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bently in the MTV audience with mayfair Brick probably not the first retro phone we think

GoMo rediscovers retro offerings from Pokia/Hulger

When anyone uses a phrase such as “The Brick is a 2-in-1 phone, which as the first of its kind”, which Binatone did in its release about the launch of its Brick retro phone (see our previous story here), alarm bells ring. Inevitably there’s nothing new under the Sun. After wracking our communal brains for 12 hours we finally managed to come up with the answer. A firm calling itself Pokia ( a play on Nokia) produced a very similar device back in 2004. If you don’t believe us look here. It was an old 20s style handset used as a Bluetooth handsfree. Continue reading

our ray tracing IP is here - yassaie Deutsche Bank signals ARM shares are ripe for buying

Threat from Intel has been overdone, it suggests

Investors in UK chip designer ARM have been overly spooked by adverse news, according to Deutsche Bank, which has reversed its recommendation on the shares from sell to buy. The bank has also more than doubled its target price for the shares from 470 pence to 1,080 pence. Last night (30th August 2013) in London the stock closed at 875 pence, just over 1 per cent up on the day. Since its peak in May this year ARM’s share price has dropped by a fifth. That’s largely due to the threat from Intel and its new Silvermont mobile architecture; the fact the US giant had also won a tablet design with Samsung; and concerns generally that the market for high-end smartphones is cooling. Continue reading

we have the same wallpaper Retro is the new black for smartphones

Binatone launches retro-styled The Brick handset

We just couldn’t resist this one because somebody at Binatone obviously has a great sense of humour. There’s been a recent resurgence in the popularity of 80s fashion trends- evoking memories of ‘power dressing’. So the company has decided to the launch of a new retro styled mobile phone called The Brick. That was actually the nickname for a handset offered by Motorola but Ericsson had some very similar models. Now you can shock your mates by actually talking into one (battery life used to be appalling). Continue reading

Amazon celebrates 1st year of Android App store

We grapple with allowing apps to be installed on Android devices

Well, online store powerhouse, Amazon, has decided to celebrate the first year of its Kindle branded App Store operations in the UK at least with what it is calling a ‘Free App of the Day Anniversary Bundle’. This is shades of RIM/BlackBerry which offered free apps to its customers as compensation for a server outage. This time, GoMo News has been struggling to download the free set of apps. They are worth £20 but you have to do it today [August 30th 2013]. One of the apps is Shazam Encore. Continue reading

why is an ability to work offline a luxury - gibbs Quip could herald whole new area of mobile first software

We’ve always lamented the loss of Wordstar

A very interesting development in the world of mobile software has surfaced with the release of a new wordprocessing app called Quip. You can download it from Google Play (for free) right now from here. Alternatively you can find it on the iTunes App store here.However, The Android app comes with an enormous proviso that it is just a preview and intended for early adopters of the web app.
The most newsworthy point to Quip, however, is the pedigree of its two creators. They are: – FriendFeed founder and ex-Facebook CTO, Bret Taylor and Kevin Gibbs, founder of Google App Engine and Google Suggest. Continue reading

verizon could make colao's day Vodafone may finally exit Verizon Wireless

Quite frankly, we never saw the synergies

Shares in Vodafone surged in the UK to 204 pence – which is a 12 year high, after it was officially confirmed that Vodafone is in talks with Verizon Communications of the USA. Vodafone actually owns a 45 per cent chunk of Verizon Wireless as the result of a much earlier acquisition of the US based network Airtouch in 1999. We couldn’t see the logic in Vodafone holding a stake in a cdmaOne based network when its expertise lay with GSM based networks. Well, it may receive as much as £84 billion ($130 billion) for its stake which is higher than Vodafone’s current capitalisation. So hanging on in there has paid off. Continue reading

hp bulletin board help out with TouchPad reset Clinic: How to reset a frozen/crashed device

When you can’t take the battery out, of course

Mostly in an effort to make their products as thin as possible, hardware manufacturers have been producing smartphones and tablets where it is impossible to remove the battery. One of the downsides, of course, is that if the battery won’t hold power for as low as it should, then you can’t replace it. A major drawback, however, is that it means the simplest way of resetting a device that has crashed (frozen) is no longer an option. Taken out the battery with a laptop/notebook PC is the easiest way to reset a crashed device. What do you do when the battery is integral? Solution: – search for the ‘soft’ key combination which will reset the device. Continue reading

