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white_space_tv White space usage set to explode in 2014

GoMo News’ own prediction for growth of M2M based on white space tech

Here at GoMo News Towers, we’d just had a tip-off that ‘white space’ will become a really hot technology in 2014. In essence, white space takes advantage of the unused gaps in usage of licensed radio frequencies. It’s like putting the blank lines on a printed page to good use. The free RF frequency spaces are, however, being chiefly utilised for machine -to-machine (M2M) purposes – rather than mobile broadband. One of the biggest markets for white space technology, however, is proving to be the USA. But – as we discovered very quickly, there’s a serious dearth of information on the subject. Continue reading

neul_logo Neul launches world’s first production white space radio system

[Note: This item has been published for readers' reference]

Delivering up to 16Mbit/s at 10km, Neul is set to revolutionise M2M comms and local broadband delivery

Press release

13th June 2011. Neul, a company offering products and services for the globally emerging TV white space spectrum, has announced the launch of NeulNET. NeulNET is the first production wireless radio system that is designed to use free, high quality white space spectrum, delivering fast, reliable wireless connections over long distances. NeulNET promises to revolutionise machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, local broadband delivery, smart meter communications and the ‘internet of everything’. The NeulNET system is available for order. Continue reading

there had to be an easy way - watkins There is gold in them there video mobile ads

A chat with Coull’s founder Irfon Watkins convinces us

There’s has got to be a way to crack making money out of video based advertising in the mobile arena and a quick chat with Irfon Watkins – who is CEO and founder of Coull, convinced  GoMo News that he’s definitely found a way. We agreed entirely with Watkins when he argued that in reality ‘pre-roll’ (showing an advert before the actual video starts) is not the way. So what Coull has come up with is a simple bit of scripting for content owners to insert into their web sites. The clever bit is the way in which Coull is able to use this to still highly target mobile users with ads. Continue reading

first time in the world it's been done - Verma More hope for NFC as London’s Tube goes contactless

We’re not entirely convinced that Vodafone’s Smart PASS really did launch

As evidence of the continuing surge behind NFC (near Field Communication), you couldn’t get much clearer than Vodafone’s recent announcement of its Mobile Wallet service launch in Spain. (See here). We’ve visited the Vodafone Spain site and there’s no sign of it. We’ve searched for both SmartPass and Smart PASS and could find nothing. Also Google Play reports that the Vodafone app is not available in our country (UK). Try it for yourself here. Anyway what we have learnt is that London’s Underground is definitely going contactless. Continue reading

evidence that faster speeds have shaken up mobile - culpin Orange Exposure research points to significant shift in consumer usage patterns with advent of 4G

Early insight that faster 4G networks are igniting uptake in m-commerce and encouraging broader mobile use
Mobile now central to how people shop, with ‘showrooming’ on the rise as people use their mobile to search for best deals
Mobile apps increasingly used to access internet over browser
Android’s dominance over iOS continues for second year running, with leap in tablet market share

Press release

November 29th 2013. Orange has announced the results of Orange Exposure 2013/2014 – an annual independent study by TNS into media habits across UK, France and Spain. This year’s study takes an early look at the impact of 4G networks on consumer behaviour – exploring how this has already significantly shifted usage patterns. The report also explores the role of mobile alongside other devices and touch-points in consumers’ shopping habits. In addition, it reveals how apps are increasingly becoming the de facto route to the internet, over the browser. Finally, Orange Exposure finds that Android’s dominance is now evident in the tablet market. Continue reading

MNOs offer the only ubiquitous messaging service - Amedume Guest Post: Monetising mobile messaging in an OTT world

by Koby Amedume, global director of communication, Acision

It is no secret that recouping significant infrastructure investments, including deployment of 4G spectrum is a priority for mobile operators globally. In the race to differentiate service offerings to acquire and retain customers, identifying the technologies and services that will enable operators to be more agile will be vital in boosting customer loyalty, service innovation and revenue assurance. Operators are also looking to reduce costs, minimise customer churn, and respond to outside business threats such as revenue leakage on their networks and challenges presented by OTT apps and internet players. Continue reading

jim_mullen_ladbrokes Gambling is the new frontier for generating revenues from mobile

Ladbrokes moves its own team in with the Chelsea Apps Factory

Ever since the early days of WAP, gambling has proved to be one of the most popular non-voice uses for mobile phones. It seems that the Big Boys are all waking up to this and it was no surprise to learn this week that market leading Ladbrokes has teamed up with Chelsea Apps Factory. This mobile specialist had previously been associated with arch-rival, William Hill. This decision comes on top of an earlier announcement that Ladbrooks will be using Playtech’s proven Mobenga mobile platform. Interestingly as of next month [December 2013] Ladbrokes own mobile sportsbook team will be co-located in at the Chelsea Apps Factory’s London hub. Continue reading

mwc attendees need dual sim phones Major handset vendor decides to offer Dual SIM phone in UK

