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seismic shift  - prins Retailers are leading the way in mobile payments

Retail sector migrating rapidly to mobile optimised web says Adyen

An extremely interesting insight into how the online transactions industry is progressing was provided when GoMo News met with Roelant Prins, Chief Commerce Officer, with Adyen. Prins joined the company when it was just a Dutch company but now Adyen is truly global. Although Adyen supports no fewer than 250 payment methods, Prins was sharing his company’s knowledge of what is happening in the mobile sector with us. Data from the just released third Adyen Mobile Payments Index showed that mobile contributed an average of 18.5 per cent to global transactions over the four months of September to December [2013]. Continue reading

Adyen_payments-index Adyen Mobile Payment Index reveals mobile payments climb to 19.5% of transactions globally

Adyen sees total mobile growth of 55% year-over-year with tablet use soaring, up 36% in transaction volume for the retail sector & overall the preferred device for high value payments

Press release

January 30th 2014 Adyen, the global provider of international and multichannel payment solutions, has announced findings from the third Adyen Mobile Payments Index covering the period September to December 2013. The Index shows mobile payments accounted for almost 20 per cent of all transactions worldwide in December, growth of 55 per cent in a year, up from 12.6 per cent the previous December. Continue reading

motorola_lenovo Google sells handset division to Lenovo for bargain basement price

Loses billions as it sheds Motorola biz that it acquired in only 2012

Google has agreed to sell its handset division to Chinese giant Lenovo less than two years after its foray into mobile phones, ostensibly surrendering to a market that proved too competitive. Under the deal, announced last night [29th January 2013] Motorola Mobility will be sold to Lenovo for $2.91 billion, vastly less than the $12.5 billion Google paid to buy the business in May 2012 when the smartphone patent battles were at their height. Then, Motorola’s trove of 17,000 patents was the main attraction for Google, though its hardware business was seen as an extra incentive, giving Google the chance to make its own branded devices against the likes of Apple, Nokia and BlackBerry. Continue reading

- dearsley GCHQ can determine your sexuality from Angry birds

Or so a Guardian article claims – while mobile ads get the blame

According to a report in the UK’s Guardian, here, the USA’s National Security Agency and its UK counterpart – GCHQ, have been developing capabilities to take advantage of what it described as “leaky” smartphone apps. In the frame was the popular Angry Birds game. Guess who is taking the blame for smartphone personal information leaking out? That’s right, the mobile advertising industry which provides SDKs to app developers. That way they can at least make some money out of their ‘free’ software. Below, Kroll Ontrack and Zscaler comment on the revelations. Continue reading

- Neidhoefer Netbiscuits report confirms that size does matter

Er, screen size that is

In its latest Web Trends report, Netbiscuits has confirmed that screen size really does matter. Rather than basing itself on estimated device sales numbers – as IDC does, the company works from real data on mobile web usage. The report concludes that the average screen size within the Top Ten devices has increased from 3.9 to 4.2 inches. Which gives credence to a recent Wall Street Journal report suggesting that Apple is intending to release 4.5 and 5 inch variant of the iPhone. It may also be why Apple is doing badly in Asia proper. Continue reading

netbiscuits Samsung & LG take another bite out of Apple

Latest Netbiscuits Global Web Trends report

Samsung and LG gain ground as Apple stagnate, while BlackBerry mobile web usage nose dives and Nokia consolidates

Consumers show an appetite for bigger screens, as ‘mobile for everything’ philosophy starts to influence leading vendors’ design strategies

China iPhone launch can’t come soon enough for Apple, as Samsung, LG and local brands dominate consumer web usage in Asian market

Press release

January 29th 2014. Netbiscuits, has released its latest quarterly Web Trends report, revealing big mobile traffic gains for Samsung and LG year-on-year, as Apple device usage stagnated and BlackBerry dropped to its lowest levels to date. The report, based on a sample of over a billion web hits per month rather than device sales figures, also revealed that consumers turned to devices with bigger screens in 2013, placing more pressure on brands to deliver consistent web experiences to an increasingly fragmented market. Continue reading

key benefit of the cloud - wickes Cloudview seeks to replace analogue CCTV with VSaaS

Solution ideally suited to mobile sector resellers

Generally speaking, CCTV users remain stubbornly attached to their analogue systems. By contrast, digital IP systems still accounting for just over a fifth of new installations. Yet the global CCTV market has been expanding at a CAGR of around 20 per cent since 2012 and is expected to reach almost $23.5 billion by the end of 20141. However, Cloudview reckons it has the answer in the shape of VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service. Significantly, the system is ideally suited to mobile resellers.Not only does it support traditional wired, but Wi-fi and 3G/4G connectivity, too. Continue reading

cloudview_logo Cloudview announces cost-effective and easy to deploy solution, designed to bring analogue CCTV systems into the digital age

