Affiliate Windows’ latest Mobile Update is gold dust

Rating: Releases data on which advertisers have mobile optimised sites

Some of the stats contained in the latest Mobile Update [December 2012] from Affiliate Window could prove to be gold dust for publishers and advertisers alike. Affiliate Window, which matches content publishers with advertisers, has just released its latest mobile and m-commerce figures here. They show how mobile is faring against traditional sales through the desktop. Crucially, Affiliate Window not only collects data on ‘mobile’ traffic but can break down that traffic into tablet and smartphones. In terms of smartphones, it also provides data on how the three main OS types – Apple (iOS); Android; and RIM (BlackBerry) are faring.

Significantly, BlackBerry owners are now converting at an amazing 13.19 per cent rate although it is important to note that this is from a significantly lower volume of traffic.

Significantly, Affiliate Window describes how it is putting pressure on advertisers to ensure that they are tracking mobile traffic efficiently.

The company says, “Considering that a large proportion of our advertiser base does not have a mobile optimised site, we estimate that 85 per cent of our advertisers are tracking sales through a mobile device and the majority of the largest revenue drivers for the network are included in this.”

The focus is on ensuring that its advertisers are tracking through mobile devices – be this through adding affiliate tracking to their optimised mobile site, or directing mobile traffic to their desktop site where a mobile version of the site or affiliate tracking is not available.

The aim is to provide as much visibility as possible as to which of our advertisers are tracking through mobile devices.

The company continues, “Currently we highlight every advertiser that has an optimised site complete with tracking. This will be expanded to highlight every advertiser that is tracking through mobile.”

In November [2012], for example, Affiliate Window tracked over 11,000 mobile transactions a day across its network.

Other highlights from the December 2012 report include: – 14.72 per cent of all sales were through mobile devices (inc tablets) – up from 12.30 per cent in November 2012.

Mobile traffic is now converting at 4.37 per cent – up from 3.89 per cent in November 2012.

In terms of traffic, 19.04 per cent of traffic came through mobile – up from 16.29 per cent in November which falls to 11.11 per cent if tablet traffic is stripped out – which is up from 9.45 per cent in November 2012.

GoMobile News isn’t entirely convinced that Affiliate Window intended to make this information publicly available but on its blog here there is a fantastic spreadsheet which shows – amongst other things, which advertisers have mobile optimised sites and which don’t.

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