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connected_cars Connected Cars 14

[ July 24, 2013 8:00 am to July 25, 2013 6:00 pm. ] Organisers: Informa
Venue: RAI
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Register: here

Connected Cars 2014 returns to the Amsterdam RAI, and is co-locating again with the LTE World Summit to bring together over 3,000 attendees, 125 exhibitors and 250 speakers. Continue reading

Obscure iPhone Skype bug unravelled

It’s all to do with setting local time zone

If you’ve ever tried to carry on a IM [Instant Messaging] with somebody using Skype on an iPhone that suffers from this particular bug, then you’ll know just how frustrating it can be. Basically, the iPhone keeps reporting an erroneous time stamp. Why should this matter? Well it means that when recipients reply to your current message, you have to go back in time to find their answer. After puzzling over this for ages, GoMo News discovered it was caused by picking the ‘Show My Time Zone’ option within the Skype iOS app. Uncheck that as an option and cure the problem. Continue reading

Jerome_segura Guest Post: How to defend yourself from Smishing

by Jerome Segura, senior security researcher with Malwarebytes

Whether you have an old-school flip phone or a newer smartphone, you may already have been bothered by rogue SMS text messages. Cyber-crooks are spamming through every avenue they can, hoping to lure their victims into revealing personal information or tricking them into sending costly text messages. But it’s not just cyber-criminals you should be worried about. It’s smishing (SMS phishing), too. Continue reading

text_home Mobile industry blasé about data security issues

Could become embroiled in illegal immigrants campaign

Whilst the general news media has been focussed on data privacy issues surrounding Facebook and Twitter, the cellular/mobile industry might be sitting on a timebomb surrounding data privacy. The illegal immigrants campaign being run in London [England] by the UK government’s Home Office is a classic case in point. Not only could it embroil the UK MNOs [Mobile Network Operators], it could also drag in SMS service providers such as BCH Digital and information providers like the Mobile Interactive Group. What happens if the government actively pursues “measures” to prove that the campaign is really working? Continue reading

faster-than-anticipated transition to 4G -hickey Wolfson shares plunge 7% despite surge in revenues

Big rise in mobile phone applications, but market not impressed

Edinburgh-based audio chip designer Wolfson Microelectronics, which counts Samsung among its key customers, says revenues grew by nearly a third in the first half of the year driven by strong demand for its products in smartphones and tablets. Reporting its Q2 trading update today (30th July 2013), Wolfson revealed that while gross profit was broadly flat at $19.7 million, the underlying operating loss was slightly down on Q2 2012 at $2.5 million. Milestones for the first half of this year included the signing with Samsung an agreement establishing Wolfson as a primary audio partner and component supplier for the South Korean giant’s Galaxy range of devices, including the latest Galaxy S4 flagship phone. Continue reading

Omnicom & Publicis to create world’s largest ad group

We’re not quite sure of its effects on the mobile advertising

We’re not quite sure why they picked a Sunday [July 28th 2013] to do it on, but it seems that two of the world’s largest advertising companies announced yesterday that they are plotting to create a mega agency by merging. The agencies in question are, of course, France’s Publicis Groupe and the USA’s Omnicom. One of the drawbacks to creating an agency that would be worth around £22.8 billion is a clash of clients. For starters between the two of them they handle absolutely arch rivals such as Pepsi & Coca-Cola. Life should get interesting on that front between the two ad houses. We’re scratching our proverbial heads to see what effect this currently unapproved merger would have on the mobile advertising. Continue reading

more iphone models -mawston Samsung becomes most profitable smartphone maker

Apple continues to lose its shine

Samsung has scored another victory over Cupertino-based Apple. This time is has overtaken the Californian company to become the world’s most profitable smartphone maker. Previously Samsung had been the premier global supplier of handsets but now it has edged Apple out of the smartphone profits category. The news will put CEO, Tim Cook, under even more pressure to actually launch a new iPhone. Given that he introduced the iPad mini, the smart money is on Cook introducing a entry level iPhone – probably made of plastic. Continue reading

Festival app is a bit too elitist

Guardian’s Android app for WOMAD disappoints
As a global news site, it is hardly surprising to find GoMo News at the UK’s world music festival – WOMAD Charlton Park. We are, however, more than a little disappointed with the events’ main media partner – the Guardian. When we finally tracked the newspapers app down, it only [...]