Innovative Cloudview VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) solution adds remote monitoring, wireless connectivity and other digital benefits to analogue CCTV without the need for additional skills or infrastructure investment

Press release

Jan 28th 2014. Cloudview has announced the launch of the world’s first corporate-grade surveillance solution designed to deliver the benefits of IP and cloud-based technology without the associated costs or complexity. The global CCTV market has been expanding at a CAGR of around 20 per cent since 2012 and is expected to reach almost $23.5 billion by the end of 20141. Continue reading

-buckingham - waiting for argentina peso to stabilise Mobile Streams issues profit warning amid Argentine Peso mayhem

Shares plunge more than a third, wiping millions off cap

Britain’s Mobile Streams, which describes itself as world’s biggest independent content retailer, has issued a profit warning following the recent devaluation of the Argentine Peso. The news sent the stock plunging in early trading today [29th January 2014], sending them down a massive 34 per cent to just 41 pence. The company, whose vast majority of subscribers are based in the South American country, was hit two years ago when the Argentinian government imposed strict rules on foreign exchange movements, making it difficult for firms like Mobile Streams to get their money out. Unable to repatriate profits, the company’s share price has plunged in the past year. Continue reading

- reith Smartphone shipments crash through the one billion barrier

But demand for ever cheaper handsets threatens Apple and Samsung margins

Smartphone shipments topped the one billion mark globally for the first time in 2013, climbing 38.4 per cent from the previous year, latest figures from IDC reveal. It means that smartphones now account for more than half of all mobiles shipped, though the emergence of low cost versions now threatens the profits margins of the two biggest manufacturers – Apple and Samsung. IDC’s figures suggest an even more gloomy future for Apple whose market share fell from 18.7 per cent to 15.3 percent year-on-year, trailing Samsung whose share edged up 1 per cent to 31.3 per cent – making it the world’s biggest smartphone vendor. Continue reading

fundamental requirement for 5G is ultra-high availability - skinner Telecoms firms will create more jobs than other sectors says Barclays

Barclays Bank survey paints bright picture for UK

In the UK, leading banking company, Barclays, has discovered that the telecoms sector is the most likely to be taking on new staff. The Barclays ‘employers survey 2014′ has revealed that 77 per cent of the telecoms companies surveyed will be creating new roles (vs 69 per cent in 2013 ). The greatest number of all the sectors surveyed. It is also the sector most likely to increase wages in the year ahead, with 77 per cent reporting that it would do so. The Barclays survey questioned almost 700 UK businesses. Continue reading

paul_gubbins AdBrain steals Gubbins from Weve

François Deschênes from InMobi Analytics & Elisa Huh from Turn

It seems thatAdbrain , which claims to be the advertising industry’s first self-service, real-time, multi-screen ad platform, has acquired a whole bunch of new talent. Topping the list is Weve’s former head of display, Paul Gubbins. He’s followed by InMobi’s, François Deschênes and Elisa Huh from Turn. The new recruits should ensure Adbrain continues on its rapid growth trajectory in the lead up to its beta launch. Continue reading

92%  of Apple fanbois send themselves a birthday greeting Top Ten things users don’t know about their iPhone

We can’t believe some fanbois don’t know about the torch function
92% of Apple fanbois send themselves a birthday greeting
Researchers for recently gave 650 Apple iPhone users a list of ten features and asked if they were aware of their existence. The results were intriguing. Topping the poll was the ability to use [...]

- heywood Industry reaction to Virgin Media’s VIP Plus

UK MVNO is the 1st to offer 08 numbers for SIM only

The UK’s premier MVNO [Mobile Virtual Network Operator], Virgin Media, has become the first operator to offer inclusive calls to 08 numbers on a 30 day, SIM Only mobile contract. This is a significant move forward because non-geographic numbers such as 08 are expensive for the many Brits who only possess a mobile rather than fixed line phone. Ernest Doku, the mobile expert with, observes, “This new VIP Plus deal shows that Virgin Media turning its attention to those costly non-geographic numbers and has managed to make the best even better.” Continue reading

stephenson - in talks @ davos AT&T rules out Vodafone takeover – or does it?

Britain’s Takeover Panel forces statement after fevered rumours
Vodafone shares drop sharply in early trading

Frenzied speculation out of Davos that AT&T might be planning an imminent bid for Vodafone were today [27th January 2014] slapped down by the US operator, ahead of the London market opening. When trading did commence, the denial immediately wiped millions of Vodafone’s cap, sending shares plunging by more than 7 per cent to 216 pence. Rumours started flying when it emerged that Randall Stephenson, AT&T’s CEO, had met the EU Telecoms Commissioner Neelie Kroes at the World Economic Forum to discuss his ambition to become a major player in Europe, at the same time sounding out the Commission’s receptiveness to a possible takeover of a firm the size of Vodafone. Continue reading