AdBrain steals Gubbins from Weve

François Deschênes from InMobi Analytics & Elisa Huh from Turn

paul gubbins

It seems thatAdbrain , which claims to be the advertising industry’s first self-service, real-time, multi-screen ad platform, has acquired a whole bunch of new talent. Topping the list is Weve’s former head of display, Paul Gubbins. He’s followed by InMobi’s, François Deschênes and Elisa Huh from Turn. The new recruits should ensure Adbrain continues on its rapid growth trajectory in the lead up to its beta launch.

Prior to spearheading the launch of Weve‘s display offering, Gubbins was the first global employee at StrikeAd before joining Rubicon as the company’s first European head of mobile.

The three join an Adbrain team already stacked with mobile names including current CEO Gareth Davies (Google, DoubleClick, Somo).

The company’s backers include Nick Hynes (CEO of Somo); Sacha Carton (Ogmenta, Ad Pepper Media); Tobin Ireland (MMA, Vodafone, BskyB, AOL); Anil Hansjee (Google, IDG Ventures, Shazam): and Chris Mairs (Metaswitch Networks, ubiCabs).

Paul Gubbins, now Adbrain’s head of business development, commented, “Until now, buyers have had to deliver mobile campaigns using black box demand side platforms or managed service models that hinder innovation by commoditising the process.”

He continued, “Adbrain is rejecting commoditisation in favour of customisation, and has built the first truly transparent self-service platform for programmatic mobile, empowering buyers to build proprietary value and IP on the Adbrain stack.”

“Our clients, custodians of big data, benefit when using Adbrain from an open infrastructure that allows them to activate rich first, second and third party data to deliver unique audience insight and ROI across multiple screens.”

In his new role at Adbrain, François Deschênes will be director of product development.

Deschênes, who has more than eight years of software and product development experience, joins Adbrain from InMobi, where he launched InMobi Analytics.

Elisa Huh joins Adbrain in the role of director of global client services.

Huh first became interested in ad-tech in 2006 while working for Tacoda, a company that pioneered online behavioural marketing and was acquired by AOL in 2007.

From Tacoda/AOL, Huh moved to Turn, where she gained a deep understanding of the programmatic landscape and launched its EMEA operations from the UK.

Gareth Davies, CEO of Adbrain, commented, “Paul, François and Elisa all have the kind of deep understanding of programmatic advertising that only comes from having been a part of the industry from the very first.”

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