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iBall Andi range Ask Asif: This week Xolo, Moto G, Gionee, Sony, iBall, & MMX

Here our resident handset expert, Asif Iqbal Shaik, answers readers’ questions.
Asif works for the highly respected Indian mobile phone price comparison website –

The web offers plenty of information about handsets supplied by the big names such as Samsung, LG, Motorola, Nokia and Apple. However, Indian smartphone local brands like iBall, Micromax, Lava, Xolo and Karbonn plus China’s Oppo, Gionee, Meizu, Coolpad and Xiaomi get much less exposure. GoMo News can remedy this with our new Ask Asif feature. Continue reading

paul_routledge Guest Post: Meeting the demands for the smarter home

by Paul Routledge, senior business manager with D-Link

Thanks to our new found attachment to smartphones and always-on access to the digital world, we have become impatient for ever more information and control. Vendors everywhere are scrambling to develop yet more devices to enable us to access, monitor and manage our homes when we’re not there. We can already keep an eye our homes using IP cameras. We can also stream music and films from home servers and monitor and control use of our networks when we’re out, but that just isn’t enough, so soon we’ll be able to do a whole lot more. But why is the home automation market suddenly flourishing? Continue reading

- dyson 3UK admits to shyness on its 4G/LTE roll-out

Dyson keen not to over-promise & under-deliver

Talk about rolling out your 4G/LTE network in stealth mode, in Blighty [GB], Three (3UK) – the UK mobile network operator [MNO], is almost silent about the fact that it is quietly turning on 4G in UK cities and tons. 3UK’s CEO, Dave Dyson, just spelt out the reason why to GoMo News. He’s acutely aware that research has shown that in the UK, the MNOs are trusted less by the average Brit than the Banks. Which is really going for it! So, he’s extremely anxious not to “over-promise and under-deliver” on 4G. Continue reading

Global_Health_Shangai Global Mobile Health Summit Shanghai 2014

[ May 8, 2014 8:00 am to May 9, 2014 7:00 pm. ] Organisers: China Decision Makers Consultancy (CDMC)
Venue: Renaissance Shanghai Caohejing Hotel
Location: Shanghai, China

Register for more information here

Hosted by the Shanghai Mobile Internet Promotion Centre and support by related Chinese authorities, the title of the summit is ‘Mobility changes Healthcare Industry’. It is the only international event concentrating on mobile healthcare market in China. Continue reading

heavy footprint in telecoms - cockett Acision forges communications for enterprise and developer community

One API delivers powerful, rich communication services for mobile devices, browsers and applications

February 24th 2014. Acision, a global leader in mobile services, has announced the launch of Forge by Acision, a rich application programming interface (API) that gives operators, enterprises and developers the power to create advanced communication features in their applications, all from the cloud. As a flexible communications framework, Forge enables accelerated application development with SMS, IP Messaging and Voice connectivity, intelligent routing as well as both mobile and web coverage, allowing enterprises to actively build new innovative services to grow and manage engagement opportunities. Continue reading

Yuqiang_Deng3 Sungy Mobile announces acquisition of mobile ad network

Press release

February 12th 2014. Sungy Mobile, a leading provider of mobile internet products and services globally with a focus on applications and mobile platform development, has announced that it had recently acquired GetJar, a privately held mobile ad network based in California for $5.3 million in cash. The company may also issue up to an aggregate of 1,443,074 Class A ordinary shares to the seller of GetJar by early 2016 as earnout payments if certain performance targets are achieved. In addition, the company will grant certain equity incentives to the management and key personnel of GetJar who will be employed by the company. Continue reading

- pujol MWC: Highlights already emerging including those from IDATE

It isn’t all over until the fat lady sings, of course

Although the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona isn’t officially over until the end of the day [February 27th 2014], a rather cheeky Frédéric Pujol, director of the telecom business unit at IDATE has already sent GoMo News his highlights of the show. He’s picked some very obvious soft targets such as wearable technologies. However, Pujol does mention 5G as well which has been somewhat drowned out amongst the other announcements. DATE itself has, of course, just recently published updates on the subjects of LTE and M2M. Continue reading

Clone_phone EE’s Clone Phone – nice idea when it works

Hardware clinic: Free phone backup service has issues

On paper, the Clone Phone service from UK MNO EE is a ready great idea. All you need to do is download the Clone Phone app – and there are version for Apple’s iOS; Google’s Android and BlackBerry. Once you run the app, in effect you are storing all of you handset’s data in the cloud so if you do have the misfortune to lose your handset or have it stolen, then you can get all of your handset’s data back. Even better news as GoMo News just discovered, if you migrate from the old orange or T-Mobile brands over to EE and take up a 4GEE plan, you get the Clone Phone Lite service for free. So what can possibly go wrong? Answer – the app doesn’t work with all Android & BlackBerry phones for starters. Continue reading

