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Michael_Tessler Guest Post: the New Mobile Enterprise

A chance for mobile network operators to recoup their LTE Investments

by Michael Tessler, CE with BroadSoft

Deploying LTE is the highest priority for many mobile operators today, as they have made significant investments in their LTE networks – ranging from acquiring spectrum licences to the actual build out of their networks. Now mobile operators are turning their attention to strategies to increase revenues and monetise this investment. At the same time, enterprises are seeking mobile, ubiquitous and simple-to-manage communication services, creating a nice cross point for mobile operators to recoup their LTE investment while enabling the ‘New Mobile Enterprise’. Continue reading

EU moves to ban proprietary phone chargers

New EU laws could soon force mobile phone manufacturers to standardise the design of their chargers, in a move that could cause mayhem for Apple in particular.
In a unanimous vote the EU’s Internal Market Committee has ruled that there is no compelling reason why a phone charger should be protected by proprietary patents and that in future, pending approval by the European Council, all chargers distributed in member countries sholud have a standard interface – probably one based on a microUSB connector.
The news could pose significant problems for firms like Apple, whose latest Lightning iPhone connectors incorporate a tiny chip to combat copying. Even so, the fact that several clones are already available, especially in China where there has been a number of injuries and deaths due to the knock-off devices, has prompted the EU to act Continue reading

Growing skills of Apple’s Chinese component partners threaten Asian rivals

The number of Chinese firms supplying Apple with components has more than doubled this year according to new research, as the nation’s manufacturers move up a gear from providing mere low-cost assembly labour to making more sopisticated parts.
It’s a trend that’s threatening Apple’s traditional high-end partners in other parts of Asia such as Japan, South Korean and Taiwan, and ultimately western partners, suggests research firm CLSA.
Its conclusions were drawn from studying Apple’s published lists of suppliers, aligned with its own analysis, and which found Apple’s Chinese component suppliers more than doubled from eight in 2011 to 16 this year as they moved into more advanced areas such as battery making Continue reading

Colossal Q2 losses drive another nail into BlackBerry’s coffin

Disastrous Q2 results from smartphone pioneer BlackBerry appear to have reinforced reports that the manufacturer will be pulling out of the consumer market altogether, turning its remaining resources on software and services for corporations.
Last night’s trading update (27th September 2013) revealed a massive inventory of approximately $1.2 billion in unsold phones, a staggering $965 million loss and revenues for the period barely equating to $1.6 billion – almost half of what it achieved in the previous quarter.
Much of the loss was down to unwanted Z10 phones, the latest flagship devices which BlackBerry had hoped would restore its fortunes. A further $72 million in charges related largely to layoffs, as the Canadian further slimmed down its workforce. Yet despite the eye-watering losses, there are no signs of BlackBerry’s woes easing soon. Continue reading

NQ-mobile China proving to be the hotbed for nasty virus software

Well if you’re going to do it might as well go for biggest market

Much as predicted, the villains have noticed that ‘mobile’ (rather than desktop) is the place to be when it comes to distributing malicious software. And if you’re going to get involved in this kind of activity, then you might as well play in the world’s largest cellular market – which is, of course, China. Strangely enough the kind of financial damage which these malicious activities generate isn’t new, either. It’s just that the sophistication has increased. Luckily, one mobile security specialist – NQ Mobile Security reckons it has nipped some of these activities in the bud before they have been able to infect more than 20,000 mobile devices in China. Continue reading

Aeromobile_inflight Mobile web available on first Asian based airline

Singapore Airlines & AeroMobile tie-up allows data but no voice

Here at GoMo News Towers we have never really believed that cellular phones actually interfered with the navigation systems on an aircraft. We think the ban had more to do with mobile network operators (MNOs) not knowing how to deal with voice calls and airlines not knowing how to charge for such a service. Well, here’s an excellent example of how the problems have been solved. Singapore Airlines (SIA)  has just become the the first Asia-based airline to roll out AeroMobile connectivity. The system has enabled passengers on SIA’s brand new Boeing 777-300ER to use their own mobile phones to text and browse the internet at 30,000 feet. Continue reading

devtodev_logo All-In-One mobile analytics platform devtodev opens free developer beta

Next-generation mobile platform devtodev to provide key in-app analytics and
market intelligence

Press release

September 26th 2013. ­ devtodev, an all-new, free mobile app analytics platform has announced that it is now available as a free open beta for mobile app developers. The new analytics firm, whose first clients include the top-grossing mobile game company Game Insight and the mobile publishing platform NARR8, promises to empower mobile developers with easy-to-use, all-in-one tools to analyse both larger app market trends, as well as the performance of their own apps on various application stores with a highly customizable reporting interface…and all within a single, integrated software development kit (SDK). Continue reading

veremis - facebook news local content Guest Post: Exposing global attitudes to mobile marketing

by Marco Veremis, CEO with Upstream

As smartphone usage continues to grow at an exponential rate, reaching global consumers via their devices is becoming increasingly important for major brands and businesses. While this is somewhat commonplace in the West & North America, sights are now set on the emerging markets, where the number of mobile connexions is expected to make a significant leap over the next few years. In fact, by 2017 Ovum expects China, India, and Indonesia, to have 3 billion mobile connexions between them. here i’m going to discuss why I think that mobile is such an integral marketing channel in developing regions. Continue reading

carphone_logo Carphone shares leap on premium listing news

Aiming for the big time

Carphone Warehouse shares jumped more than 6 per cent in early trading in London today (27th September 2013) after the UK retailer revealed it was seeking a premium listing on the London Stock Exchange, making its stock more appealing to a larger number of institutions. Premium listed firms have to meet more exacting reporting standards to be included, but other benefits include the possibility of being included in the FTSE index series and better trading liquidity. Continue reading

lukies Monitise enhances BBM Money service with new bill payments and cardless cash withdrawal features

