Abphone launches mobile game search with Gameloft

The French alternative mobile search engine Abphone has teamed with game company Gameloft for a mobile game search service.

Well this sounds interesting. Abphone is popular for its image and video search and perhaps now games will join the equation. Abphone will probably index the Gameloft portfolio for fast or instant mobile game access.

From the press release

Pierre Scokaert, CEO of abphone declared: “Our innovation in game search is to provide a vertical search function that helps users find games using keywords, rather than browsing through the categories of multiple game vendors.
In the coming months, we will index the catalogues of all major mobile game publishers, and we will provide APIs to allow them to reference their contents on abphone. Our ambition is to become the largest game index available on mobile phones, while we continue extending our leadership on image and video search.”

Eve Arakelian, B to C Director, Global, of Gameloft, declared: “abphone represents a new trend in the mobile business, where gamers will more and more access games off portals. We are more than happy to inaugurate this new distribution channel with abphone.”

What we think?
This is just a small mobile search engine for about 200 games. But it is a great start. If this is to get bigger it needs to scale. With many companies focusing indexing music – gaming will be a great niche for abphone.

The more and more I find out about abphone the more I realise the uptapped potential that it has. It is a social media mobile search engine and adding more features such as this will be vital. But it is still early days.  I spoke to abphone recently and a few small changes can be made to ensure domination in this space.

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3 Responses to Abphone launches mobile game search with Gameloft

  1. andy says:

    can you post the mobile website of abphone address?

  2. Rob says:

    Here you go Andy m.abphone.com or if you go to their website they will SMS you a bookmark http://www.abphone.com/web/image-video-free-mobile.jsp

  3. 53north says:

    I discovered abphone 2yrs ago and like the ability to magnify and search similar lists. I also swapped languages when I had got used to the site and learnt a bit more French, German and Spanish.

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