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- smith Is that a loyalty card in your mobile phone says CloudZync

Or are you just pleased to see me?

Paper was replaced by computers and now mobile phones are replacing those platic cards and vouchers that you keep in your wallet. Well, that’s according to a UK based study by CloudZync. The research, polled some 2,000 consumers and found that people now have access to more loyalty schemes on mobile devices than they do in their physical wallets. Whilst our wallets are still bulging with an average of four traditional loyalty cards, consumers now have access to six loyalty schemes on their phones, it seems. Continue reading

Greg_Shuey Guest Post: Five ingenious ways to grow app installs

by Greg Shuey, marketing strategist with youAPPi

These days, smart businesses are finding all kinds of ways to develop interesting apps that compliment their core offering. For example, take the iPhone app called What Knot from Columbia Sportswear. This app has nothing to do with outdoor apparel, but is a fantastic way to provide value to those who most likely use or will use their products in the future. The problem is, your brand is probably not as well known as Columbia Sportswear is in the USA and installs don’t come as easy as the What Knot app. So what is a small to medium sized business to do? Does this mean they should stay out of the mobile space by not creating an app at all? Nope! Continue reading

elvis kicks back Making a case for the Nokia Lumia 1020

You’re going to need a bit of protection Gadget2us says

If you are going to own a smartphone with the best camera lens in the whole business – without doubt the Nokia Lumia 1020 with its 41 megapixel camera, then you’re going to need a bit of protection as the Goodfellas would say. And it’s got to be a bit snazzy to match the image of such a ‘cool device’. Which is why here at GoMo News we became interested in a story provided to us by China based Gadget2us. Phone accessories aren’t normally our bag but we were especially amused by the site’s URL. A web site selling cases for a WP8 Lumia handset from Nokia with an address which sounds like it has close associations with BlackBerry China – We guess the firm must have started out life making accessories for BlackBerries, then. Continue reading

Daniel Weisbeck Top 10 devices have less than half global mobile web traffic

Nokia still dominates the Middle East says Netbiscuits

Building websites just for the Top Ten leading mobile devices is no longer an acceptable approach to a mobile web strategy, according to Netbiscuits. This recommendation is based on the findings of the latest Netbiscuits Web Trends report for Q3 2013. This reveals mobile web usage patterns based on more than three billion hits on the Netbiscuits platform. The Top Ten devices- including iPhone, Samsung and BlackBerry devices, only accounted for 47 per cent of total traffic on the Netbiscuits cloud platform. The report also shows that there are massive variations via region. For example, Nokia dominated in the Middle East with over a third (36 per cent) global traffic share. Continue reading

facebook-logo Facebook shares soar on the back of record profits

But decline in youngsters visiting casts shadow

Social networking site Facebook defied its critics last night [October 30th 2013] after posting record profits, most of it on the back of mobile advertising where revenues have soared more than 500 per cent in the past year. Mobile revenues in Q3 2013 hit $988 million (£617 million) from just $150 million for the third quarter of 2012 when Facebook had only just started its push into mobile. Last night [30th October 2013] in New York, shares in the company climbed up to 15 per cent higher in after-hours trading as word spread of Facebook’s record $425 million profit for the quarter [Q3 2013], pushing the social network’s stock as high as $56.45. Continue reading

Kaz Hirai’s One Sony motto is really working

by our Indian correspondent

Once one of the largest mobile phone brand in the mid 2000s, Sony fell to negligible market share in 2010. But starting in 2013, Sony is turning out to be a strong competitor again. This turnaround happened right after Kazou Hirai was named at Sony’s CEO in 2012. Kazou Hirai is famously known as the father of PlayStation. As soon as he was named as the CEO of Sony, he said, “We need to be a more focussed company.” he also coined the slogan – One Sony. Continue reading

best smartphone experience for money - maitre Orange builds on own branded smartphone range

The new Hiro – manufactured by Alcatel & 4G Yumo by Huawei

On the back of its highly successful own branded competitively priced smartphone, France Telecom/Orange has launched two new models: the Orange Yumo (made by Huawei) and the Orange Hiro manufactured by Alcatel (TCL). orange revealed that its own branded Daytona smartphone (also made by Huawei) sold 50 per cent more than all other phones sold by Orange in Spain- whether featurephones or smartphones. In fact, the handset outsold all other mobile brands. Similarly, the Orange Nivo (made by Gigabyte) was the best-selling smartphone in Romania. The Yumo is, in effect, Orange’s latest entry level 4G handset. Continue reading

papadimitrakopoulos has swipe @ blackberry Globo shares surge 13% despite botched leak of US acquisition

