Adbrain assembles mobile ad industry A-Team

Claims to have cracked multi-screen advertising

brands pay twice for customers- Davies

The list of names behind a new multi-screen advertising platform – Adbrain reads a bit like a Who’s Who of the mobile and classic advertising industries. The list of investors in this London and New York based venture is equally as impressive. The agency’s aim is to provide innovation and transparency in the ad market. Adbrain claims, for example, that brands are often paying to acquire customers twice. Taking a multi-screen approach from the word “Go” should prevent this.

The mobile advertising functions of the Adbrain platform will be made available to users in Autumn [Fall] 2013, while its multi-screen capabilities will come online in Q1-Q2 2014.

Adbrain claims that its platform will incorporate intelligent, data driven real-time bidding (RTB) functionality – thereby ensuring that advertisers reach their target audiences with relevant and compelling messaging at the most efficient price.

Users of the Adbrain platform will be able to create, manage and optimise campaigns in real time in order to deliver more targeted messages to their customers.

Adbrain’s CEO is Gareth Davies, formally of Google, Doubleclick and Somo. He has been joined by Nick Hynes (co-Founder of Somo), Sacha Carton (co-Founder of Ad Pepper Media) and Tobin Ireland

“Campaigns are being rolled out blind and advertisers don’t know where or when their ads are being served, or to whom,” said Davies.

“So not only are conversations not being continued across devices but often brands are paying to acquire customers twice,” he added. “At Adbrain, we want to change this.”

The Adbrains assembled and secured $1.5 million in seed funding led by Notion Capital alongside Hynes, Carton and Ireland.

Additional investors include Anil Hansjee (Google, IDG Ventures, Shazam and Lionhead) and serial tech investor Chris Mairs (Metaswitch Networks and investor in tech start-ups including ubiCabs).

Read the full Adbrain Press release here.

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  1. Andy Heaps says:

    The real-time thing sounds very interesting indeed. Combine that with targeted ads and who knows what the future will be like!

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