GoMo cheekily claims responsibility for this one

The power of the Press, eh? Surely it cannot be a co-incidence that GoMo News recently wrote ‘Why Dual SIM phones aren’t just for emerging markets‘. Here we pointed out that Dual SIM phones are just as useful in developed markets as they are in emerging markets. That article followed a story from our Indian correspondent, Asif Shaik, explaining that ‘Dual-SIM mobiles phones are wildly popular in India‘.( A report we commissioned). Shaik singled out in particular the HTC One. So guest what? Taiwan’s HTC has just announced that it is to start selling its HTC One with a dual SIM option in the UK for the first time. It’s nice to be proved so right. Continue reading

- malachard Tablets double share of ad impressions & iPads surge ahead, Adfonic reveals

Report also finds that Apple is pulling ahead of the pack
Premium publications make more inventory available on Real-time Bidding exchanges

Press release

27th November 2013– Adfonic, the smart buying platform, has released its Q3 2013 Global AdMetrics Report showing that tablets have doubled their share of mobile ad impressions over the past year, and that within the tablet format, Apple’s iPad in particular gained share. Tablets’ share of overall impressions grew from 14 per cent in Q4 2012 to 28 per cent in Q3 2013, while the iPad’s share of tablet impressions grew from 58 per cent to 76 per cent over the same period. This indicates growing iPad dominance within a growing format. Continue reading

successfully compete with OTT brands - windle MNOs urged to be more innovative by Opencloud

Fight the OTT players with new services such as call filtering

The shift to 4G is happening much faster than with 3G. According to the GSMA, there will be one billion subscribers using 4G networks by 2017. Plus research by the European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association (ETNO) revealed that the European telecoms industry has seen accelerated decline in revenues this year [2013]. However, software supplier OpenCloud reckons that there is still a massive opportunity for operators to claw back revenue. In order to do so, they must differentiate themselves through innovation, the company argues. OpenCloud maintains that despite investments in LTE, mobile network operators [MNOs] are badly lacking true innovation. Continue reading

get a cheap WP8 phone from giffgaff - lumia 520 UK MVNO giffgaff moves into handsets

Lumias & Q10 in there as well as usual Samsungs

An interesting tip-off from a UK GoMo reader who has just decided to ‘churn’ from O2 over to the internet-only MVNO – giffgaff. The company has now decided to offer its customers access to some 18 SIM-free handsets. They can pay for the handsets using credit (hire purchase) or buy them for a one-off fee. Which is interesting since it shows Brits the true cost of some of the leading smartphones. In the UK, most of these handsets are available to contract (postpaid) customers and are therefore heavily subsidised. The MVNOs choice of handsets is also revealing. Continue reading

Michael_Tessler Guest Post: Battle for LTE – US MNOs steal march on Europeans

by Michael Tessler, President and CEO, BroadSoft

With the Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSMA) recently confirming there are 200 commercial LTE networks in 76 countries, one cannot deny that LTE rollouts are increasing on a global scale. In particular, the last six months represents an important milestone for LTE in some of the world’s most developed markets. Living up to their global reputation as important centres for mobile innovation, the United States of America (USA) and the European Union (EU) have made significant inroads in rolling out LTE services in 2013. Nevertheless, the question remains – which geographical market has the greatest potential for mobile network operators to recoup their original LTE investment? Continue reading

Chinese anti-trust probe sends Qualcomm shares plummeting

US chip giant Qualcomm saw its shares plunge 2 per cent on Wall Street last night [25th November 2013] after it was revealed how Chinese investigators had launched a probe into its activities in the People’s Republic.
The move by regulators comes as Qualcomm gears up for the launch of high-speed LTE networks in China, where the chip leader has established an early start and holds important patents.
Later, Qualcomm issued a statement admitting that the probe by China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) involved the country’s Anti-Monopoly Law, but adding that it was “not aware of any charge” by the regulators that it had violated the law. Continue reading

lumia 1520 costs $700 Full Tech specs Nokia Lumia 1520

Full technical profile for 1520

Operating System: Windows Phone 8 with the latest updates
Networks: GSM/EDGE: 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz | WCDMA: 850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz | ROW LTE :1, 3, 7, 8, 20 | USA LTE: 2, 4, 5, 7, 17 / LTE | HSPA+: DL 42 Mbps (Cat 24) / UL 11.5 Mbps (Cat 7)
Speed: LTE 150/50 mbps, DC-HSPA 42mbps
HERE location and mapping services: Free global HERE Maps and HERE Drive+; Free HERE Transit available in the Store Continue reading

Lumia_1520 Nokia says the 1520 is sort of available in UK

False alarm – we thought it was a new model

It’s called kipping [sleeping] on the job. Here at GoMo Towers we thought that Nokia had suddenly added another new handset to its Lumia range. Then we suddenly realised the company was simply announcing the UK availability of the Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet. From Friday 6th December 2013. Ho-Hum. Anyway, this is Nokia’s first smartphone with a 6 inch high definition display. At least Nokia gives us some idea of the pricing. The Nokia Lumia 1520 will be available to purchase by UK consumers on contract from approximately £38 per month from O2 retail, Vodafone on-line, Carphone Warehouse, Phones4u and independent retailers via Micro-P. At least it will be out in time for the Xmas present buying rush. BlackBerry take note. Continue reading