- cantor 3UK finally shows its full hand over 4G

It’s definitely 4G at no extra cost to subscribers

From December 2013, Three UK(3UK) will start to switch on its 4G service for all customers, who have a 4G ready device. Initially, the 4G network will cover just three cities (London, Birmingham and Manchester). However, all Three customers with a 4G ready device will be able to benefit from 4G at no extra cost with a simple software upgrade. Three is making the transition to 4G easy. Crucially, Three will also continue to offer All-You-Can-Eat data, as part of its voice plans. What the company didn’t say is what 4G technologies will be switched on in December Continue reading

OTT or RCS? - Raimundi Acision launches MAVAM Mexico 2013

Users adopt multiple messaging services to meet shifting needs across reach, reliability and enriched features

Mobile Value Added Services (VAS) represent 33 per cent of sales for Mexican operators, equivalent to $MEX15 billion (USD $1.21 billion), with half still generated by SMS & MMS

Press release

August 29th 2013. Acision, the global leader in mobile messaging, has launched its research report, MAVAM Mexico 2013 (Acision Monitor of Mobile Value Added Services (VAS) – fourth edition), which analyses the evolution and usage trends of VAS in Mexico. This is the first of three reports looking at the VAS trends across Latin America, with particular focus on Mexico, Brazil and Argentina – the latter two of which will be launched soon. Continue reading

best way to see mclaren on your lumia - a cover Vodafone 4G leaves out Nokia Lumia & F1 fans

It also doesn’t helps if you don’t live in London

Vodafone UK has finally managed the commercial roll out of its 4G/LTE network to those living in London today [August 29th 2013]. Which means that Ofcom handed EE (formerly Everything Everywhere] virtually a ten month lead in 4G over its rivals – 3UK, O2 and Vodafone. However, here at GoMo News we think that the most irritated Vodafone customers will be those who like Formula 1 racing (F1) or who already own a 4G ready Nokia Lumia 925 handset (for example). That’s because there’s no Windows Phone 8 (WP8) version of Sky Sports Mobile TV and F1 isn’t included in the Sky package offered to Vodafone 4G customers. Continue reading

10 months = 2m users EE does the proverbial on O2 and Vodafone’s 4G parade

Ten month head start equates to a million customers already

A belated 4G roll-out today (29th August 2013) by Britain’s O2 and Vodafone carriers has had the shine further wiped off it by EE, which says that its own network has now passed a milestone with over 100 towns covered. EE, the nation’s biggest operator and which owns Orange and T-Mobile, also says it will continue rolling out its 4G network to an additional nine towns this month, aiming to reach 98 per cent of the UK population by the end of 2014. Continue reading

world_telemedia World Telemedia – premium content, billing & traffic

[ October 16, 2013 8:00 am to October 19, 2013 6:00 pm. ] Organiser: WT Event
Venue NH Barbizon Palace Hotel
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Web: WT Event
Registration:  here

Addressing strategic issues and showcasing solutions, applications and technologies that advance opportunities in new vertical sectors. Continue reading

av_comparitives AV-Comparatives reveals 7,000+ dangerous apps in 3rd-party Android stores

Will this Chinese contagion spread to iOS?

A long-term investigation performed by AV-Comparatives has confirmed an increasing risk of malicious code affecting Android smartphones via third-party app store markets. The research, conducted between November 2012 and May 2013 on 20 major third-party Android stores, found 7,175 malware and greyware programs. Significantly, most of these were hosted in Chinese-based markets. If Apple targets the Chinese market with the iPhone 5C as we predict here, GoMo News wonders whether the same thing will happen with iOS apps? Continue reading

txtnation_bulk More MNOs are blocking off-net SMS traffic

Potential to ruin a good SMS campaign increases

txtNation has contacted us to point out that only last week [August 2013], MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) in Ireland are now blocking off-net and foreign SMS traffic. This is part of a global trend whereby MNOs are working to make sure bulk SMS campaign messages are sent and received direct (locally), rather than via in-direct (off-shore) routes. Ireland is just a recent example of a country where traffic from indirect routes is blocked. By choosing quality over cheapness, mobile marketers can be sure of higher delivery rates, so bulk SMS campaigns perform much better. Continue reading

The C in the iPhone 5C probably stands for China

How much emphasis is Apple putting on sales into the Chinese market?

There was a nice piece of speculation by Tim Bradshaw in the Financial Times (FT) here which strong hints that the C in the 5C designation for a forthcoming iPhone from Apple, probably has something to do with China. Of course, Apple hasn’t said anything about a %C yet but all the rumours point to 5C being at least the working name for a more entry level version of the iPhone. Apple’s supply chain appears to be leaking like a sieve when it comes to news about what Tim Cook is bound to reveal next month (September 2013). Continue reading