Ad activists angry at being left out of native ad debate

Adblock Plus wants its say on whether native ads should be whitelisted


native ads are a positive reaction - faida

We think the organisation might have a point. If you are going to come up with industry guidelines, perhaps it might be a good idea to talk to the activists on the other side? It seems that Adblock Plus‘ nose has been put out of joint by the failure of the IAB [Interactive Advertising Bureau] to include the likes of Adblock Plus in its draughting of the ‘IAB Native Advertising Playbook’. This Playbook has been created after a group of advertisers and publishers met to define parameters for aforementioned ‘native ads’. So Adblock has retaliated by opening a public forum discussion to define native advertising. That will be handy because it’s pretty unclear what constitutes native advertising for most of us.

What obviously worries Adblock is that some industry observers have claimed that native advertising can constitute a legitimate form of information content, and should therefore be ‘whitelisted’.

Adblock Plus’ main product is a simple add-on for web browsers that blocks banner ads and pop-ups on the web. But the organisation also has an Android app.

The point is that Adblock allows small website owners to apply for ‘whitelisting’ if they agree to run only ‘acceptable’ ads on their site.

So there’s a debate whether there are instances where native advertising might be considered to conform to the IAB’s industry-first Acceptable Ads guidelines.

“On the one hand, native ads are a positive reaction against ad intrusiveness but on the other hand, the seamless integration of advertising within editorial content blurs what we think should be a clearly distinguishable line between the two,” claimed Till Faida, co-founder of Adblock Plus.

“So we are calling upon our public forum of Internet users to form an opinion and suggest some guidelines,” Faida added.

He continued, “Since the IAB has given advertisers a chance to weigh in on the definition of native ads, we want to give users an open platform to contribute as well.”

So now Adblock Plus is invite anyone even remotely interested to explore its new forum on native ads here.

As Canned Heat so famously sung – “Let’s work together, come on, come on.”

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