2014 maybe the last time that MWC Barcelona dominates cellular

Only 11 days left to get yourself there

GoMo News had an extremely interesting chat with a leading industry analyst (who has asked not to be named) about the future of the Mobile World Congress [MWC] Barcelona show. It takes place in 11 days time – Februay 24th – 27th [2014]. The thrust of the discussion is that the centre of power within the cellular world has shifted away from Europe and is now concentrated in Asia – with China, Korea and Taiwan being the key countries. Consequently, the lure of coming to Europe to discuss the future of cellular is fading.

Thus 2014 could be the last time that Barcelona as a venue dominates the cellular conference schedule. So don’t miss you chance to attend this one! Register here.

In the heyday of cellular, Europe was the obvious place to locate the industry’s largest show and conference.

Europe was home to the then largest MNO [Mobile Network Operator] in the shape of Vodafone. Now it its China’s China Mobile.

The dominant mobile handset manufacturer was Finland’s Nokia. Now it is Korea’s Samsung and LG, along with Taiwan’s HTC.

Sweden’s Ericsson dominated cellular infrastructure provision alongside the likes of Finland’s Nokia and Germany’s Siemens. Now China’s Huawei and ZTE are the major challengers.

Europe even used to have a prominent mobile chip supplier in the shape of ST Ericsson but now Taiwan’s Mediatek is the major challenger.

So there is a convincing argument for a shift towards a big cellular show in Asia. How about the GSMA’s alternative event to MWC – Mobile Asia Expo which will take place in Shanghai, China between 11th-13th June 2014?

Hong Kong would perhaps be a better location because its easier to get a visa to rather than Shanghai.

The USA is, of course, the dark horse. It’s home to dominant cellular chip maker Qualcomm and mobile OS giants Google and Microsoft.

We were going to suggest that Las Vegas – which is surely the world’s conference centre capital, would be the main rival. But the CTIA hasn’t announced details for a 2015 event yet.

If we were to place a bet, though – Hong Kong in 2015 would be our hot tip.

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