3 new Bing apps + updates for WP8 users

Actually they don’t look that exciting to us

Microsoft has introducing three new Bing Apps along with a host of updates to Bing Finance, Bing Sport and Bing News. The new apps include almost all the content and key features currently available in the Windows 8.1 apps for PC/tablets, in addition to a few new features such as ‘roaming’. That’s not the standard mobile meaning of roaming as in connecting to non-home MNO. This ‘roaming’ feature allows each of the apps to sync personalised settings across all Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8 devices. The new apps are already live in the  Windows Phone 8 store. The new apps are: –  Bing Food & Drink; Bing Health & Fitness; and Bing Travel.

Bing Food & Drink

Discover recipes, cocktails and wine with your comprehensive guide for inspiration and instruction from your Windows device to the table.

Featuring over 100,000+ recipes, an extensive wine guide on 1.5 million bottles of wine, instructional videos, easy bookmarking, as well as one-click ‘add to shopping list’ that roam between mobile and Windows 8.1.

Bing Health & Fitness

The Bing Health & Fitness app is the one-stop shop for a healthier you, combining over 1,200 exercise and workout videos, a nutritional and medical reference and trackers for diet, exercise and health to help you meet your wellness goals.
Bing Travel

The Bing Travel app helps turns your travel inspiration into reality, providing destination guides, photos, expert reviews, and much more, right in the palm of your hand. Plan your next trip from hotels and flights to top attractions, or make last minute booking decisions after comparing prices from multiple sources.

The Bing App updates

Bing Finance

You can pin your favourite stock to the start screen to keep tabs at a glance    Real-Time Financial News – Live information from leading financial outlets including the Press Association, Daily Telegraph and The Independent.

Bing Sport

View live match updates for all major football leagues. With player profiles you get updates on your favourite players with dedicated profiles that include news stories, photos and social media updates from the sports stars.

Bing News

World class outlets including the Guardian, Associated Press, Reuters, the Independent, Sky News and many more  are provided.  You can send an article via text, email or on your social network.

Simply log in with the same Microsoft account on all devices and set synchronisation to enable roaming between Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.

We suppose this is just another effort by Microsoft to convince potential customers to purchase a Windows Phone handset if they already own a Windows 8.1 device.

Wouldn’t work with us. We hate Windows 8.1 with a vengeance.

There’s more info on the Bing blog here.

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