3 Austria serves up mobile advertising with arvato mobile


3 in Austria (drei.at) is using the ad flex mobile advertising platform.
The platform is from arvato mobile and has now features campaign management and statistics from the first minute.

The arvato platform was launched on 3 in July 2009. But 3’s CEO states that he feels “comfortable using it as the server has been working in Germany for 3 years and already serves 40 million ad impressions per month.

What does the ad platform do?
The ad-platform is a self service platform for 3. It provides targeting, monitoring and forecasting of mobile ad inventory. It is a display advertising server and can also server Click to SMS and Click to Call services.

What we think?
Arvato mobile is a mobile entertainment and content provider that has grown arms in mobile marketing and campaign management. It is a good choice for 3 Austria as the operator has a name for itself in the mobile entertainment and multi-media space. Banner ads will need to be served with in 3’s multi-media platform (TV is a one of these innovations).

This is also a significant move as mobile marketing becomes increasingly vital to mobile operators. In the early stages ad networks were vital for the growth of mobile advertising to get inventory for the off-portal market from brands and agencies. But increasingly platform companies such as MADS, Out There Media, Amobee, Alcatel Lucent, WIN and arvato are vital to grow and enhance the eco-system.

This is because operators want to take full control of their own inventory and serve ads that bring in the most value. Value in this sense is not only from a cash perspective it’s from a traffic, time on site and brand identity aspect.

Mobile operators are used to having to wait for ROI and at this stage mobile marketing is as much about driving engagement, familiarity and related products for operators than trying to get cash from third party inventory or click through.

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