ has posted a long rant against O2 and its support for SMS marketing on GoMo News. He/she is claiming that the conversation shown below is an actual chat dialog with O2. The point of the rant seems to be to complain about SMS messages emanating from a British number – +4477387328. We’re really not quite sure what the exactly gripe is but have decided to share the content with our readers. Why one of the characters is known as loanshark we can only guess. If any reader has received such an SMS/text let us know. Continue reading

various Nokia WP8 phones Windows Phone has grown six times faster than rivals says Microsoft

And now it has Sprint on side as well

As we all know, there are lies; damned lies and statistics. And Microsoft has been pumping itself up to the Windows Phone developer opportunity with some stats that look pretty good onscreen. For example, it says that shipments of Windows Phone grew six times faster than the rest of the smartphone market over the last 12 months. Crucially, Microsoft has also had a bit of a boost in its home market – the USA, from leading mobile network operator [MNO],  Sprint Nextel. The USA’s third largest operator has decided to range a couple of Windows Phone 8 handsets. Continue reading

accept card payments anywhere - Wilson Pop into John Lewis & start offering m-payments says WorldPay Zinc

Use your smartphone to accept credit cards @ festivals like WOMAD

Whilst UK banking group, Lloyds Bank, has just [see here] announced that it will be offering a mobile chip & pin service in Q3 [2013], UK small traders can pop into John Lewis retail stores and start accepting m-payments right now. That’s because they can buy WorldPay Zinc’s Chip & PIN keypad in store for £59.99. The company also claims that it takes less than five minutes to apply for a WorldPay account. Continue reading

Juniper_woman Retailers must optimise their sites for mobile says Juniper

Otherwise they’ll miss out on rising m-commerce

A significant minority of retailers have yet to optimise their sites for mobile, according to Dr Windsor Holden, author of a recent Juniper Research report on m-commerce. “Unless retailers ensure a seamless, user-friendly mobile shopping experience, they will fall behind competitors who are already using mobile channels to enhance customer relationships,” Holden warns. The report also found that lengthy POS (Point Of Sale) infrastructure replacement lifecycles were hampering NFC deployments in both the retail and transport sectors. Continue reading

money-mobile-txtnation Frictionless mobile payment in fast-growing Indonesian market endorses Bango’s leadership in Direct Operator Billing

Press release

June 27th 2013. Bango (AIM: BGO) has launched direct operator billing for Microsoft’s Windows Phone Store with the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) Indosat in Indonesia. This enables Windows Phone users to easily purchase digital content without the use of premium SMS messages or the limitations of credit cards. Instead, users enjoy one-click operator billing, charging the cost to their phone bill, without the need to register personal details. Continue reading

PINpad Lloyds to offer Monitise’s MPOS solution to Brits

Enables small traders to accept chip & pin payments

Mobile payment specialist, Monitise, has partnered with with the UK’s Lloyds Bank to develop a mobile payment system aimed at sole traders and small businesses in Britain. There are over 3.5 million sole traders operating in the UK – most of whom currently have no access to a mobile payment service. The pair expect to offer a suite of mobile payments products by Autumn [Fall] 2013. This solution will also provide the basis for a number of broader mobile banking initiatives which Lloyds is currently developing for clients. It’s based on the new Monitise mPOS service launched back in May [2013]. Continue reading

Rohyt Belani Mobiles providing back door for spear phishing says PhishMe

Harder to spot phishing attempts on small screen

According to security training specialist, PhishMe, over 62 per cent of IT security professionals admitted that they believe they are far more likely to fall for a phishing attack if they are targeted via their mobile phone. Part of the reason appears to be that it is harder to spot the tell-tale signs of phishing attacks [when a hacker tries to steal personal information] on a smaller screen. Another reason is that they tend to view emails on mobiles at vulnerable moments at work. PhishMe’s suggested solution would, of course, be better training to avoid sensitive corporate data losses. Continue reading

stickygram PhotoBox Group enhances its social and mobile platform with acquisition of

Fast-growing online premium print brand transforms Instagram photographs into quality physical products

Significant opportunity for PhotoBox Group to expand product set, market opportunity and geographic reach through acquisition

Press release

June 23rd 2013. PhotoBox Group, Europe’s leading provider of personalised products and operator of the PhotoBox and brands, has announced the acquisition of from Mint Digital. is a fast growing, online premium print brand that leverages Instagram to turn its digital photos into delightful magnets. The acquisition will enhance PhotoBox Group’s social and mobile platforms and provide a point of entry for the Group to multiple, new geographic markets, while adding a further, scalable product opportunity to the Group’s offering in the personalisation space. Continue reading

colour nooks to be outsourced Barnes & Noble to pull plug on colour tablets

Might still be a market for B&W e-readers, though

As we reported yesterday [June 25th 2013] here,  Gartner says that the market for tablets is booming. Unless your name is Barnes & Noble – the book retailers, it seems. The company has just announced that it intends to pull the plug on in-house production of its own Nook colour tablets and is actively seeking to outsource to an external partner. However, it intends to keep up R& D and in-house production on B&W e-readers. Continue reading