3 things you should know about mobile advertising for MWC

  • 50 % of mobile traffic is done after 5pm
  • Average CTR on standard mobile banner is 0,4% (no scripts)// iPad average CTR is 0,77% (standard banners) // Android CTR is 0,31% (standard banner) // WP7 : 0,15% (standard banner) // iPhone: 0,44% (standard banner). All these CTR figures include both mobile web & mobile apps.
  • Average mobile CTR can be increased 23 times in average just by using mobile rich media ad units (and even, with the best mobile rich media ad units such as 30 times).
  • Average mobile rich media CTR is 8,9%, other formats can even have 10% CTR.
  • When it comes to average Web CTR, the same creative would deliver 68 times more clics in a mobile rich media ad unit.
  • Indeed, Android OS market share of ad impressions is rising, as they put it in lots of online ressources.

Smart AdServer is a premium ad serving solution provider for web, mobile & tablet : thanks to a single user-friendly interface,it allows user to rapidly program  rich media campaigns for web, mobile & tablet devices.
Smart AdServer is leading in Europe and boooming worldwide, including the US, Canada, South America & Asia, with customer references such as Fox International Channels, Bild, YOC Media Network, Hi-media, Axel Springer. For instance, in France, 5 of the most visited apps are ad served by Smart AdServer.
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