adsmobi yet to crack the Holy Grail of China

Rating: GoMo has cosy chat with Ramy Yared, adsmobi founder

finally caught up with Ramy Yared, co-founder and md with adsmobi  – the mobile media buying platform in London’s Covent Garden. It was extremely interesting to chat about the current state of the mobile advertising market with him. Adsmobi – which is a 100 per cent owned subsidiary of Smaato – the leading mobile advertising network, is going great guns. But GoMo was intrigued to discover that as Ramy confessed, his company has yet to crack “the Holy Grail” of China – the world’s biggest mobile market. Crucially, that’s not to say that adsmobi has no presence in China – it’s that it presently deals with demand via Hong Kong or Singapore. By complete contrast – admobi has an excellent entre into the Indian market (another BRIC county).

Yared attributed adsmobi’s opportunities in India to a highly successful relationship with local player Hungama Digital.

This relationship goes beyond just the Indian market because adsmobi also takes advantage of Hungama’s creative studios.

It was also interesting to learn the split which adsmobi experiences within the mobile advertising sector.

If you take a global perspective, Yared explained that there is virtually a 50:50 split between in-app and mobile web advertising.

That split naturally changes in specific markets – such as the UK, for example, where the balance goes in favour of in-app advertising versus the mobile web.

Where GoMo and Yared appeared to disagree what over future trends where Yared believes that there’s a swing away from HTLM5 back towards dedicated apps.

He cited Facebook’s recent stance on the subject as a major indicator that platform specific apps are the way to go.

It was also interesting to learn that adsmobi can now dip outside its traditional Smaato inventory into other SSPs (Supply Side Platforms).

That’s mainly thanks to its Real Time Bidding (RTB) platform which it introduced last year [2012]. This change hasn’t affected its relationship with Smaato’s inventory at all.

Ramy was also pretty excited about adsmobi’s Double Opt-in CPC offering. With this, the advertiser is not charged until the second click.

So when a consumer clicks on a banner to launch the rich media ad unit, there is no charge for the first click. The advertiser only pays for the second click from the rich media content.

Asked about future directions, Yared predicted that providing advertising clients will increasing be demanding better analytics so they can really drill down into the results of a campaign.

Another trend which Yared accidentally revealed is that his company is actively considering moving its London office to the Silicon Roundabout area where there’s a growing cluster of high tech companies.

We think it illustrates how important technology has become in the mobile advertising world versus proximity to the traditional ad agency houses.

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