AdMob iPhone 3G Advertising and developer incentive

AdMob has raised the bar on mobile advertising with its new iPhone 3G Advertising Solutions. Finally we get banner ads and a nice interface and high quality brands. What a change from the text ads that I started to test a year ago.

Is this AdMob’s puberty?

Yes. I think that it is. It is out of the start-up phase and the simplicity of its new advertising solutions rocks.  See video.



From the press release:
Brand Advertisers
: Ford, Electronic Arts, Land Rover, Jaguar, and Universal Pictures “The Mummy”
Performance Advertisers: vsnax, Stitcher, Loopt, and Shozu
Publishers:®,, Mippin, Flirtomatic and Loopt
“AdMob has seen enormous growth in both our iPhone traffic and advertiser interest.  This new class of device, led by the iPhone, is pivotal to the future of mobile browsing and of mobile media business models,” said Omar Hamoui CEO and Founder of AdMob.  “We are excited to leverage our platform to take advantage of the uniquely mobile connected experiences that the iPhone makes possible.”

What we think?

In this press release there are really two stories. The first is for the extremely impressive iPhone Advertising solution. The number of car brands as advertisers reflects the mobile market the way it is at the moment (slow). But the creative impressions will bring joy to media buying and planning agencies globally.

The second half of the release focuses on a new USD 1 million deal for developers. If I get it right – AdMob is going to give USD 1 million in advertising to developers to promote their iPhone applications, sites and services.

What does this mean?
Well it seems as though AdMob wants to populate applications with its adverts (similar to what Smaato does) and is willing to sweeten developers with ad cash.

Now, on the one hand I love the iPhone 3G advertising –but I am not a huge fan of this cash to developers – just yet.

Because there are issues of quality vs trashy and applications need to be very very good.  I phoned a developer friend of mine in San Francisco last night and asked him what he thought.

He said that he had taken part in the Google cash incentive for Android – but didn’t win. He would look at this as well. I then asked – how difficult is it to make an iPhone app. He said that good ones took a very long time –but you could churn replicated content apps in a few days.  Maybe I am wrong as iPhone might have its own rigid rules for accepting apps – but too many trashy apps will not appeal to the quality advertiser. If all of a sudden there is a vast amount of new applications then

1. Inventory might not be able to fill it
2. Prices of ads will drop enormously depending on the publisher
3. Applications might become cheesy.

In AdMob’s defence – developers do need to apply to join this programme – and I might be looking at the worst possible angle.

If it was me – I would focus on the adverts and advertisers before the developers. Getting the brands on board is more important to create an ad inventory or eco-system offering high CPM rates to developers or companies that will make sure that they can start to fund their new business.

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4 Responses to AdMob iPhone 3G Advertising and developer incentive

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  2. Fox Tucker says:

    My own experience over the last 8 days is that as an Advertiser I paid 63 cents per click, but as a publisher I was only being paid 3 cents per click!

    Using my figures, their $1million promotion is a sham! It’ll only cost the $48,000!

  3. Bill Hayes says:

    I use for monetizing my app. They pay out around $1 per survey completed on the iPhone app and the best part is, you can encourage your users to complete their surveys.

  4. Issac Maez says:

    Well, to be honest. I would just say make sure you get the whole big picture before you do anything. Cause a lot of people fail in that area, they think they’re ready and just end up failing when they could have taken it slowly and easily.

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