Integrated BB Messenger ‘chat’ payments service adds new functionalities for all BlackBerry users in Indonesia

Press release

September 24th 2013. Global Mobile Money experts Monitise plc (LSE: MONI.L) has announced that its BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) peer-to-peer (P2P) payments service, BBM Money, has been enhanced with new capabilities including a wide range of bill payments, cardless cash withdrawals via ATMs and access via Wi-fi. The added features are designed to further increase the convenience of the BBM Money service launched earlier this year through Monitise’s joint venture with Astra Graphia Information Technology (PT AGIT Monitise Indonesia) in partnership with Indonesian financial institution PT Bank Permata Tbk (PermataBank) and BlackBerry. Continue reading

it's the synching that's the tricky bit - wiederhold Couchbase unleashes the smartphone’s processing power

Given that it is free, no wonder there is so much mobile app developer interest

When you think about it an entry level ZTE Blade V handset for around £72 has a quad-core processor running at 1.2 GHz. Compare that to your 3-year old desktop which has dual core 2.7 GHz processor and you realise just how much processing power is going spare inside your smartphone. Well, Couchbase has found a way of harnessing it by running an extremely powerful database on the smartphone itself. Plus it can process the kind of serious amounts of data users are now able to store inside their handsets, too. Offer that for free as Couchbase Lite and it is no wonder that developers and third parties are knocking on Couchbase’s door to get involved. Continue reading

incredible launch for BBM - bocking While you are waiting for BBM for iPhone to arrive …

You can keep checking this URL to see if it reappears in NZ

There’s still no more signs of BBM for iPhone or for Android for that matter. It seems that we won’t see either client oozing out until at least next week, according to Andrew Bocking, head of BBM at BlackBerry writing in He’s thrown light on what happened by saying that the unreleased, older version of the BBM for Android app – posted on file sharing sites, “resulted in volumes of data traffic orders of magnitude higher than [expected].” Which would explain why the few lucky one in countries like New Zealand who got their hands on BBM for iPhone and it hasn’t been turned off. Continue reading

Jose_Garcia tyntec Analyst research finds OTT communications market to be worth $53.7bn by 2017

2.1 billion users of WhatsApp, Skype and WeChat by 2017
China has 71 per cent of the entire global OTT user base
Skype is costing the telecoms industry $100 million per day

Press release

September 26th 2013. tyntec, a mobile interaction specialist, has announced its latest research survey conducted in partnership with analyst house mobilesquared. This reveals that the Over The Top (OTT) communications market is set to be worth $53.7 billion and have 2.1 billion smartphone users communicating by OTT services such as WhatsApp, Skype and WeChat by 2017. The report titled ‘OTT Services Blow Up the Mobile Universe. Operators Must Act Now!’ carried out primary research involving surveyed more than 40 MNOs (mobile network operators) and MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) in 68 countries. Continue reading

wpid-7836adult_report117x153.jpg 0.25bn mobile users will view adult content by 2017

Apparently Wi-fi hotspots in cafes is the best place to do it

A report entitled ‘Mobile Adult Content: Monetisation, Technologies & Legislation 2013 – 2018‘ from Juniper Research is predicting that by 2017 some 250 million mobile phone or tablet will access adult content on their device by 2017. We’re talking porn here rather than gambling sites which also get classed as ‘adult’ by MNOs for example.  The report’s author, Siân Rowlands, alos suggests that tablet users will become more likely to access such material. And a report by AdaptiveMobile discovered that cafés and restaurants offering Wi-fi connexions do not have any restrictions in place to block such access. Continue reading

last-chance rescue attempt  - ferragu BlackBerry’s shares plummet as top analyst scorns rescue deal

Argues Prem Watsa merely seeks to salvage his own 10% stake

Shares in Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry closed more than 6 per cent lower on Nasdaq last night (25th September 2013), amid concerns that a takeover plan by former director Prem Watsa is not viable. Adding to investor fears about the company is the fact that tomorrow it announces its fiscal second-quarter results, having already warned it will report a near $1 billion loss and is meanwhile planning to abandon the consumer market. The factors combined to drive BlackBerry’s share price to just short of a year low, with it closing at a little over $8. Earlier Pierre Ferragu, an industry analyst at Bernstein Research, had cast doubts over whether the $4.7 billion buyout bid tabled by a consortium led by Prem Watsa’s Fairfax Financial would be ever completed. Continue reading