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White_Nights_14 5th White Nights mobile games conference Russia

[ June 26, 2014 9:00 am to June 27, 2014 9:00 am. ] Organisers: Nevosoft
Venue: Park Inn Pulkovskaya Hotel
Location: St Petersburg, Russia
Twitter: #Wkconf

Register: here

This mobile games conference is an international mobile game development and marketing event. The White Knights conference attract influential professionals and developers in the mobile game industry. Continue reading

pathetic_orange Orange UK centre agent in SMS gaffe

Um, don’t call a subscriber “pathetic” by text

It’s the sort of gaffe [social error] which all mobile network operators [MNOs] must dread. A call centre agent who was blatantly fed up with an existing customer told her exactly what he/she felt. Via SMS (text). The agent allegedly sent UK customer, Emma Townsend, a text which read, “You are sooo PATHETIC.” Now, GoMo News feels for call centre agents who constantly have to deal with irate customers who can become very rude and abusive indeed. It’s one thing to be frustrated but an entirely different thing to commit your feelings to the digital world by send the customer a furious text (SMS). Continue reading

android_settings_menu Google thinks that AdMob is a dirty word

GoMo tardily finds how to disable keyboard offensive word blocking

Here at GoMo Towers we were shocked to find that Google’s Android mobile OS has been trained to omit the word AdMob by its offensive word blocker. The same applies to other Google owned words like ‘Chromebook’ and ‘Zagat. Which seems strange since Google acquired AdMob – the mobile ad company, as long ago as 2010. However, it seems we are way behind the times because back in December 2013 Wired traced the omission of words like AdMob back to a 165,000 word dictionary in Android 4.4 (KitKat) here. At least GoMo News has discovered how to turn the facility off. Continue reading

smartphone landscape changing rapidly - maitre Orange aims to repeat success of Alcatel Pixi in AMEA region

Pixi 2 will retail from $60 with data, voice and SMS offers

Orange has launched a new smartphone which is specifically targeted at consumers across its Middle East and African markets. The new smartphone – the Alcatel Onetouch Pixi 2 aims to repeat the success of its predecessor, the original Pixi. Nearly 250,000 of these handsets were sold in six months as it rapidly became the most popular smartphone in Orange shops in Africa and the Middle East. Presently one out of every five smartphones sold by Orange in the AMEA region is now an Alcatel smartphone. It will retail from $60 with data, voice and SMS offers. Continue reading

weightless' web - key speaker M2M & IoT to offer revenue replacement for MNOs

Good idea to attend Digital Services Congress next week

It seems that currently everywhere mobile network operators [MNOs] turn, their revenues are being eroded. The EU has hit roaming revenues hard in Europe and the OTT players are impacting revenues from SMS. The one place where MNOs hold a key advantage is in the area of machine-to-machine communications [M2M] and its younger brother – the Internet of Things [IoT]. The key lies in identifying where the growth will come from. GoMo News has a key recommendation – especially for those who happen to be in London, England next week (2nd-4th June 2014). Why not visit the Digital Services Congress? Continue reading

Ask Asif: More worries about service Xolo offers

This week our resident Indian handset market expert – Asif Shaik, from – the recommendation web site, answers readers questions. They’re mostly about Indian handset brands such as Xolo.

Anand asks

I wish to buy a Xolo phone but the reviews about their after sale service and the handset is worst than anything. What do you suggest?

Asif Shaik replies

Hi Anand,

Some of the Xolo devices do offer great value for money. I do not suggest buying any smartphone from Indian manufacturers, including Xolo, unless there isn’t any viable option from well-known brands in the respective price range. Continue reading

never dreamed it would be such an obstacle - bajc Release of Inmarsat data raises more questions than answers

Plane also failed to answer two satellite phone calls

Responding to calls from friends and relatives of those travelling on the missing Malaysian flight MH370, the Malaysian government and British satellite firm Inmarsat have released the data used to determine the path of the plane. The controversy seems to centre on the methodology used in the ‘Doppler’ analysis that ruled out the Northern corridor. That would have put MH370 on a flight path between Thailand and Kazakhstan. There’s also speculation about why 20 employees of chip company Freescale were on that flight. Continue reading

delivering compelling live music - soane Orange pumps up its music content through LoveLive alliance

