AdBlock comes out for Safari – but not iPhone

GoMo gets clarification that it is desktop only

Now that there’s a major shift over to mobile in terms of online advertising, here at GoMo Towers we’re still bemused that major advertising refuznik – AdBlock, has not managed to extend its reach. So when we spotted the news that a version of AdBlock Plus had come out for Safari, we thought AdBlock had at last started to make headway into the mobile ads sector. No such luck. This is what an official AdBlock spokesperson told us … “It [adBlock Plus] only works on desktop versions of Safari, not iPhones. The reason for this is that the iPhone version of Safari and the desktop version of Safari are entirely different thing. And like all phone versions of popular desktop browsers, with the exception of Firefox, phone-version Safari does not (yet) support extensions.” So there you go.

As soon as we saw that a version of AdBlock Plus had become available for Apple’s Safari browser, we headed over to the organisation’s web site -

If you try this on your iPhone, you’ll find that the site does correctly guess you are using a Safari browser and offers you the chance to down the software.

However, as we outlined above, this doesn’t apply to the mobile version of the Safari browser and the phone will simply report that it is incompatible with the file which you are attempting to download.

Of course, you have to go directly to the AdBlock Plus site rather than – in this case, Apple’s iTunes App Store. Because their app is banned from  Google’s Play and there’s no iPhone app to date.

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