Facebook-Skype Facebook could earn $800m from a Skype copy says Strand

If Facebook/WhatsApp get into VoIP it’s bad news for MNOs

Without even mentioning the recent WhatsApp announcement, John Strand of Denmark’s Strand Consult argues that if it should decide to introduce cheap voice calls (via VoIP), Facebook could potentially blow Microsoft’s Skype right out of the water. As he says, “f you can talk to friends in Facebook, why would you need to use Skype?” Look at the facts. Facebook is already the world’s largest communications provider with over 1 billion users. It’s a platform where people communicate by voice, text and data. At $175 billion it has a larger market cap that any mobile network operator [MNO], save for China Mobile or Vodafone. And logically, Skype could be one of the first victims of Facebook’s entry to the VoIP market. Continue reading

jon_banks2 Guest Post: High Street of future isn’t really that far away

by Jon Banks, director of payments solutions, The Logic Group

What will the High Street look like in the future? This question is often found in retail conversations, following the rocky ride retailers have faced over the past few years. A ‘High Street of the future’ is often viewed as the Holy Grail of success, where retailers find welcome relief from the recent economic twists and turns, and can finally stand up to the threatening shadow cast by online shopping giants. But is this future High Street an over simplified vision of what our High Streets could look like, glossing over the journey that needs to happen before reaching this Nirvana? Continue reading

lead the rich communication charge - hernandez Fuze by Acision is World’s first rich communication client with WebRTC Integration

Acision’s OTT app provides messaging, sharing and beyond for superior user experience and new revenue generation opportunities

Press release

February 2014. Acision, a global leader in mobile services, has announced the launch of Fuze, its new all-in-one, telco-friendly rich communication client for messaging, sharing and beyond. Fuze combines all of today’s over-the-top (OTT) messaging capabilities such as chat, file sharing, video and VoIP, alongside integration with WebRTC, content channels and ‘See-What-I-See’, as well as a unique split screen user experience (UX) for media sharing and easy content drag & drop. Fuze is RCS compliant, so meets standards set by the GSMA, and includes SMS and MMS fall back, allowing users to interact with friends without Fuze or when a broadband data connection is unavailable. Continue reading

mobile_voip Cheap voice calls specialist introduces an app for Nokia Asha phones

Symbian is dead so long live Nokia’s Series 40

With the news that WhatsApp is considering offering its users free calls and the fact that arch rival LINE already offers such free calls, it’s easy to forget that in the majority of cases, consumers still have to pay for ‘cheap’ international calls. The technology which makes these calls possible is, of course, VoIP [Voice over IP]. Although Skype has its own flavour of the technology, VoIP is what it utilises to provide cheap callers for its subscribers, for example. However, Skype doesn’t suit everyone and it certainly does cover all mobile platforms. Which is where cheap phone call software specialist – Mobile VOIP comes in. And guess what – Mobile VOIP has just announced that it now has a VoIP client for Nokia’s S40 Asha (Series 40) range of handsets. Continue reading

- ekholm Improve you brand and revenue with iPad apps

Think of it as a completely different channel

Attendees at the Publishing & Media show at Earls Court London yesterday [February 25th 2014] were more likely than many to focus on iPad rather than smartphone apps. A presentation by one of the founders of mag+, Staffan Ekholm, focussed on how you might use this particular platform to build both your revenue and your brand.He proposed that a device-specific focus could bring significant rewards. Continue reading

- Hartley MWC: Vodafone & Huawei link up could prove big boost for cellular

It’s all about carrier aggregation

Decisions which can radically affect the course of the cellular industry are frequently announced at MWC and 2014 is no exception. However, although a Vodafone & Huawei, link up could provide a really big boost for the cellular sector, its significance could be lost because it involves network infrastructure not devices. Nonetheless, it is a breakthrough. The pair have proved it’s possible to combine what were previously regarded as disparate resources – FDD and TDD LTE spectrum. Not only that but in this case the partners are promising impressive speeds – over 500Mbit/s. Continue reading

ca enable us to utilise spectrum efficiently - salvadori MWC: Huawei & Vodafone jointly unveil world’s 1st FDD & TDD convergence carrier aggregation

MWC: Huawei & Vodafone jointly unveil world’s 1st FDD & TDD convergence carrier aggregation

Press release

February 25th 2014. Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, has announced it will jointly unveil with Vodafone the world’s first LTE-Advanced FDD+TDD Convergence Carrier Aggregation (CA) solution at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 in Barcelona. Following the successful demonstration of the world’s first LTE-A HetNet Carrier Aggregation (CA) at Mobile World Congress last year [201], Vodafone and Huawei are poised to mark another milestone in the development and commercialisation of LTE-Advanced network technology by achieving a single user peak downlink speed of more than 500 Mbit/s – the world’s fastest, at this year’s MWC. Continue reading