Music data streaming to mobile devices at no extra charge

Orange Music Live service will offer live video streaming of major international artists and video-on-demand from the popular music Orange Warsaw Festival (June 13th-15th 2014) in Poland. The MNO [Mobile Network Operator] has struck a deal with music media company, LoveLive, to live stream selected highlights from the festival. Orange Music Live will be available across eight European countries including: – France, Poland, Spain, Romania, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Armenia and Moldova. Sadly not the UK, it seems. But then it does sponsor Glastonbury through EE. Continue reading

constantly striving to deliver unique experiences - marigny Orange partners with LoveLive to provide pan-European live video streaming of the Orange Warsaw Festival

Orange Music Live to offer live video streaming of major international artists and video-on-demand from the popular music festival in Poland

Available to Orange customers in eight European countries with additional benefits including discounted tickets and data streaming to mobile devices at no extra charge

Press release

May 27th 2014. Orange has announced its partnership with music media company, LoveLive, to live stream selected highlights from the Orange Warsaw Festival (June 13th-15th 2014), a major European music event that Orange has sponsored since 2008. Orange is the first operator to partner with LoveLive to provide live music streaming across Europe. Orange Music Live will be available across eight European countries including France, Poland, Spain, Romania, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Armenia and Moldova providing selected live video streaming of performances by major international artists, to be unveiled in the coming weeks. Continue reading

Contextual_services Moto fans should install Contextual Services

A good idea for increasing the Motorola’s location detection

The other day a little message popped up on our loan Motorola G indicating that a custom facility for Motorola Android handsets needed an update. It’s called Motorola Contextual services. We read the benefits derived from installing the updated version and they were – “Added support for location detection and improved driving detection using audio.” Sounded intriguing especially since the software is designed to work with the Motorola Assist and Motorola Touchless Control apps. It also shows that Google is still working away at improving the Motorola brand even though it intends to sell the division to Lenovo. Continue reading

4 walls of an office no longer exist- harding Ping Identity delivers mobile app for single sign-on access to thousands of applications from any device

One-click access for business apps with the security controls that IT requires

Press release

May 22nd 2014. Ping Identity, the identity security company, has announced a native mobile application that delivers single sign-on (SSO) access to thousands of applications from any device. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets, the PingOne app gives users a simple yet secure way to access corporate resources via their smartphone or tablet without compromising security and compliance requirements. Continue reading

apple has proximity ads sewn up -akka Guest Post: Mobility culture shock

by David Akka, UK md with Magic Software

Mobile is not just a fad technology, it will change business culture as we know it. Some executives see mobility as a potentially destructive development that threatens security and control over enterprise data. Others perceive mobility as a tool for streamlining existing IT services and apps. A third group recognises enterprise mobility as a strategic opportunity, that will change the business culture as we know it, creates a mobile unit, and puts a C-level person on top to examine new market opportunities, consumption trends and what competitors do. Continue reading

Touch Mobile to help spread Emida’s mobile payment service

USA-based 100% data MVNO to benefit from Emida’s outlets

Touch Mobile, a USA-based MVNO [Mobile Virtual Network Operator] has struck a deal with Emida, a leading global prepayment and value transfer provider. The pair hope to disrupt the American prepaid market with unique pricing concepts for the prepaid consumer. Emida operates in 37 countries throughout North, Central and South America, the Caribbean, as well as Africa, Oceania, the Middle East and Europe. Touch Mobile offers premium-quality Android smartphones to all prepaid subscribers. Plans start at $20 per month with wide coverage available across the USA. Continue reading

Charlene_Sampilo Guest Post: 8 guitar apps for an iPad worth considering

by Charlene Sampilo, a writer for

Nowadays, it’s possible for guitarists to play tunes; record their music; and experiment with various chords with the help of iPad apps. So below are my eight favourite iPad apps which budding guitarists might want to consider. The list includes: – Guitarist’s Reference, AmpliTube, TabToolkit, Capo, ChordMate, Logic’s Guitar Recording Toolbox, Guitar Tuner, and AmpKit+.

1. Guitarist’s Reference

Guitarist’s Reference is an intelligent guitar application will teach people the right scale on which to play a certain root chord. Continue reading

nike fuelband leak revealed 1st on secret Secret social app comes out for Android

Not sure when the original Apple iOS app went global, tho

Good news for social media fans is that the Android app for the trendy Secret network has just become available. Secret’s USP [Unique Selling Point] really does keep your identity secret. Which is great because people can use it to publish stuff which normally they daren’t put on Facebook, Twitter or even WhatsApp. GoMo News has actually installed this app and discovered a really neat rumour about Nike’s wearables division firing staff which had been first leaked via Secret. Continue reading