EE apparently supports WOMAD

GoMo News has just discovered that EE (the UK network operator) apparently supports the WOMAD Charlton Park music festival. Which is a stroke of luck since we use Orange which now forms part of EE. There is a tie up with South Africa’s Spoek Mathambo.

In co-operation with the Guardian newspaper, Spoek is urging attendees to [...]

blackberry probably small change for zuckerberg Facebook confounds critics over mobile ads

61 per cent rise in advertising for Q2 2013

Social networking giant,, has confonded its critics (probably us included) by announcing far better than expected revenues for Q2 2013 from advertising. They rose by an impressive 61 per cent to reach $1.6 billion. Analysts say that one key to its success in attracting mobile ad revenues has been to allow ads to be placed in its news feed. This is particularly crucial for mobile because there is no right hand column displayed on the mobile version of the Facebook site. Continue reading

better than expected results Samsung shares slip as higher marketing costs drag on profits

Q2 results not as upbeat as Apple

Samsung shares dropped in early trading today (26th July 2013) after it warned that smartphone sales would continue to slow in Q3, with higher marketing costs further weighing on its flagship division. In contrast to Apple which on Tuesday comfortably beat estimates as it reported a 20 per cent rise in iPhone sales for the same period, Samsung saw its second quarter operating profit at its IT and mobile communications arm decline by 3 per cent from Q1 to Won6.3 trillion. Apple, meanwhile, is also expected to launch a lower-cost version of the iPhone which will pose a potential threat to Samsung’s dominant position in mid-market smartphones, a sector also under intense pressure from Chinese competitors. Continue reading

bye-bye adsmobi hello smaato for yared Smaato integrates Adsmobi to drive global RTB revenues

Two leading mobile ads brands become one

In a significant move, Smaato has announced that it is integrating its mobile direct demand platform Adsmobi into the Smaato programmatic demand team. An immediate outcome of this decision is that former Adsmobi md, Ramy Yared will become the new Chief Sales Officer (CSO) of Smaato. He will lead Smaato’s global sales team focused on the acquisition of new partners, both on the demand and supply side of the business. Smaato claims to be a leading global mobile Real Time Bidding (RTB) ad exchange. Yared will help to drive global mobile real-time bidding revenue under one unified Smaato Media Demand team. Continue reading

eseye-logo World first in SIM technology transforms fuelling solutions

Eseye marks the world’s first large scale deployment of true Multi IMSI SIMs with Gilbarco Veeder-Root deal

Press release

23rd July 2013. To coincide with its Multi IMSI release, Eseye has announced a landmark partnership deal with leaders in fuel dispenser technology and integrated fuelling solutions, Gilbarco Veeder-Roo. The collaboration with Eseye will see the large scale rollout of the M2M specialist’s newly-released HERA601 3G & Wi-Fi router, and the world’s first true Multi IMSI SIM across thousands of major forecourt retailers. Eseye’s connectivity solution with failover transmits key critical data from the tank, dispenser and point-of-sale and returns this via a highly secure virtual private network. Continue reading

-buckingham - waiting for argentina peso to stabilise Mobile Streams CEO disposes of quarter million shares

Cites personal reasons for sell-off, as shares slide

The boss of Mobile Streams, which describes itself as the world’s biggest independent content retailer, has reiterated his confidence in the firm despite selling off a quarter of a million shares in the past few days. Ironically, it was only yesterday (24th July 2013) that Aim-listed Mobile Streams gave an upbeat statement on its trading performance for the year ending June which, though unaudited, indicated that global revenues had almost doubled to £50 million, while earnings before tax had also increased “significantly”. Continue reading

Daniel Weisbeck Guest Post: Your mobile website is probably broken and you don’t even know it

by Daniel Weisbeck, CMO with Netbiscuits

It’s impossible to guess what mobile device; operating system version; user context; or accessibility requirements your customers will be viewing your website on before it happens. But with a mobile strategy that can accommodate any requirement seamlessly and efficiently, a ‘best fit’experience to the end-user is always within reach. Enterprises are seeking advice and experimenting with a variety of solutions for their websites that can address this highly fragmented and diverse mobile device reality their customers are living in. Continue reading