Action demanded on stolen contract phone bills

UK Charity, Citizens Advice, asks for promised ‘cap’ to materialise

The UK government has been urged to take action to ‘cap’ the high bills incurred by subscribers whose contract phones have been stolen. UK Charity, Citizens Advice, says that proposals to prevent subscribers from being asked to pay as much as £17,000 ($29,000) were supposed to have been introduced in Q2 2014. However, Brits are still receiving bills they simply cannot afford to pay. Back in December 2013, the UK’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport announced that four MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] – Three (3UK), EE, Vodafone and Virgin Media but not Spain’s O2, had agreed to cap bills. UK banks, for example, cap frauds @ £50. The situation highlights the pressing need for MNOs to introduce real-time fraud detection systems. Especially for roamers.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Citizens Advice’s CEO, Gillian Guy told the publication that, “The [UK] Government must now make clear the timescale for introducing its cap on stolen phone bills.”

She continued, “Phone companies should also be stepping up to protect consumers through more effective billing and fraud monitoring.”

A typical example is Klaudia Staniek who had her mobile phone stolen on a night out in Barcelona, the GSMA’s Mobile Wordl capaital and home to the MWC show.

She reported it stolen on her return to the UK, and now faces a £1,086.97 bill. Vodafone said Ms Staniek was responsible for the charges but they would reduce the bill by 25 per cent as a gesture of goodwill

GoMo News remembers the days when the likes of Vodafone used to cut of millionaires wives for attempting to make extremely expensive but genuine phone calls from Switzerland to the UK. How times have changed

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