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January 7th 2014. Ad4Screen, a leader in performance-based mobile marketing, is launching RET4RGET, a pioneering solution for 100 per cent mobile retargeting. As a result of 12 months of R&D in this field, Ad4Screen is delivering a technology that is able to offer advertisers the recognised performance of retargeting advertising, applied to the rapidly expanding market of mobile advertising.

Mobile retargeting has always been viewed as a technical, unique and innovative process.

Until now, it has been impossible to implement, owing to the inability to use cookies within mobile applications.

Ad4Screen has, however, succeeded in removing the technical obstacles associated with the mobile ecosystem (identification, tracking, and deep linking), with a unique technology that is independent of cookies.

RET4RGET, a retargeting in-app solution in real time (mobile RTB), has required a year of research and development from more than 20 engineers.

This technology makes it possible to carry out performance-based marketing, in real time, on a mobile device.

By implementing the Ad4Screen software development kit (SDK), advertisers and publishers of mobile applications gain access to the mobile Demand-Side Platform (DSP), which is interconnected in real time to the main mobile AdExchanges and Adnetworks.

At each advertising impression, Ad4Screen DSP is interrogated in real time (Real-Time Bidding) and decides whether (or not) to bid in order to display its client’s advertising banner.

Ad4Screen technology is thus able to individually select the most relevant mobile internet users according to their buying data, their behaviour, and their registration details.

Different test strategies (formats, capping, places, and messages) are set up, so as to gauge the targeting and exposure of mobile internet users.

The results can then be used to identify and display the most effective options.

Finally, Ad4Screen ensures the purchase of the advertising impressions of the most receptive mobile internet users.

In order to deliver the best Return On Investment (ROI), Ad4Screen delivers the relevant message, in the right format, at the right time and at the best price.

As an eagerly awaited solution to help advertisers meet their mobile performance-based objectives, RET4RGET offers advertisers the possibility to acquire quality application users (quality download acquisition), generate loyalty from inactive app users (engagement / anti-churn), convert those users with the strongest potential (relaunch of abandoned baskets) and communicate in a targeted and multi-channel way with the best users (geotargeted advertising returning users towards their nearest store).

Two complementary mobile retargeting formats are already available with Ad4Screen’s technology (SDK).

The first format concerns all mobile-internet users, whether they choose to opt in, or not, to Push Notifications.

RET4RGET makes it possible to assign a banner or interstitial advertisement to each user, with an actively personalised design, during his (or her) surfing time on third-party applications — such as news, weather forecasts, games, etc. — at busy periods.

When the mobile-internet users click, they are then sent directly to the correct page at the heart of the advertiser’s application.

The second format concerns mobile internet users who have opted-in for Push Notifications.

RET4RGET makes it possible to send a targeted and personalised Push Notification according to the individual consumer’s mobile behaviour (with the re-launch of an abandoned basket five minutes following the closure of the application, for instance).

Early results are impressive, with click-through rates that are two to three times as high as those achieved by traditional advertising campaigns.

Similarly, the RoI is estimated to be four to eight times as high as that of an ordinary advertising campaign.

About Ad4Screen

Ad4Screen, a leader in performance-based mobile marketing, has developed its own exclusive and unique technologies in the fields of acquisition (acquisition-and-tracking platform AD4PERF), development of customer loyalty (Mobile CRM solution AD4PUSH) and retargeting (RET4RGET solution). Thanks to the expertise of its 100 engineers and consultants and to the $10 million raised in 2010/2011, Ad4Screen is able to respond to the performance-based objectives and RoI targets of app publishers and advertisers in the mobile-marketing sector. More than 200 clients have already shown confidence in Ad4Screen’s technologies, including Yellow Pages, Nestlé, Betclic, PriceMinister Rakuten, Condé Nast, Capcom, La Redoute and BNP Paribas.

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