Adfortel launches mobile advertising service with Yesss!

[May 2011]. Adfortel and Orange Austria’s low cost mobile operator brand Yesss!,launch a new and unique advertising service of which new and existing subscribers can benefit from by listening to short radio-like audio commercials (VoiceAds) and select their own favorite call waiting music (TuneAds). The service is marketed with a new tariff named Yesss Laudaah!and is a unique combination of Adfortel’s two services: VoiceAds and TuneAds.
Subscribers to the service receive a maximum of two VoiceAds per day during the call waiting period when making outgoing calls; during the call waiting period of the other outgoing calls,  the subscribers’ favorite songs can be played. As an incentive subscribers receive the hit single Laudaah of the Austrian musicians The Trackshittazs for free, which will be set as  their first TuneAd.

The Laudaah tariff offers 2000 units to be used for calls, SMS and data for EUR 9,- both prepaid and postpaid. This is currently Austria’s best offer in the market.

VoiceAds are audio commercials that replace the standard call waiting tone during the waiting period for connecting a call; TuneAds replace the standard call waiting tone with music. Both services are A-party based which means they are targeted at the subscriber, i.e. the callers. Subscribers who opt in for the Laudaah! tariff are rewarded with the new low tariff that Yesss! offers and receive one song for free .

“With the introduction of our new Laudaah! tariff and the offering of VoiceAds and TuneAds in return Yesss! is able to monetize the call waiting period, unlocking a new revenue stream and the addition of new consumers to our base. We strongly believe in mobile advertising and music services as a means of generating new revenues.”, says Markus Cserjan, General Manager of Yesss!“With VoiceAds advertisers can benefit from multiple daily direct contact moments and massive reach, with the possibility to precisely target subscriber profiles through a totally handset-independent advertsing format. The close cooperation with our reseller Sonorys has resulted in the introduction of VoiceAds and TuneAds with Yesss! in Austria. The Yesss Laudaah tariff  is aimed at creating a new and successful concept for all parties involved based on the key elements of musical fun, advertising value and lower rates” , says Igor Hendriksen, Managing Director of Adfortel.

What we think?

You know what, I am not sure on this.  Voice ads and came out a long time ago and were not met with overwhelming success.  But that was a long while ago.  Now, youngsters might feel more tolerant.  I only say this as I listen to the radio more now on my iPad or phone than anywhere else.  I love music and I think that maybe the odd advert would not be a put off.

This is targetted to a fresh youth market and for that reason with the right price for calls and an altogether cheap tariff this could… ROCK!

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2 Responses to Adfortel launches mobile advertising service with Yesss!

  1. Jetnor says:

    The mobile advertising report found that some campaigns run on ringback tone advertising were currently generating substantial response rates: for example, a Pepsi campaign on Turkcell’s TonlaKazan service generated more than 25 million calls from 5 million users. Meanwhile, as ad-funded services are increasingly deployed in key ringback markets such as China and India, there is expected to be a gradual transition of service users across from paid-for ringback tone to capitalise on free airtime offers.

  2. admin says:

    Turkcell’s TonlaKazan service generated more than 25 million calls from 5 million users is news from a report back in 2011. In markets like the UK ringback tones are simply overpriced. GoMo News has ringback tones installed on its Orange handset and they constantly confuse even mobile industry veterans because there simply is no awareness of them in the UK.

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