Three announces Three in Touch voice over Wi-fi app

Looks like a reaction to EE’s VoWifi plans

UK MNO, Three (3UK) is to launch a new app called Three inTouch. This will enable 3UK’s subscribers to talk and text using a Wi-fi connection. The app should become available to all 3UK customers from early August [2014]. The good news is that thee app will be offered free to all of its contract, SIM only plus prepaid customers. Three inTouch is particularly intended to improve the customer experience in places where there is typically no mobile/cellular signal. The news is also prompted by EE’s announcement that it plans to launch VoLTE in Q1-Q2 2015 and HD Voice-over-Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) services in late 2014.

With theThree inTouch app customers can make and receive calls and text messages when they connect to Wi-fi.

The There in Touch service is seamless and uses the customers’ standard Three phone number. The app use subscribers’ existing monthly allowance or prepaid credit for any minutes or texts used.

What the Brit MNO didn’t say was which mobile OS will be supported initially. Jost iOS and Android? Or WP8 (Windows Phone) and BlackBerry too?

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6 Responses to Three announces Three in Touch voice over Wi-fi app

  1. Jimmy63 says:

    Hi, just got the beta version via a link from threes customer care 333′ and it works great over a wifi link, no more dropped calls for me!

  2. Tony Dennis says:

    You could have at least shared the link with us Jimmy!

  3. Jimmy63 says:

    It was a text message link from three customer services hope this works for everyone!

  4. Carys Ashcroft says:

    The three in touch app is really easy to use and the calls are really clear, I am really pleased with this app and I recommened it to a friend and she also thinks its great x

  5. A James says:

    Three in Touch doesn’t work on any rooted or jailbroken devices? doesn’t work on Android 4.0 or less, Incompatible with all five devices we have, and apparently doesn’t work if you are using 3 as your broadband provider…
    Our experience here
    Really, very much your standard third rate service!!

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