Adblock Plus now has a manifesto for acceptable ads

Still no sign of an iOS app or add-in for iPhone Safari browser

The folks at AdBlock Plus just don’t give up. The latest ploy by the organisation is a ‘manifesto’ which outlines their demands for “acceptable ads.” Now GoMo News has nothing against those who campaign heavily against ‘intrusive advertising’. In fact, we aim to be a source for the latest info on how to make targeting of mobile ads more effective. What we don’t agree with is the methods used by AdBlock Plus. Especially since its ‘Whitelist’ of acceptable ads is nothing short of a joke.

Those who install one of AdBlock Plu’s offerings will find that – by default, a ‘Whitelist’ of acceptable ads is activated.

A kind GoMo News reader pointed us to the actual text on the AdBlock Plus web site here which lists those on the ‘Whitelist’.

You only have to scroll down a few lines and you can see that Google AdSense ads are on the ‘acceptable’ list.

How many ordinary users appreciate that?

Anyway, AdBlock Plus has now formed a coalition of organisations calling for better ads.

The list includes: – popular discussion site Reddit, Cluetrain Manifesto author Doc Searls and his new Consumer Commons; ad measurement firm PageFair; and the Anti-Advertising Agency.

The basic tenets of the Acceptable Ads Manifesto are:-

Acceptable Ads are not annoying
Acceptable Ads do not disrupt or distort the page content we’re trying to read
Acceptable Ads are transparent with us about being an ad
Acceptable Ads are effective without shouting at us
Acceptable Ads are appropriate to the site that we are on

“The idea behind Adblock Plus’ Acceptable Ads initiative is to forge a compromise between users and advertisers,” said Till Faida, co-founder of Adblock Plus who also runs Eyeo.

“Today’s Manifesto gives the type of ads envisioned in this compromise a clear expression,2 he added.

Now you can’t download Adblock Plus for Android from Google Plus because the company saw right through it and remove the app from its sore.

So you have to download it directly from AdBlock Plus here.

Despite numerous promises there’s still no sign of an iOS app or add-in for iPhone Safari browser.

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