After Summly Yahoo! to acquire Tumblr blogs

We’re still waiting for results of Summly acquistion

still waiting for Summly tech

It appears that Yahoo! – best known for its search engine, is on the acquisition path again according to report coming out of the Wall Street Journal. Current CEO, Marissa Meyer, apparently will be given the go-ahead to purchase Tumblr – the NY based blog hosting site. GoMo News hopes it goes better than Yahoo!’s acquisition of Summly the smartphone app created by Brit, Nick D’Aloisio. It seems that only those residing in the USA can currently enjoy the benefits of Summly technology incorporated into Yahoo!’s mobile apps.

Although Android Police reported that the Android app – known simply as Yahoo! became available last month [April 2013], you still can’t get it over here in Blighty [UK].

To check whether you can download the Yahoo! App visit this Google Play page. Our loan Motorola RAZR HD just report the store as saying,”This item is not available in your country.”

scan this code to download Yahoo! Android app

Our American cousins who can obtain the app will find that it can provide “a virtually endless stream of personalized stories.”

That feature is obviously thanks to Summly technology which condenses large stories down to about a 400 characters. Incidentally, the iOS version is available on iTunes here. Again it is only available from the US iTunes app store.

GoMo News can’t think of a good reason why Yahoo! would want Tumblr. How can it be thinking outside of the box if it isn’t thinking outside of the USA?

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