Sony’s Qriocity music may run on Android

Rating: Foolishly adopts a monthly subscription model

Sony appears to have launched its new ‘cloud based’ music service, Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity, initially only in the UK and Ireland. The service, which is powered by Omnifone, offers six Qriocity logomillion songs at launch from four big labels: -Universal, Sony Music, Warner and EMI. There are actually five big labels and by comparison Apple’s iTunes has 14 million tracks. Initial reports say that the service will run on Android devices such as smartphones. However, there’s no mention of such things currently on the official Qriocity site here. So this must be down to speculation that it will run on the fabled Sony Ericsson Z1 PSP phone. The good news is that the service is not a “walled garden”, so it should run on non-Sony products.

Adopting a subscription model – which GoMo News feels the Brits generally shun thanks to the Crazy Frog fiasco – there will be two pricepoints.

A ‘Basic’ monthly sub will cost £3.99 with ‘Premium’ version at £9.99. The Premium plan does offer a 30 day free trial.

The catch is that you don’t keep your MP3s, Instead you listen to tracks being stream.

Bizarrely users can synchronise their existing music files and playlists from other media players including iTunes. Although the service doesn’t appear to support DRM locked music files.

Quite frankly, GoMo News can’t see this taking off especially against the likes of Spotify.

Incidentally, according to a recent report from Pocket Lint here the rumoured Android powered PlayStation phone won’t make an official appearance at CES Las Vegas in January 2011.

Instead it is slated to be shown off at the Mobile World Congress in February2011.

However a source told Pocket Lint that the handset, thought to be named the Sony Ericsson Z1 won’t appear in shops until April 2011.

Additionally, although Sony officially announced that it has a free PlayStation app for the iPhone and Android, the app is still nowhere to be seen on the Android Market or iTunes.

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