3UK admits to shyness on its 4G/LTE roll-out

Dyson keen not to over-promise & under-deliver

dyson - no promises he can't deliver on

Talk about rolling out your 4G/LTE network in stealth mode, in Blighty [GB], Three (3UK) – the UK mobile network operator [MNO], is almost silent about the fact that it is quietly turning on 4G in UK cities and tons. 3UK’s CEO, Dave Dyson, just spelt out the reason why to GoMo News. He’s acutely aware that research has shown that in the UK, the MNOs are trusted less by the average Brit than the Banks. Which is really going for it! So, he’s extremely anxious not to “over-promise and under-deliver” on 4G.

One of the key reasons why UK consumers should be interested in taking 4G from 3UK, is that the MNO isn’t charging any premium for the privilege.

As Dyson explained, it is actually more cost effective to carry data over its 4G network than over its 3G network. Even though the 3G network is DC-HSPDA capable.

3UK supplied some very interesting figures on the subject of 4G.

For example, out of its 7.9 million customers – 7.2 million can migrate to 4G with absolutely no need to swap an existing SIM card.

Plus, the MNO has calculated that around 1.7 million of its subscribers are accessing the 3UK network with a device that is actually already 4G ready.

GoMo News would hazard a guess that the majority of those 4G ready subscribers have an iPhone 5 or a Samsung Galaxy S4 or Note. But the Nokia Lumia 1020 is in there too.

So what’s been happening? Well, since December 2013, 3UK has been quietly upgrading subscribers in some 36 cities to 4G.

This is courtesy of the 1800 MHz spectrum which the company bought from T-Mobile when EE was forced to sell some of its capacity off.

GoMo News has discovered that you can work out if your handset will migrate to 4G by visiting the 3UK web site here.

Rather than any real visual indication of where these 36 cities in the UK actually are, 3UK prefers to indicate to subscribers whether they are in 4G range or not by checking their postcode here.

What Dyson said was that by Q1 2015, 3UK should have 4G operational in 50 cities and some 200 towns.

And all for no extra premium. That’s a bargain.

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