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The importance of being branded on social networks

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Everything is going social in the mobile world these days. GoMo News just met up with Toby Britton from miappi but more about that later. More to the point, however, our old friend Patrick Smith subsequently introduced us to BoothChat. It’s a concept that is so obvious, we’re not sure why it hasn’t been done before. In essence, you upload an image or video from a cameraphone and BoothChat covers it with your logo or marketing message and then distributes it onto the major social networks. Automatically.

Boothchat is so simple. All you need to do is know how to take a photo on your cameraphone and then be able to email it. BoothChat takes care of the rest.

In effect, Boothchat will add your company’s branding as a pre-roll and/or post roll on an image or video you want to submit to one of the leading social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Submitting to YouTube also makes it easy to add your content to Google Plus, too.

Why would you feel the need to place branding all over the content you intend to post on the social networks?

Easy. If you don’t brand it and it gets retweeted or forwarded, then nobody knows who originated it. So it becomes an exercise in a waste of time and money.

BoothChat will be charging its clients monthly fees (starting at around £500) depending on how often you want to post and how sophisticated you want the branding to be.

The whole thing is web based so you don’t even need to install an app. BoothChat recommends you use an iPhone because it makes reformating for the networks much easier.

BoothChat’s Smith basically confessed the company only recommends iOS devices because it cannot guarantee the service will work immediately with every single Android device.

GoMo News dreads to think what would happen if somebody tried it with Nokia’s latest 41 megapixel Lumia 1020.

Who is the service aimed at? “Anyone who wants to use social media and post branded content,” Smith put it succinctly.

Here at GoMo News we can see news web sites utilising it to ‘watermark’ their scoop photos before they’re stolen by everyone else.

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