3UK comes to rescue of stranded Sky broadband user

GoMo News helps out reader with no internet connectivity or telephony

what you really need is one of these

It seems that the UK’s cellular industry has got to do a lot more to educate the general public of the advantages to mobile broadband. We made this discovery when residents living close to GoMo Towers suddenly found themselves with no ability to make calls or, more importantly, no access to the internet. Those who have subscribed to BSkyB’s Sky Talk service found themselves with no working phone or broadband. The problem has affected a large area of London including those living beside our South West London HQ in Ewell. We responded to an urgent text request from a reader who just couldn’t get onto the Gatwick Airport web site. Given that Three (3UK) is definitely the leading provider of mobile broadband, we dug out a Huawei dongle for him.

There’s not much information about what exactly has happened with Sky Talk but we suspect that the Sky Talk London exchanges ¬†are correctly connecting over the BT Openreach network.

The obvious solution is to acquire a mobile broadband dongle and plug the device straight into an available USB port in your laptop or desktop computer.

For an emergency such as this, what you really need is a prepaid mobile broadband SIM and GoMo had one of those kindly supplied to us by 3UK.

So as long as you can get a decent cellular signal, you can connect to mobile broadband from virtually anywhere.

It’s possible to top up the mobile broadband SIM online. Naturally, GoMo has this capabilty.

GoMo Towers has one fixed broadband connexion going over the BT Openreach network courtesy of Orange and a second backup connexion over Virgin Media’s completely separate cable network. Total redundancy.

If you are wondering how a GoMo News reader came to be asking us about mobile broadband, it’s easy because he found this story ‘Gatwick airport site suddenly becomes user unfriendly‘.

He wanted advice on accessing the Gatwick site from his mobile but we pointed out the real solution was mobile broadband.

Oh. And these (apparently) are the affected areas with no Internet connectivity currently: – besides Well there is Mitcham; Wimbledon; Battersea; and Chiswick in SW London. Along with Beulah Hill (???), Stamford Hill and Dartford.

GoMo is predicting a rush for prepaid mobile broadband dongle. And the answer is that there’s a 3UK retail shop in the Wimbledon Centre Court shopping centre. Simples.

Connectivity first conked out on December 10th [2013] and we don’t anticipate the problem being fixed until December 12th.

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