5% of Brits admit to reading digital magazines on the loo

Men twice as likely to do this than women

Here’s some very interesting stats which have been brought to our attention by lekiosk. The digital magazine platform. It commissioned OnePoll to survey 2,000 Brits about digital ‘zines.There’s been a rapid increase in the number of of Brits reading ‘zines onscreen. Over half of all Brits have bought and read digital magazines, up from one in three in 2012, the survey found. The propensity for people to consume content whilst in the loo [bathroom], was also confirmed. 5 per cent of Brits admit to reading digital magazines on the loo whilst men are twice as likely to do this than women. Apparently there’s pent up demand for interactive ads in zines, too.

lekiosk also polled Brits on potential improvements to digital magazine formats.

It discovered that more than one in ten Brits would like adverts in digital magazines to be interactive.

This would allow them to click and buy directly while reading. Phew! The thought of agents interacting with tablet users on the loo was horrific.

As Nathaniel Philippe, a lekiosk founder, observed, “When it comes to reading magazines, the future is digital – and the hardware that’s taking us into that future is the tablet.”

This also sounded a bit dodgy. Almost a fifth of Brits would like it if digital magazines contained more video content. Hmm. What sort of content?

“It’s clear from our research that a high proportion of British consumers want reading a digital magazine to feel like reading a print magazine,” Phillipe reckons.

He continued, “Albeit with certain added, interactive features – like adverts they can click on and videos they can watch.”

Perhaps the iCarta 2 toilet paper holder with built-in Bluetooth speakers from Atech Flash we covered here wasn’t such a bad idea.

It’s becoming obvious why lekiosk – an iOS, Android, and Windows 8 app that allows consumers to purchase magazines from a rotating 3D news-kiosk, is becoming so popular.

It is rapidly becoming the most successfully monetised iPad apps in France – where it is already on 1 in 4 iPads.

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