Beware Google indexing ‘hidden’ pages

Shares in enterprise mobility management firm, Globo, soared more than 13 per cent in London today [30th October 2013], following moves by the company to strengthen its financial reporting procedures as it gears up for expansion. Investor appetite for Globo was initially whettened earlier this month [October] by information accidentally leaked from the company’s own website hinting it was acquiring US-based Notify Technologies in a deal worth $5 million. The leak, contained on a “hidden web page” that was subsequently indexed by Google, forced Globo to issue a rushed regulatory statement admitting that while discussions had taken place, no acquisition had been completed nor was there any certainty it might. Yet a day later another statement was pushed out confirming the deal had, in fact, gone through. Continue reading

joey_ong Guest Post: Online poker via mobile comes of age

by Joey Ong, an ad exec and poker enthusiast

The thrill of the poker room is something every seasoned gambler enjoys. Thanks to modern technologies, this exciting feeling is readily available in almost every situation nowadays. As Internet gambling took off in the past decades, poker fans have enjoyed the opportunity to play online poker in the USA for real money at and other top poker websites. Now, since bigger and better smartphones and tablets crop up every day (see here), online poker has gone truly mobile. It is readily available at your finger tips thanks to a large number of free and paid-for apps. If you have not already done so, it is high time to dive into this completely new experience and discover all the perks of playing poker on the go. Continue reading

gold standard for inter platform comms - kader Waiting line to join BBM disappears

BlackBerry’s IM system on course to become No. 1 private messaging platform

As we previously reported here, BlackBerry’s official BBM client for Android and iPhone devices was downloaded over 10 million times in the first 24 hours. Now that its first week has ended, over 20 million new users have joined BBM bringing the worldwide total to more than 80 million monthly active users. Significantly, BlackBerry has transformed itself into a major player on Apple’s iTunes and Google’s Play app stores. BBM was the top free overall app in 35 countries in Google Play and in 107 countries in the iTunes App Store. It shows that BlackBerry is maintaining a strong position in markets such as Canada (no surprise); the USA; the UK and Indonesia. Now the focus is on keeping those users active. Continue reading

blackberry probably small change for zuckerberg Facebook’s ‘secret talks’ with BlackBerry hint at last minute bid

Deadline to decide on Prem Watsa’s offer just a few days’ away

The takeover battle for troubled Canadian smartphone pioneer, BlackBerry, has taken yet another twist, with news that social networking site Facebook could now be in the bidding. There are just two working days to go before BlackBerry’s board is meant to decide on the original $4.7 billion offer from former director Prem Watsa, though he has yet to name who else is in his consortium. Other rumoured suitors include Samsung, Google and Chinese giant Lenovo. Co-founder Mike Lazaridis and even former Apple CEO John Sculley have been mentioned. But with next Monday’s deadline [4th November 2013] fast looming, and at which point the BlackBerry board will need to decide on if to take Watsa’s $9 a share offer, the Wall Street Journal is now reporting a possible last-minute bid by Facebook. Continue reading

merkel hack - how was it done? GoMo changes its mind over Merkel mobile phone tap

Perhaps it was done using a phone app after all

The mystery over how exactly the USA NSA actually managed to tap German Chancellor, Angela Merkel’s mobile phone is very definitely deepening. Especially since it has emerged that – as a former East Germany resident, Merkel was all too familiar with the possibility of eavesdropping. Reportedly, as a result of this she had purchased 10,000 ‘encrypted’ handsets for herself and her staff to replace her original Nokia handset. The German publication Der Spiegel claims the surveillance took place via a special antennae dubbed ‘Einstein’. But that’s straightforward eavsdropping. So maybe there was spyware on her phone after all. Continue reading

Kinjal_Adeshara Guest Post: 5 ways to make your m-commerce business successful in emerging markets

by Kinjal Adeshara, a blogger working with Cygnet Infotech

Global sales trends are shifting and e-commerce is growing at a furious pace. According to eMarketer here, global e-commerce sales have topped 1.2 trillion dollars, and emerging markets are behind the continued expansion of e-commerce. E-commerce has matured in the Western markets, and it is gradually reaching a point of saturation. But, there is a tremendous scope for ecommerce and m-commerce in emerging markets like India, China, Russia and Brazil [BRIC countries]. Most of the growth in digital sales will come from emerging markets. Continue reading

HTC One The future of HTC looking bleak

Rumoured  to be building smartphone line for Amazon

Financially, HTC is in dire straits as the once-mighty manufacturer is fighting to stay relevant in a market in which Samsung has become the runaway leader, writes our Indian correspondent – Asif Shaik. HTC, on the other hand, is having a disastrous year even after launching the HTC One, which critics agree to be the best smartphone of the year, thanks to excellent all-round performance and design. Samsung still managed to sell over 40 million units of Galaxy S4 due to better marketing, supply-chain and pricing strategy while HTC was still stuck with manufacturing and assembly issues. Continue reading

wolfson now found inside audio hubs Wolfson technology now in most Chinese phones

Still building on relationship with Samsung

UK audio chip maker Wolfson Microelectronics says its Q3 [2013] results were more or less in line with expectations. They came with reduced revenues of $43.9 million against $53 million for the same period last year [2012], and gross profits of 43 per cent compared to 47 per cent for Q3 2012. Earlier this month Wolfson’s shares nosedived after it admitted future revenues would be hit by product cancellations at a major customer, thought to be BlackBerry. Continue reading