3UK claims highest number of smartphone customers

Rating: Useful data on apps and mobile internet usage, too

The nice cosy chat with 3UK which GoMobile News enjoyed with 3UK was literally peppered with info and stats which are pertinent to our readers. Our personal favourite was when CEO, Dave Dyson revealed Top Ten apps which 3UK customers actually use, which might not necessarily be the ones you might have expected. Some of these apps are slightly skewered by the kind of service which 3UK actually provides. For example, the operator has long provided access to Skype via the switched network as well as via the mobile internet. However, they are probably a fairly accurate reflection of the behaviour of UK mobile users in general. Other items of interest are comparisons between the UK operators Home pages and the percentage of customers who already possess a smartphone rather than just a featurephone.The Top Ten apps – derived from the percentage of 3UK customers using that particular app at least once a month were Facebook (with 68 per cent), followed by YouTube (42); Google (33); eBay (31); Whatsapp Messenger (29); Twitter (23); Skype (18); Amazon Mobile (17); PayPal (15); and Drawsomething (15).

The source for this information was actually IPSOS UK APP Tracker. GoMobile News reckons that Whatsapp gets a high rating because fewer 3UK users have BlackBerries (BBM) or iPhones (iMessage).

What struck us as particularly impressive was the number of 3Uk customers who visit the operator’s Home page/portal.

In 3UK’s case it is just over half (54 per cent) – compare that to Vodafone which only attracts 21 per cent of its customers to the Home page.

Orange was second with 34 per cent, followed by T-Mobile (28), and O2 (25) – so only one quarter its customers, then. The source was: YouGov Smartphone Survey 2012.

YouGov was also the source for the figures on the percentage of customers using smartphones. 3UK was way ahead of it rivals with 85 per cent.

Next up was O2 with 65 per cent followed by T-Mobile (60) – only just beating Vodafone (59) and leaving Orange last with only just over half (54 per cent).

Another intriguing breakdown was how 3UK customers are using the mobile internet. The obvious winner was streaming media with the likes of the BBC iPlayer and YouTube featuring heavily.

A surprising amount of time (13 per cent) is consumed by users simply using the internet to keep their apps up to date. A frightening figure, really.

3UK didn’t like mentioning the 4G word, but from this data it is easy to see that existing customers would benefit greatly from higher internet speeds.

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